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ETs/EDs Partially Declassify The Moon! Exclusive!

Originally posted on December 27, 2012 @ 2:02 AM

ETs/EDs Tell Why The Moon's So Important


ETs/EDs expose Moon's highly classified occupants & their doings! Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons via Gregory H. Revera.

But first, a note on sources. This post is based on three types of sources: Open Sources, Ground Contingents and the ETs/ EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) of the LF (Liberation Forces). NONE of what follows is based on information from ANY of my highly sensitive terrestrial contacts. Some of my spook readers may now exhale! A matter of romance to some, astronomical study to others, the purported basis of insanity to yet still more, the Moon, Earth's strange satellite, wasn't always here. Per the ETs/ EDs, the Moon is absolutely pivotal in the ongoing wars to free Earth and tens more worlds. Until now, I've been under adamantine security restrictions from Topside, but some of those restrictions have now been lifted.

“Earth's always had the Moon, right?” No, it hasn't! The item at this link presents a diverse range of sources showing cultures and societies all over the world have traditions of ancient times when there was no Moon. I don't necessarily agree with certain other claims that writer made, but we'll come back to that in a bit. Per another Ground Contingent, the Moon was an abandoned Reptoid mothership which was brought into the system to stabilize Earth and give the planet some dynamism. And what does having the Moon do for us? That's explained here, detailing the various effects the Moon has on Earth and her peoples. For now, simply understand the Moon you learned about in school (1/6 Earth gravity, top two items at link) is nowhere nearly as canned and mundane as you were taught. Not only is much of it wrong, but you've been lied to (lunar gravity 0.62 of Earth's; per last two parts at same link) and it continues. Pentagon auxiliary agency NASA leads the parade! Richard Hoagland and Ted Bara wrote the New York Times Nonfiction Bestseller Dark Mission, which I earnestly recommend, since it covers much of what I'd have you know. But long before Hoagland and Bara arrived on the scene, there was a lone voice in the wilderness, a guy named Fred Steckling.

ETs/EDs, Fred Steckling & Alien Lunar Bases

In 1981, Fred Steckling wrote the seminal, and widely held then to be crackpot, We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon. I sure thought so when I first saw it, but in short order, I was of an entirely different view. You see, he made his case with official NASA photographs. He did this in the hoary days before the Internet existed, before there was digital retouching. And what photos!  Huge cigar shaped motherships over the Moon, roofed over craters, gigantic mining equipment moving uphill (not boulders rolling down as NASA claims) and lunar clouds! You can see some of these in the below video where Bill Jenkins on “Open Mind” interviewed Fred Steckling. Prepare to be astounded.

I got no exposure to this until the 1989 when I first saw the highly controversial Bill Cooper. In case you think Steckling's lunar stuff is a hoax, take a look at the stack of mind boggling Apollo lunar transmission excerpts detailed here, then this video covering part of Cooper's lecture. Fred Steckling could only dream of having such high resolution imagery to analyze!

Fred Steckling certainly didn't get everything right, as seen in his wrong claims in which he misidentified high tech late 1960s skywriting as UFOs and various dubious involvements with purported UFO contactee George Adamski. That said, the photos in Steckling's book are NASA official. They stand or fall on their merit, not by association with Adamski or any wrongheaded notions of Fred Steckling. Further, there's a wholly independent source, Ingo Swann, the tremendously talented psychic who invented RV (Remote Viewing). Here, he describes his own  Above Black (zero paper trail) RV adventures viewing the Dark Side of the Moon! Notice how, as the pages unfold, he describes everything previously mentioned and more!

Before we continue, I should also let you know that an expert martial artist (name known, but who asked not to be identified), who provided security at one of Bill Cooper's lectures, showed me video in ~1990 of film made when Apollo 11 took off from the Moon. I didn't believe it going in, but huge craters covered with gleaming white domes (dozens) and multiple flashing UFOs traveling right to left diagonally and up the camera frame while the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) Ascent Stage was traveling dead to the right prior to orbital rendezvous with the Apollo Command Module soon ended my skepticism. That and a pile of Usenet UFO printout copies left me stunned, my mind reeling under the information onslaught.

ETs/EDs Tell How the Moon Runs Earth

In order to understand what comes next, it's necessary to define a few key terms regarding lunar exopolitics.

NWO (New World Order), for purposes of this discussion, per a Ground Contingent and the LF, is neither the Reptoids or the Illuminati. Rather, the NWO consists of humans who have mixed Reptoid/human genetics, but are not themselves Reptoids. The NWO is a branch of the Black Nobility.  

Moon Council. It consists of 88 ETs/ EDs, representing 44 different races (2 per race) directly and others indirectly. Members of the Moon Council include Martians, who very much exist! The NWO members may've been mighty here on Earth, but they were small fry there, with an advisory role only! When their Reptoid guardians were forced off the Moon by the Liberation Forces, NWO members lost their protection and are being forced out through a combination of political and other pressures brought to bear by Moon Council members (who can't stand the NWO members) and the multipronged efforts of the Liberation Forces.

Presently, all NWO members, save some 10-15%, have left for Earth. All told, about 200 NWO members remain on the Moon and are urgently seeking exit as their situation continues to deteriorate. Ground Contingent, a senior LF commander and my own telepathic abilities confirm this situation. The LF doesn't yet have direct control of the Moon, but the Moon Council is now part of the larger and more powerful Galactic Council, making the whole exopolitical problem far more tractable.

Reportedly, there are 40+ bases on the Moon occupied by ETs/EDs from elsewhere and various parties, human and not, from Earth. The Moon has been heavily mined and is full of mine tunnels, some of which Ingo Swann reported to his handler. On the terrestrial side of operations there, which are not merely confined to this dimension, it appears that the Moon has had some sort of covert human occupation since the 1960s, if not earlier. To avoid detection from Earth, the bases supporting the Alternative 3 scenario are supposedly located on the Dark Side of the Moon. Ingo Swann was NOT looking at these bases. “So, why all this fuss about the Moon?” you ask. Here's why the Moon's the key to Earth.

Every group on the Moon Council arrived with its own deadly technology and conducted a war for domination and control of Earth until, like the Mob's meeting of the families, it was judged better to work together, rather than slaughter each other. Moon Council members no longer get to operate their nasty toys independently. Instead, they yield such monitoring to the Moon Council. And what's on the Moon? Plenty!

Over and above the bases, the Moon contains devices (likely scalar) to help stabilize or destabilize Earth, as well as control it in other, unspecified, ways. The Moon houses mind control and mind destruction weaponry (saw awful telepathic images of the latter at work), plus weather control means, something rather handy to have in these days of super storms. The Liberation Forces are making headway with the weather, but the natural forces involved are so vast it'll take some time before the LF's actions begin to show calming results. Additionally, both the Fed (Federal Reserve System) and the IRS, the Fed's enforcement arm, maintain ultra secure (try getting to the Moon uninvited!) backup facilities for their records. Bluntly, to control the Moon is to control Earth, and now you know part of the why. The Moon is strategic high ground of the gravest import. There's much yet to be said, but consider yourselves fortunate to have gotten this much. For the longest time, I was forbidden to write about the Moon at all!

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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8 years ago

Mr. Kettler, I just had a dream last night. I can’t remember specifically what occurred in that dream, but I was shown specifically the number of “2013”, and the words “Spring”, and “March”. I interpret that as meaning that the Earth would accelerate its dimensional shift multiple times its current rate starting from March 2013. What is your take on my dream, Mr. Kettler. That dream was significant to me in that it was the first dream in which I was shown a number for a year and specific words such as “spring” and “March”. In contrast last year in… Read more »

8 years ago

John I do apologise

I thought I had copied the url for the correct one and posted the same one again.

Here we go this is it.

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