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ETs/EDs, IGY–Making Time Fly!

Originally posted on September 7, 2012 @ 12:43 AM

ETs/EDs Prank The U.S. Military In 1957


ETs/EDs have a new toy! Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals played a joke during IGY ( International Geophysical Year). It wasn't funny at all once the data were analyzed. Indeed, the prank by the ETs/EDs has had such profound impact that it reverberates through the U.S. military to this day, and it's cost American taxpayers a fortune, a sum which will continue to grow until the UFO secret is definitively revealed. More on the ongoing costs later. This long hidden story is sourced solely from highly sensitive terrestrial contacts.



ETs/EDs Forever Change Atmospheric Research–With Balloons!

It started innocently enough. Navy meteorologists were characterizing the atmosphere over the South Pole, following a summer trek from McMurdo  Station to the “balmy” South Pole, where the highest temperature ever recorded was 9.9 degrees Fahrenheit. The meteorologists were there to “map” the atmosphere in full detail from ground level to 1000 feet. To do this, they had two large weather balloons, one red, one green, from each of which would alternately hang a sophisticated, continuously recording instrument package, protected from balloon failure by a parachute. The whole assemblage was on a 1000′  cable which was progressively released. The Navy guys were there to do basic science, but ran into the ineffable instead. The ETs/EDs were never seen, no UFOs sighted, but they forever altered reality and somewhere, Time!

ETs/EDs Play Head Games Via Balloon Games

Follow, if you will, what the ETs/EDs did to these scientists, triggering an acute gastrointestinal condition, especially in the Pentagon, called ID. For more on that, please go here. Turning now to our unfortunate researchers, things started off in a fairly normal way–after which nothing was!

A red balloon is sent aloft; it's up for an hour. So far, so good. When the balloon is brought down low enough to be seen through all the Antarctic atmospherics, it becomes apparent that matters have become a bit complex. You see, the first balloon is now green!  That was the good news. In examining the chronometers linked to the instrument recorders, they found the chronometers showed the balloon had been up there for two weeks!

Following rest, regrouping and resetting all the instrumentation, the green balloon was sent skyward. Two hours later, they brought down…a red balloon!  If you thought that upset them, imagine their reaction when the chronometers showed that balloon had been up for two years!

Let no one say Navy men are not stout of heart. Once more our doughty band sent forth the red balloon, only to receive a “curve ball” from the ETs/EDs. This one flat out warped people's heads. Down came a blue balloon. This was too much, for the expedition had brought both a red and a green balloon, but no blue. That was merely the opening argument from the ETs/EDs. The now dread chronometers revealed something far worse than Time's going forward rapidly. This analysis showed the flatly impossible blue balloon and package had traveled back a year! ETs/EDs score!

McMurdo Station–Paradise For Some, Hell For Others; Hellishly Expensive!

The ETs/EDs pranked the military, but the joke's on us. Details are lacking as to how the shocking report ever got written, but the consequences are clear and continue to this day. The encounter with the ETs/EDs so shattered the Pentagon that once the report was in and had been read, a major security clampdown was initiated. From then on, only personnel with TS/SCI (Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information) clearances could be assigned to McMurdo Station, which is a paradise for scientists and a terrible punishment for those who sleep with the admiral's daughter, screw up spectacularly  or tell highly classified tales out of school.

In 1989, I was being cleared for TS/SCI. I thought I had a Secret level clearance, with a bunch of special clearances attached, but I was actually cleared for TS (Top Secret) because the charmingly named DISCO (Defense Industrial Security Clearance Organization) found it easier and cheaper to do both at the same time. But to get TS/SCI was something else again. The EBI (Extended Background Investigation) would've cost my firm $50,000 in then year dollars and taken 18 months to complete. So, imagine what the taxpayers have shelled out since 1957 after the Pentagon made TS/SCI clearances mandatory for all personnel going to McMurdo Station. Winter was bearable, with only 40 people there, but what about summer when the personnel exploded to around 400? This is but the tiniest part of the costs for containing the UFO secret.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.


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Yvonne Scarlett
Yvonne Scarlett

John thanks for the Balloon accounts and the prankster behavior of the ET’s. Was the information sent back useful? Any good jokes? 🙂
All those of the Liberation Forces, I send my Thoughts, Healing and Prayers to each one of you daily! I had no idea the battle was at this scale. Trying to hold what that must be like….i
Thanks John for what you do, and always remember that rich garden!