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ETs/EDs & Earth Stabilization = Survival!

Originally posted on September 26, 2012 @ 7:43 PM

ETs/EDs–What Are They Doing For Us?


ETs/EDs Hold Earth Together! Image Credit: NASA via Wikimedia Commons

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces figure prominently on this site. Yet, despite seemingly endless reassurances and evidence that they are doing something, over and above fighting a raging multidimensional war, people still keep asking “What are the ETs/EDs doing for us?” So, I've decided to share a direct experience I recently had, as a result of a truly remarkable visit to what I'll call a Planetary Stabilization Ship, or PSS.

The ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces operate a bunch of special purpose ships. Per what I was told by Ground Contingent, these vessels are enormously expensive, are custom built at starbases  by other ETs/EDs who do such highly demanding work. The stakes can be nothing less than species survival, for two such dedicated ships are keeping this planet from ripping asunder!

ETs/EDs & The High Tech Glue That Holds Us Together

For some time, I'd been hearing from Ground Contingent for the ETs/EDs about giant craft, over both Poles, which were holding Earth together. Eventually, I got intrigued, so paid a bilocated visit to the one over the North Pole, skippered by the courteous, yet firm Commander C., who is a most effective cross between a ship's captain and a full blown scientific technocrat. 

His ship, no name given, is roughly 1/3 the diameter of the Earth, and would tear Earth apart via gravitational attraction, were it in the 3rd Dimension. It's not, and I won't be saying in which dimension it resides. What's important aren't detailed specifications, crew size and all that. They are as nothing compared to what this ship, and its twin, does for us. They have kept the planet from completely flying apart–unless you consider, say, three weeks of continuous Magnitude 8 or greater quakes and the eruption of practically every volcano, amid stupendous lightning discharges, on the planet to be a good thing!  The reality is this: Earth, because of energy influx in a bunch of forms, together with internal processes, would, if not positively controlled, catastrophically expand and destroy us. Since this would undo an immense amount of blood, sweat, tears and staggering resources expended to save planet and people from natural and/or deliberate destruction, the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces directly intervened. The high tech glue that holds us together consists of  the two Planetary Stabilization Ships. What they do is so amazing I still have trouble believing it.

How The ETs/EDs Handle Environmental Modeling and Intervention

Those of you who've seen the first Star Wars™ film may recall the smallish holographic display of the Death Star. Now, imagine Earth as a hologram, a 20 foot diameter hologram, rendered in laser sharp detail, with every tectonic boundary, fault and fissure on display or displayable; with every volcano and its eruption status displayed; with environmental disasters, developing situations, planetary remediation efforts and more all there to see or access.

Imagine further this stunning display is surrounded on all sides and constantly surveilled by crack teams located in ascending, then progressively protruding transparently fronted tiers, such that there is no place on the whole hologram where multiple analysts and their superiors can't see. The ETs/EDs very carefully worked out the ergonomics of this facility, with the overhead plan being one of wedges with aisles, and the working surfaces are fitted with virtual displays. This amazing room, on a highly specialized vessel the ETs/EDs had specifically and expensively purpose built for us, is staffed (talking hundreds of humanoid ETs/EDs) around the clock, with personnel in reserve for crises, too. There have been many, and we are still here because the ETs/EDs have stopped one disaster after another, whether natural or deliberate, from ensuing. Also, they have repeatedly intervened to stop bad situations from getting worse. When was the last major quake with mass casualties? I'm am Earth sensitive, monitor such things and know of one in a period of many months. That's no accident!

ETs/EDs, Energy Nets & Strange Sewing

The huge ultra high resolution hologram the ETs/EDs built was breathtaking. That, though, was as nothing comparing to watching the ETs/EDs use it. Active faults at dangerous strain levels were either bled off or sewn together by craft using energy stitches of golden light. Quakes about to occur were redirected to less destructive locations, at lower intensities, preventing wholesale disasters. The toxic outpourings of ever greater volcanism were removed from the atmosphere and sent to some other harmless, not of this dimension, location, else we would've  largely had to cease air travel and possibly choked to death long since. Cleanups of lakes, rivers and oceans were also shown, together with rigorous nuclear contamination and hazard monitoring, with ongoing cleanup under way in several areas. So, hundreds of ETs/EDs are directly involved in continuous, vital nonmilitary activities on our behalf–without counting all the ongoing remediation efforts.

What caught my eye, though, was the, for want of a better term, energy mesh or net containing the entire planet. The PSSs generate this net. By carefully managing how tight it is and where, they are able to let the planet gradually expand to bleed off internal volcanic pressure and relieve seismic strain. Earth's overall state, within this mesh, is monitored in real time by the ETs/EDs of the PSS via an incredible array of sensors and by teams task organized by functional area. I perceived this incredible subtly pulsing net as consisting of weird admixture of dove gray (the carrier, if you will) and red (the energy mesh which contains our planet).

When Ground Contingent says the ships the ETs/EDs have over the Poles are holding the planet together, that is exactly what's meant.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.


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Hi John, do the noctilucent clouds that is now being seen more and more prominently high above the poles and progressively at lower latitudes (baffling mainstream scientists) has anything to do with the PSS stationed above the poles?

Just a thought; Dimension 3.9?

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