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ETs/EDs–Huge Interdimensional War Vs. Reptoids! The Ripcord Effect!

Originally posted on November 24, 2012 @ 8:15 PM

ETs/EDs Fight Titanic War Over 20 Dimensions Simultaneously

Fair warning to those who believe the Reptoids are gone or nearly gone. This post is likely to not merely push your buttons but enrage you. This post is NOT for anyone who can't handle reality, is underage, seriously ill or mentally ill/highly unstable. You have been warned! Ts/Eds

The ETs/ EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces, aided by some 500,000 dark worlds, simultaneously fought the Reptoid hordes, sustaining heavy casualties, many disabled by awful toxins, but stopping the stagnation and breakdown of Earth and conditions here. Enslaved and attacked as we are here, it's important to emphatically understand we aren't alone. Rather, Earth is but one of ~ a million worlds trying to break free from the yoke of Reptoid/Cabal/NWO (New World Order) subjugation.  The recently concluded war is the de facto admission of this terrifying to some truth.

Had hundreds of thousands of other worlds not jumped in, disaster would've ensued. That epic war freed? A whole three worlds. We'd expected far more to be freed, but they're all we got. We won no Waterloo here. The Reptoids are far from beaten. But we won some breathing space, halted a high rate slide toward the abyss and are now enjoying unprecedented levels of support.

What follows is, with minor tweaks, from one of the Ground Contingents, supplemented by insights from certain senior members of the Liberation Forces.  Some of you, who are telepathic, may've endured your own version of the dire experiences described.  I sure did, and I was only winged. Nor is this some abstract “war in the heavens.”  Those with whom I communicated were laid waste, here on Earth, by those same dread poisons. They were laid up for days, puked uncontrollably and were barely able to eat anything. Recovery has been slow, agonizing and frustrating, but they did eventually manage to revive to the point where they could eat a splendid Thanksgiving dinner. A minor miracle in itself!

The terms “lizard” and “lizards” are used by this Ground Contingent for the more familiar to you “Reptoid” and Reptoids.”

ETs/ EDs & The Universe-Strategic Situation

Because the lizard armies are 100 soldiers deep, it was impossible for any one of the 1 million worlds to get free. We had planned for years in Earth time, and much longer in the time of worlds in different timelines, how to devise a way for all of us to rebel at once.

The theory was to spread out the lizard forces so at least some of us would get free, and if necessary, come back to free more. We had considered the witches operating from other dimensions and their various stealth abilities to implant terrible devices, and hurl toxic substances. We had also considered the upper dimension demon-psychopath creator beings. The plan was named Operation Ripcord, so when one planet aggressively challenged the Cabal, the rest of those enslaved worlds included in this plan would raise their armies and go to war.

The signal to start all this was a small skirmish. That occurred on November 13, 2012. This was when we discovered the horrifying strength of the witches and their use of poison. We considered stopping then, but the collective decision to continue was based on the premise we were ready, there would never be a better time than now, and we had hardly anything left to lose.

On the 15th of November in Earth time, we yanked the ripcord, and a massive advance against the lizard armies began. World after world rose up in majestic sequence, like the largest mass paratrooper jump's chutes blossoming in the cerulean sky. Since the war encompassed 20 dimensions at once, we thought we had a chance. Our main error was in grossly underestimating the strength of the poison bullets, pellets, and major bombs used by the demonic armies against us. There were hundreds of 300-ft. tall fiends, along with an army of witches behind what appeared to be machine guns, firing poison. Those hit became instantly ill, vomiting for hours. This reduced our army considerably. Our lack of judgment about the witches became compounded when they were killed or taken out, for they reappeared by magic and took hold of their “guns” again. Our ability to stop them grew increasingly feeble.

We had to transfer our energies to the major creators who manifested these witches and join our Positive Creator Beings in that battle. To kill the witches, we had to bring down their monster masters. Again, at this level, our little ships were hard pressed to score, but we (the Liberation Forces) did suficient damage to be of assistance. Here, the awful scene was of lightning, roiling black clouds and poisonous fireballs flung from massive hostile formations.

While all this unfolded, a call for help went out to millions of other worlds, and more sent armies. The horror now spread. The poisons dripping and infusing galaxies untold permeated and affected far more worlds than we had planned. Many of the 1 million enslaved words are like Earth—the inhabitants have no clue what is happening. Long shut down by the same educational programs limiting their populaces' ability to truly perceive, understand and act, these other worlds have few ways of getting information.

About 1/2 of the 1 million dark worlds were able to participate in some way. Earth is shut down more than some and less than others. Nevertheless, Earth could not participate; we here are that crippled. While the population suffered over a voting machine scandal, other worlds were sacrificing lives to get free. The only way to rebuild the population is to focus on mind, body, emotion healing modalities to bring back the memories so you know your place in creation. You are not here because you are “nobody,” for it would be useless for the less motivated to be in prison. You are here because at one time you challenged, questioned or threated the psychopathic realms. You are dangerous! If you could only remember!

ETs/EDs Call In The Big Guns!

The situation deteriorated. A call for help to our Parent Creators went out, but it seemed hours passed before they arrived. Three of their ships, 10 times the size of the average ET ship, got the situation under control. They now hover over their damaged children, planning and patrolling. The good news is the stagnation of Earth and her fellow prisoners has stopped. Lack of funding is no longer an issue. Lack of recovery, organization and a plan to move forward constitute our new problem—but our armies are mending and not ready to take on the task of clearing out standard-issue, mentally ill leadership.

The Parent Creators had just finished a similar war in their own realms, after having abandoned us. Left for trillions of years on our own, our situation devolved into what it is now. Only several months ago, a reconnection established a new level of support. To address the issues of our demon predators, the parents upgraded their ships and have been wreaking havoc among the various levels and organizations of reptilian control. The plan was to thin them out into a manageable load. If the Parent Creators had not been in our realm, it would have taken days for their arrival. With their current experience, they bring substantial information of how to educate and upgrade the populations of the dark worlds. In fact, medical personnel have already been brought in for consultation and to help develop a new healing strategy.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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8 years ago

Found out it is not a coastguard ship..they told me more like Military.

8 years ago

UPDATE the MCA (coastguard told me they no longer have vessels operating along here anymore & it may be a MILITARY ship..makes matters a bit more odd.
to go with last posts..

8 years ago

more footage i have slowed it down frame by frame ..later played it in real speed..
right under our noses now..
maybe the ship was involved ..who knows?

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