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ETs/EDs, Type Unknown, in Big UFO Headed Toward Earth!

Originally posted on September 19, 2013 @ 6:42 PM

ETs/EDs of LF Monitoring Other ET/ED-Occupied Craft!



ETs/EDs! Did they arrive using the Sun as a stargate? Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via NASA

ETs/EDs  (Extraterrestrials/Extradimensionals) are perennial reader favorites here, but how this story will play remains to be seen. Briefly, approximately three days ago, an object, later determined to be a UFO “the size of a football stadium” entered our solar system and headed toward Earth. Initially, it was unknown where the craft containing unidentified ETs/EDs appeared in relation to Earth, but it's now certain that the craft either came through the Sun, which is a stargate, or appeared in the vicinity of it. The link is a crash course on stargates, what they are and how they work.

ETs/EDs of LF Say UFO Has Sentient Beings Aboard, But LF Can't Scan the UFO

In a telepathic/intuitive communication with a senior commander of the ETs/EDs of the LF (Liberation Forces) earlier today, I learned the LF were aware of the craft, but they didn't know where it originated, how it got here or what its occupants' intent was. Certainly it wasn't something they'd ever seen before. The senior LF commander did say the craft “was under what you'd call subluminal propulsion,” again, type unknown. The LF are well aware the craft exists, know there are sentient beings aboard, but don't know how many, and can't see the interior of the craft, since it's “heavily shielded.”

In a separate discussion, the Ground Contingents came up with some useful remote sensings of their own: 1) The UFO is ancient; 2) much to the occupants of that UFO's surprise, they're not where they're supposed to be and are possibly on the wrong timeline; 3) the presence of an advanced civilization (us, if you can believe we're advanced) came as a shock, and 4) the new arrivals have no hostile intent and are on a research mission.

ETs/EDs of LF Prepared to Instantly Intervene!

While the big UFO (big by our typical UFO standards here) has so far shown no hostile intent, nor revealed any intent per se, the LF are monitoring and are prepared to “instantly place the craft in a containment field” should anything remotely resembling an attack be forthcoming.

U.S Government Well Aware of Big UFO, But…

Despite a reported flurry of coverage by both NASA and, weirdly, FOX News as recently as September 18. 2013, the matter has effectively disappeared from the public eye. Highly sensitive sources suspect, but presently can't prove, the lid's been dropped on the matter and there's to be no further public discussion. Before that happened, though, it was known that NASA had the UFO on radar from sites in the U.K., the U.S. and Australia. Insider contacts say the object, shape not given, is highly complex with “lots of protuberances on it.”

Following that came news indicating the UFO was coming from the inside of the solar system going out, rather than the other way around, as many might expect. Since then, insider contacts have been completely cut off from information as basic as the UFOs location, course, speed and ETA. Total information clampdown! It's one thing to hide something like this big inbound UFO from the public, but another sort of conspiracy altogether to hide it from highly cleared insiders. Even Obama presumably couldn't order such a thing, for it's way beyond his clearance level! People think the POTUS (President of the United States) is cleared for everything, but I'm reliably informed there are 20+ levels of clearance above and beyond his.

U.S. Military Knows, But It's In Denial!

The same highly sensitive insider sources report the U.S. military is well aware of the inbound big UFO, but is treating it in pretty much the same way it prefers to treat UFOs in general: ignoring the matter unless forced to do otherwise. Some researchers would have us believe space is full of exotic weapons supposedly for antimissile defense here on Earth, but really oriented against ETs/EDs from beyond Earth. The truth's a bit more startling. Certain orbital antimissile weaponry has been mysteriously turned outward, oriented away from Earth, with no such commands issued by the U.S. military. No date was given for these events, merely that they'd happened, to the consternation of their controllers. Nor do we presently know what, if anything, is being done in response by the deep black USSN (United States Space Navy). This is the other U.S. Navy, the beyond Earth naval service, if you will, whose existence was revealed by British hacker Gary McKinnon, though he didn't have the actual name of the service.

ET Notification Protocols Invoked?

While global notification protocols have been in place since 2010 regarding the handling of a suspected ET signal and what to do about it, presently it's impossible to say whether such notification has taken place. Why? Neither LF nor insider contacts have provided any indication whatsoever that the big UFO is emitting anything detectable as a signal. But never mind a signal. What are the protocols when multiple Earth sensors detect and confirm that a UFO the size of a football stadium, with completely unknown ETs/EDs aboard, is headed toward Earth?!

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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Rich Buckley
7 years ago

Someone hit the “Return” button on the main computer and then they all went home. Now that the Government is shut down, it’s time to panic. Just in: “Due to a lapse in funding, the U.S. federal government has shut down.” It must be true on all levels and not just those services that cause you maximum discomfort, because it was sent to me by FEMA daily update feed just now. How they squeezed out their final internet gasp to us all was a miracle. But we carry on for them here in California: A local group of us FEMA… Read more »

7 years ago

Tanaath, Sunfire are saying they went out (reconnaissance) took a look and did not like what they saw. Reconnaissance showed Orion or Reptoid ship. Tanaath says if it passes by it is going to be an empty rock. I took that they will make it an empty rock with missiles. No patience for Orions or Reptoids. Time will tell. If this is true, my feelings on the matter (friendly ship) were way off. Love and Gratitude

Reply to  John Kettler
7 years ago

The one Greatful is referring to is the ‘Comet’ ISON, the one I mentioned to you about, is the one you mentioned here in the blog. That one has been destroyed by the LF after being identified as hostile.

As we’ve said on our shows, ‘ISON’ is a Reptilian Ship and being escorted by Reptilian Ships…and yes, ISON will be dealt with more definitively, though last I checked most recent images, it’s broken up into multiple pieces so might have already. Either way it wont be permitted to cause any harm or threat to the people of Terra/Earth.

7 years ago

John, My radar anti-missile friend wants to know again who you are and how you know this because he thought the Reagan missile program tanked. He had no idea outer space had anti-missiles. He said his systems are obsolete in the states, but are being used by Isreal and a few others in Europe. Please keep him and other service members in your prayers. He is having to move to Texas with his family to work on Oil rigs electrical parts just to keep his family from starving. I check on them each week, lately each day. The kids picking… Read more »

7 years ago

A few weeks/months (posts) ago you said that Liberation forces had to shut down an earth stabilizing machine because leaving it on would do more harm than good. Since that is a choice point in our timeline, then would not that have caused the mysterious object to come closer (or appear) to earth related realities? I do understand that the object is under close surveillance by LF (as of much as they can survey); I guess my question is of how related were the earth stabilizing forces/frequencies related to those frequencies emitted by this ship?

Reply to  John Kettler
7 years ago

Still new wave forms are being used and could have an effect on space/time? It is more of a question if this move was predetermined by the dark side to allow weird things like this…or the light side to allow things like this to happen more frequently. In fact, maybe human vibrations + earth vibrations + stabilizing machines = more weird stuff to break the cabal, thus full, open, and transparent disclosure. Maybe the shielding is double hulled to protect the sentient beings from the dark; or in reverse as our crazy vibrations from the sentient beings?

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