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ETs/EDs, Exopolitics, War & Vampires!

ETs/EDs, New Realities & My Exploding Head


ETs/EDs and Vampires? Surely You Jest? Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via “Dracula” Internet Archive

ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) alone are hard for many to accept, but this series of posts will take you so far beyond the ETs/EDs of the LF (Liberation Forces) that your heads may well explode! Mine's barely holding together, and that's after days to process what I shall try to meter out to you in bearable, digestible doses. I offer no guarantees.

In the past, I've discussed (Search) the Liberation Forces, UFO War, war with the Reptoids, war with the Blobs, exopolitics at the Galactic level, raids on black program facilities and way more. Best start thinking of those, and much else, as what you did before kindergarten! This post is going to take you into realms you never knew, to whole realities concerning which the ETs/EDs of the LF themselves knew almost nothing. 

If you pay attention, the ongoing devitalization of planet and people alike will make frozen helium sense. Why “frozen helium” as a modifying expression? “Chilling” is woefully inadequate! I'm talking a cold so complete all molecular motion stops, but your awareness of what really is remains. And multiplies like viruses with no antibodies nearby!

Before I go into the appalling and heart-stopping, bloody meat of the matter, I deem it important to say something about sources. Most of this is based on not-for-attribution sources, sources which won't be discussed. What I got from them has been supplemented by interviews with senior LF military leaders and by my own explorations of places where I didn't want to go.

Those of you into/down with vampires may have a bit of a neural advantage over other readers in dealing with what follows, but I doubt even you are prepared for what I'm about to reveal. I certainly wasn't!

ETs/EDs, Vampires & The Rothschilds

I can hear it now: “It was bound to happen sooner or later. Kettler's totally lost it!” But what if I'm right? Ask yourself that as I lay bare the core truths that inform the very structure of our reality. “What possible connection can there be among ETs/EDs, Vampires and the Rothschilds?” You'll be amazed. “Vampires?! Did I read that right?” You did. “Why's he talking about the Rothschilds all of a sudden, whoever they are?” They're key players in this story on the razor edge of people's sanity. The NWO (New World Order) is the consolidation, for all time, of that power. Or so they hoped. “And what's all this stuff about war and exopolitics?” Do you really want to know? About any of this? Last chance. From here on in, this is a nonstop flight into consciousness. Or, perhaps, the opposite for some of you!

Reality as you've known it has now far exceeded its elastic limits and has ripped asunder. There is no turning back, and no amount of denial will save you!

You may think I'm being dramatic, maybe even hyperbolic, but you'd be wrong. Indeed, what follows is so out there that it's all I can do to assemble the brain power and cohesion to but begin to fleetingly address the enormity (not enormousness) of the situation.

Who Really Owns Earth & Why?

There are many different views on what Earth is all about and why. Dozens of wars have been fought over this issue, most of which are but the stuff of myth and legend, while others rage all over the world as I write this. But three principal and highly controversial views are of direct concern to us here.

The Manichaeans held the world was created by the Devil. The mainstream conspiracy researchers and patriots alike aver the Rothschilds and their ilk run the show through their all but total control of global finances via fractional reserve banking. Others go so far on the limb it more nearly resembles a twig and say the Rothschilds are but the local terrestrial representatives of the true power, a surpassingly evil power not of this world.

What if, say, all three views embodied parts of the truth? What if we now add in the most vicious internecine fighting, diseases which far exceed making my gorge rise, all-out war whole universes and many dimensions away, exopolitics conducted from the most incredible removes, of staggering scope, scale and the utmost import to tiny, ultra strategic Earth and us? What if  Vampires (deliberately writ large) are horribly real, are of stupendous size and power, and they own the place? And what role do the demonic hordes and Psychopaths play in this transcendently ghastly narrative–from which somehow sprang Hope?

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