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ETs/EDs Present–More Vital Earth Stabilization News!

Originally posted on October 9, 2012 @ 6:08 PM

ETs/EDs Reveal More Vital Details On Earth Stabilization



ETs/EDs & Earth Stabilization Image Credit: NASA via Wikimedia Commons

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces have recently provided me a wealth of new details regarding their program to ease Earth through the transition to 4th dimension. This information comes both directly and indirectly through the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces and is only briefly sourced through my sensitive terrestrial contacts.

ETs/EDs Answer Your Questions About Planetary Stabilization Ships

Since I published my first astounding post on the amazing, mind boggling Earth Stabilization effort by the ETs/EDs and the mighty Planetary Stabilization Ships (PSS–one at each Pole) used to stabilize Earth, I have received many answers to the questions which came pelting in via Comments. Therefore, I've elected to break format and handle some of this as Question & Answer. I believe this will help clarity and somewhat meter the deluge of stunning information.

Q. How long have the PSS of the ETs/EDs been in place?

A. Approximately five (5) years.

Q. Does Earth military know?

A. Some parts are distantly aware.

Q. Why don't the Reptoids attack the PSS? They can't be missed, being 1/3 the size of Earth, right?

A. They are here, one PSS at each Pole, with the explicit permission of the principal Reptoid faction.

Q. How can that possibly be true? Why would they permit such a thing?

A. It serves the faction members, since they don't care about Earth, save as a place to continue their insane Domination & Control game. Having another power (the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces) stabilize the planet and bear the vast expense to do so suits the Reptoids just fine.

Q. What do you mean expense? I thought the ETs/EDs don't have money?

A. Everything costs something, even for the ETs/EDs–in time, energy, resources and lost opportunities, if nothing else. The Ferengi of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” are both real ETs/EDs and ceaselessly acquisitive. Worlds have their own internal economies, but these worlds must also interact with other worlds. Trade among the ETs/EDs exists everywhere, creating trade lines which need protection, in turn requiring a space navy and all that entails. Replicators require crystals which must be replaced, so supplies of said crystals must be obtained and supplied regularly. Ditto propulsion systems, weapons, ship management systems and much more. Personnel must be trained, housed, clothed and fed. Even if they're not paid per se, they still require economic support. Personnel from a key part of the ETs/EDs comprising the Liberation Forces receive no pay, but, as Beneficiaries, they do receive whopping distributions from financial entities similar to Earth's Common-Law Trusts, entities established by their dynastic families. It may sound strange, but part of this war is being financed by large scale entertainment operations run off planet by ETs/EDs!

Q. You mentioned a dimensional transition earlier, one where the ETs/EDs are providing vital assistance to keep everything from coming catastrophically unstuck, right? So, what dimension are we currently in? How close are Earth and her people to transitioning into the 4th Dimension?

A. Multiple sources in the Liberation Forces say we're presently in Dimension 3.9. The thinning of the dimensional veil is allowing more and more people to see and interact with what was previously unknown. Expect future posts on this topic!   

Q. How did we get the PSS in the first place?

A. The Galactic Federation (not to be confused with the scam/sham Galactic Federation of Light) provided the PSS as a result of vast political maneuvering conducted under the auspices of the Universities of Evolution. Earth is multiply strategic, and the fate of many worlds is tied to Earth's survival. Therefore, a whole group of worlds of ETs/EDs at risk has provided these two all but incomprehensible scientific-technical marvels, together with officers and crews well past highly trained.

Q. How highly trained? Please explain.

A. The skipper, Commander C., spent hundreds of Earth years simply to become a starship commander. Many more years went into learning and mastering the specially-developed-for-Earth technologies which literally hold the planet together. For more on that, please see the previous post (link above). The crew, with people constantly cycling in and out, because there are so many demands for certain limited skills, underwent hundreds of years of training, too.

Q. Are the PSS armed?

A. They are, but I don't know the details. They are also heavily shielded.

Q. Has anyone ever shot at them?

A. Yes! Rebel Reptoids here on Earth have shot at them from three different locations. I chronicled the destruction of the targeting system for one of these  in my post here. I believe the other facilities have been hit, too.

ETs/EDs Define The Critical Planetary Stabilization Tasks

Per both the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces and one of the Ground Contingents, the PSS are carrying out the following critical functions. If they fail, we're done for!

1. Limit crustal displacement from Pole migration to no more than seven (7) inches at a time. This is NOT the same as the ongoing (40 miles a year movement) of Magnetic North. That has forced the renumbering of runways and major changes to air navigation.Why? A bigger movement will trigger a sudden, massive Pole shift, a la Charles Hapgood. It'd generate such ferocious winds we'd reportedly lose our atmosphere as a result.

2. Limit quakes to no greater than Magnitude 8.3. Doing this prevents the planet from coming unstuck seismically, which would result in what Sunfire (with whom I have NOT had a falling out; she was needed by the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces) termed “weeks and weeks of Magnitude 8 or greater quakes globally. Needless to say, such a scale of planetary convulsions would wipe out civilization worldwide.

3. Limit volcanic activity and transfer the ash and poisonous gases from the numerous eruptions into a safe place in another dimension. Were the ETs/EDs on the PSS not doing this, we'd have long since been asphyxiated.

So, the next time someone asks “What are the ETs/EDs doing for us?” remember this post. Without the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces and their extraordinary Planetary Stabilization Ships, life as we know it would long since have ended, and Mad Max's world would've been deemed paradise.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.


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I won’t be able to thank you fully for the articles on your web-site. I know you’d put a lot of time and energy into all of them and hope you know how much I appreciate it. I hope I could do the same for someone else sometime.

terry chester
terry chester

thank-you, star family.kick those reptilian ass,es.peace/light/love


John & Company!
I certainly hope the “stabilization” efforts of our friends above are focused on the huge explosive Louisiana sinkhole and the Madrid
Thanks for your great posts and all you do for us.



When are Obama, Romney, and all the other parasites currently still on the planet going to drop dead?

I strongly feel this information is vital to Earths stabilization.

P.S. I’m feeling very impatient lately. I’m not in a good mood today either.

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