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ETs/EDs! Mars Attack Defeated! Attackers Eaten!

Originally posted on May 10, 2013 @ 7:40 PM

ETs/EDs Defeat ~250K Invaders!  Attackers Eaten!


ETs/EDs (Leonines) Ate Transformed, Soulless Attackers Looking Like This! Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via Enzo Sano

The ETs/EDs (Extradimensionals/ Extraterrestrials) formerly reported here as Cat People are now known to be Leonines (lion/human hybrids). They have  reportedly shattered an attack on Mars led by Earth Psychopathic Leaders.  The Earth Psychopathic Leaders allegedly used about 350 incubus-infested CIA Black Ops NWO (New World Order) personnel (already stationed on Mars via teleportation jump gate from here)  and a huge military contingent (also incubus-infested, around 250,000) arriving by UFO from a host of dark worlds. Think the Empire in “Star Wars™.” The survivors became tasty snacks for the victors, but not in quite the way you'd imagine.

The attack failed miserably, and the survivors came to a wholly unexpected end. Apparently the few ensouled Psychopathic Earth Leaders (no names provided; might be unknown to us, even if we had them) were given the standard “Evolve or Die” option by the Universities of Evolution, while the incubus-occupied officers and soldiers, through highly advanced technology, had their DNA purified, then were turned into something like the capybara of South America. We of Earth consider the capybara to be the largest rodent, but the ETs/EDs claim it's a relative of the elephant. Thought that relative was a tapir? Be that as it may, the qua capybaras were then killed, cooked appropriately and served to the Leonine population–as delicious appetizers–with lots more to spare!

Are your minds reeling yet? Mine sure is, and I've had some time to absorb at least parts of this. Let me back up a bit and explain how this decision and rather shocking outcome came to pass.

ETs/EDs–The Leonine Council & The Universities of Evolution

Since the attack on Mars was made against the Leonines, the Universities of Evolution referred the matter to the Leonine Council for resolution. Meetings were called among those worlds which needed to be alerted about the aggressive activities of the Psychopathic Earth Leaders and the blatant attempts by the NWO types to seize Mars. This invasion attempt was apparently mounted because the Psychopathic Earth Leaders had concluded Earth was becoming dangerously unstable. Bet you missed that on the news. There was also the self-aggrandizing. “We want it, so we'll take it!”

After consulting with Purrs Loudly to determine facts, the solution became obvious. Because beings from Earth, including the average person, unfortunately, are woefully ignorant of the systems of government, and generally are clueless as to appropriate interactions with other worlds, it became obvious these soldiers and their aggressive behavior were of no real value to the civilized races of the Galaxy. Which is how the attackers ultimately became hors d'ouevres! Now, before freaking out entirely, understand the incubus-infested's souls were elsewhere, not in their bodies, likely in some vast underground vault. Somewhere.

Instead, the bodies were occupied by incubuses, sentient, low level beings, in this case programmed to destroy. Incubuses can and do have positive uses, such as being bred to destroy Reptoid eggs, but not in this situation. Consequently, no humans were killed in the matter under discussion, for what made them human, the informing principles, their souls, were gone. Bluntly put, the incubus-infested warriors were meat puppets, pod people if you will. Because they weren't human, it was permissible to turn them into food animals and ultimately consume them. There was no way to reconstitute them as people. We now return to the Leonines and developments there, to include new insights.

As a result of stellar performance in defense of Mars, Purrs Loudly is now called Bites Hard. Deservedly! The Leonines are innately independent, like Earth cats, but are NOT cats or Cat People. Cat People are another race. The Leonines hail from some galaxy far far away, but acted decisively to protect their vital super resort.

The stunning defeat was, and is, a huge blow to the Earth Leader Psychopaths, with as yet unknown effects. We already know that those left out of the expected Mars walkover were quite bitter over that, triggering internecine clashes, and this military disaster is almost certain to exacerbate factional infighting as those still here fight and claw for a way out. Call the choice of phrasing deliberate!

ETs/EDs, The Liberation Forces & The Emissary with No Name

In a regular telepathic session in which a Ground Contingent talks and interacts with various influential family members, ETs/EDs in the Liberation Forces, the session was visited by an emissary. The Leonine emissary was male, could give no name then that Earth minds could grasp and was of peaceful nature and noble mien. Those present speculated he might be a teacher. Advanced in years and composed, he stood (is bipedal) around 8′ tall and was estimated to weigh around 90 pounds. The impression he conveyed was that of a wise seeker of knowledge, one pleased and honored to be involved with the super prestigious Academies of Evolution and desirous of helping resolve the fallout of the Mars attack and to assist, if the Leonine Council agreed, in helping with the horrible mess here on Earth.

In a separate telepathic conversation with a senior commander of the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces, the attacking force size (~250,000) was reaffirmed, as was the fact the defense was conducted by Leonine forces in place, not by some massive reinforcement by Leonines from outside the Galaxy. Additionally, that commander confirmed the Leonine emissary came in via the same conduit through which fellow Leonines routinely arrive for vacation on Mars.

ETs/EDs: Of Leonines & Liberation Forces

In the larger exopolitical scheme of things, this attack on Mars by the Earth Psychopathic Leaders has been a real wakeup call for Galactic leaders. The Leonines are receiving huge credit not merely for demolishing the attack on Mars, but for issuing a clarion call to arms for the civilized worlds of the Galaxy. This may be the only such attack so far, but it probably won't be the last. Earth is becoming more and more unstable, and it appears that for all the untold deep black trillions invested by Earth Psychopathic Leaders in secure underground cities, cities immune to practically every threat,  there is no real trust in them. Consequently, the Earth Psychopathic Leaders are not only desperate to escape, but are throwing considerable other world forces into the effort. This is expected to not only be repeated, but to increase in scope, scale and sheer desperation.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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8 years ago


Before I send, could I get your preferred e-mail in case mine is incorrect it came with your message to my e-mail. Do you have another e-mail address I can use? I feel silly can not locate it, my apologies.

8 years ago


Did you get the pics I sent? I found the PEM in my sent box I assume it made it to you. There was an error message when I sent them.

Reply to  John Kettler
8 years ago

Once before May and on May 15th. I included a picture of a green plant so you could compare to see just how purple their counterparts are. Hope you received them. If not I will try from a different computer.

Sharon Mullane
8 years ago

Hello John, Your last 2 posts are fascinating. I have wondered do the cat people exist, having read about them in the past. I am an ardent cat lover and admirer. When you said the ones on Mars are Leonine, I thought of Sekmet right away. There must be some connection between Mars and Egypt. It is a bizarre story regarding the souless beings. Are souless beings easier to annihilate? 250,000 troops is a lot to defeat. They sound like zhombies. Who knows what these psychopaths are doing in their secret laboratories. Are the dark worlds that the UFOs came… Read more »

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