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ETs/EDs, Exopolitics, War & Vampires (6)

Originally posted on November 1, 2013 @ 4:23 PM

ETs/EDs, Exopolitics, War & Vampires–Updated


ETs/EDs–of the Dark! Vampires! Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via F.W. Murnaud

Since I wrote the groundbreaking five-part series ETs/EDs, Exopolitics, War & Vampires, everything's changed, and nothing's changed. This post, most of which is taken directly from Ground Contingents of the Liberation Forces (LF), is the latest information on what's going on, where, why and what it means. The information from the Ground Contingents is italicized. ETs/EDs are Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals.

In addition to the series, readers who haven't gone through it yet would be well advised to carefully read and grok ETs/EDs & BTDT, which addresses what we humans can do to free ourselves in the face of the most awful realities which characterize the plight of Earth and those occupants who are actually human–a mere 40% of the apparent populace! Just because it looks human doesn't make it so. The vastness of the conspiracy described below is all but incomprehensible. Nevertheless, we must try!

What follows isn't for the weak or the faint of heart!

ETs/EDs, Vampires, Exopolitics of Enslavement

Broken, Tangled & Damned!

The three Vampire Kings written about in the above Vampire posts, once Dark ETs/EDs every one, are  deep in battle mode. Now upgraded to about 55% human, they know they can never accomplish their task if they increase that percentage more.

Earth has been, for trillions of years (wasn't in this dimension most of the time), the feeding ground for the negative ETs/EDs known as Vampires and demons. There are thousands of worlds with a vested interest in keeping the enslavement process going and damning consciousness. The Vampires were already factionalized before the great shift when the Liberation Forces joined with the Vampire Kings. That faraway Dark Universe was upgraded from black to blue, killing a vast number of Dark inhabitants there. This shifting political scene caused even greater strife and outright warfare among the Vampires.

In the Milky Way Galaxy alone, there are billions of worlds, seen and unseen, and a high percentage of these worlds is Dark, enslaving multitudes of people. These three Vampire Kings, in order to heal and evolve themselves, must address each and every situation, originally created by their policies and those of their predecessors: Kill any leadership potential, and weaken the populations so they can't resist. Here is where the original “Resistance is futile!” comes from. Not an overnight rape of a world, but a long, steadily degrading system. On Earth, we fight this degradation and have had only a brief couple of hundred years of freedom when America was founded. It too, though, was laden with traps to ensure we would fall.

The turning point with Earth is banking. Here is where the battle is thick and heavy, but not here on Earth, elsewhere. It seems the banking families are making power moves, but they never resolve any of the problems. We've never been in control of our banking system, and never will be. There are worlds invested in our banking, and whether they know it or not, they support the enslavement process of Earth. It is just simply business.

But it's now been discovered this continual process of diminishing the light in all its forms of creativity, eventually undoes their (the Vampires) entire supply system and all fails. A dire truth known in the hearts and souls of the Vampire Kings. The Vampires ate themselves to death and died of starvation, taking all of us with them.

The Kings have a plan to install an upgrade to the banking system, but there are several problems, each designed to thwart the effort and each ending in another extraterrestrial war. The Daddies have come home to discover their children and allies are not so happy with giving up the juicy feasts from Earth and other Dark worlds.

Genetic upgrade and training come with the package to evolve, or if the Vampires instead choose to die, it's quick. Many don’t believe their mighty Kings, who have won battle after battle. It is the blind and focused vampire way; their damaged and twisted genetics do not allow them to grasp feedback when it is in opposition to sucking greed. Unable to change, a good percentage would rather die by the sword, and this is where the situation has been since the last article. They cannot fathom any other way, especially the “human” way to be better. They do not want to become food for their own kind to suck into oblivion!

After all, these mighty Vampire Princes and their brood who rule worlds, even in this galaxy, have reigned for longer than anyone can remember. Thieves in the night taking children and wives, eating babies at Witches’ feasts—the best. Blood rituals always work, and still work here on Earth, but aren't as common as they were formerly. All of it to call offworld demon power here so the Dark remains dominant.

One of the biggest problems is the media. How can a new banking system be proposed and explained if the media is blocked? It simply cannot be. 

With each devastating war, another vampire group comes into alignment with the Kings, but there are so many in opposition with which to contend. Some of these groups own the media, others own parts of the various militaries of Earth. Some own black ops organizations, and the list goes on and on. This is why nothing can be done Earthside, absolutely nothing.

And, by the way, each state in the United States is owned by a separate alien group. You might say voting is simply a waste of time.

Obviously, nothing has been secured, since major agreements haven't been strong enough to leverage a new banking system forward. The new arrangement will definitely not be so draconian, and wealth will become more evenly distributed.

At the moment it is felt there has been significant success, and sometime in the near future, some good news may arrive. We have, though, a major problem with the damage to our educational systems, the extreme poverty of 2/3 of the planet, and horrific condition of our oceans, forests and everything else. Banking is only a beginning, a place to start.

As of this writing, there has not been any evidence that anything has changed on Earth, so everyone reading this will know when and if it happens. You will not need anyone to tell you.

Summing Up

Once the above is at least partially understood, it then becomes possible to look at what's happening on Earth from a greatly broadened perspective. For it's then that much that's blurry and confusing begins to assume new levels of meaning, some quite profound. For starters, people will now understand “The Matrix” and other films faithfully depict the fundamental awful vampiric nature of life on Earth. It's all about ongoing, ever expanding domination, control and social engineering, the last as notoriously expressed in the ruthless, chilling “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars,” which explicitly discusses systematic harvesting of energy (money, work, life itself) from a hapless, deliberately kept ignorant populace.

The same approach can be applied to engineered war, famine, financial disasters; to the deliberate contamination of our food and water, chemtrailing. The vampiric model explicitly includes systematic mind control by multiple means, Big Medicine, Big Pharma and the ruthless suppression/ destruction of any real threat to the Vampire (okay, renegade Vampire) status quo–embracing any number of fields.

But the twin pillars of the whole scheme (and, yes, that's a Masonic allusion) are banking and the media. Until the good guys control these, and that control is offplanet and other dimensional, we're going nowhere. This is why the ET/ED wars rage and wreak havoc on those who sense such things empathically.

And when the status quo is seriously threatened, that's exactly when we see “another senseless mass shooting,” a domestic “terrorist bombing,” or even a false flag op like 9/11! Unfortunately for the Vampire types of the NWO (New World Order) and similar, people are starting to wake up. That said, everything's in flux–messy, bloody, ugly, even terrifying flux. Who said liberating the people and the planet would be easy?!

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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Dino Fancellu
Dino Fancellu
7 years ago

Great article, as ever. Very interesting.

Here’s another one by Cameron Day, maybe linked in some way

Dino Fancellu
Dino Fancellu
Reply to  John Kettler
7 years ago

It gets us to question authority, of all kinds, which is a good thing I would say. Not to fall for the good cop, bad cop trick, with each side feeding off various energies and our disempowerment. Teaching us to be Sovereign.

7 years ago


Penny for your thoughts…


7 years ago

John, The ground contingent responded to one of my questions saying the ” The Liberation Forces finally got it. They kill all the leaders”. I have lost many friends to Cancer or Thyroid disorders, and they were go getters, very successful and good leaders. Could this be the agenda? Starve us of Iodine while filling us with hot tub cleaning agents such as Bromine in Soda Pop and Brominated Flour baking products. Well heeeeell no. That just makes me spread the truth further. Chew that seaweed Nori, I gave my Atomodine or iodine to my neighbor’s daughter who lost her… Read more »

Reply to  Grateful
7 years ago


Liberation Forces finally got it, how Vampires run their worlds. They kill off the leaders. Sorry Love and Gratitude

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