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ETs/EDs & BTDT–Freeing Yourself

ETs/EDs & The BTDT Crowd Explain

“The Way of It”

ETs/EDs & BTDT: Free Yourself By Remembering Who You Really Are! Image Credit: Wikimedia commons via NASA

ETs/EDs & BTDT: Free Yourself By Remembering Who You Really Are! Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via NASA

ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals), together with a range of beings (BTDT) from an array of realities and timelines, are the sources for this post. “BTDT” means “Been there, done that,” and it may be thought of as shorthand for those who've painfully garnered the lessons of individual liberation. Nor should it be presumed that those in the so-called higher realms necessarily have it over Earth humanity when it comes to self-awareness or evolvement. To the contrary, many are so profoundly broken, dysfunctional and degraded they're not even recognizable as anything remotely resembling human, however powerful and enormous they may be. With this firmly understood, the lesson begins.

Many have asked, “What can I do to help?” or “What does it mean: Evolve or die?”  These are complex questions, whose answers lie in both the realms of the standard model of reality and in the occult. In turn, these give rise to certain recommendations. We Earthlings are not alone, for the ETs/EDs are going through the same sorts of painful, even traumatic, memory recovery processes as they strive to heal and learn who they are.

Where we must begin is how we got here. The great metaphysical philosophy about the spiritual side of reincarnation needs to be dissolved completely and at the same time used to our great advantage. Reincarnation is an enslavement technique. Erasing people's memories prevents them from ever resolving relationship difficulties, so they never get their desires fulfilled.

Repeat. Reincarnation is an enslavement technique. While the core apparatus and means of implementing it were destroyed this year, the prior effects reverberate throughout universes and stifle evolution everywhere they are present.

ETs/EDs & BTDT: Of Spirit and Memory

The choice to come back to Earth was never given. It was a forced situation based on a 360,000 year old system, put into place to ensure the food supply for demons who drink our energy. Jealousy, hatred, fear and grief are all tasty.

There is nothing glorious about coming back again and again. The experience derived from this recycling system, though, gives us a great deal of information about where to start to discover “The Way of It.”

If those who wish to control the essence of your life know how effective it is to wipe your memory, then it must be the most important factor in your life, for to reclaim who you are, you must discover who you have been. Your uniqueness is based on your memory.

The human spirit, the light body, is of a crystal substance. Your experience etches on the crystal or imprints you based on the adventures, good or bad, in your life. Thus, written in your very being is who you are and what you have done. Through diabolical technology, this memory of yourself has been taken and stored in some weird dimensional place, but because it is the best and the worst of who you are, you cannot evolve fully without it. You have a right to retrieve it, and if you want to evolve you must.

ETs/EDs & BTDT–Know Thyself!

To help with raising the consciousness of Earth, expansion of consciousness is required because you must grapple with some of the most atrocious evil ever perpetrated against creation, and you cannot do this until you face some of your greatest fears. The knowing of yourself is the major tool to gain leverage against the fiends who have damned us.

Eventually—and it may take many years—you will remember your ET/ED family from off world and be able to connect with it. Connecting beyond the boundaries of Earth by using your memory is just about the only way it can be done, unless one is drug induced by a high-ranking shaman who can lead you there. Most of them would not do this because it would be out of sequence with your own unfolding. Sooner or later you must understand this: Proper sequencing is vital…do things in the proper sequence.

Retrieving Your Memories

The retrieval of memory must happen in accordance with a wisdom beyond ours on Earth, and it happens naturally once it is invoked. Otherwise, you will become disoriented. Techniques must incorporate taking what comes spontaneously, and then discovering why the memory popped in. Of course, because of the enslavement protocols used, it will not be so easy to get your memory back, but the intention to do so will cause information to come in the form of books, people you meet or finding a trustworthy therapist.

The best place to start is with the feelings from childhood. Stuck memories where you have been unable to resolve differences with family members are big hints something is amiss. These situations are so common it would be hard to find people lacking such family disconnects and blockages. The odds are you remember only half of the event; the hard part or the horror of it is not so easily recovered. Therein lies your truth, and in that truth you will eventually be set free.

The key word is “eventually,” because as the memories unravel, there are more than likely going to be shocks along the way.

This is where the famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is a journey, not a destination” is best applied. It is not a trip to a foreign country, it is the trip inside yourself. 

Support's Essential

None of this can happen without training, mentoring and someone to hold your hand. That requires a supportive environment, a stable reality, and at least one person who understands. Sometimes this other person wants to go on the same journey, and you will discover both of you moving along the process.

Seminars and classes where guided meditations are taught and practiced will help you until you can learn to see into your own mind. Then, you will be able to find the truth for yourself. Those of you already able to extend your consciousness into the dimensions where the ETs/EDs operate are already well on your way to true self-awareness.

Your questions regarding and responses to this post will be used to determine whether or not what has been presented here needs further elaboration.

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