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ETs/EDs! Liberation Forces Progressing!

Originally posted on May 20, 2014 @ 9:04 PM

ETs/EDs! Making Ugly Progress, But Progress Nevertheless!


ETs/EDs and an Einstein-Rosen bridge they use for crossing the vastness of Space and Time! Image Credit : Wikimedia Commons via AllenMcC.

ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces out there (in both distances and dimensions) have Ground Contingents here. It is through them that we now finally have new information and insights about what's going on in ET/ED Land. Those of you who've waited so long to be “fed” in this area may find yourselves thrilled to eat, but having bad indigestion later!  Some of this won't be easy to take. That's putting it mildly. Consider yourselves warned.


Survival is still a core issue. One in which progress is hard to achieve and even harder to keep! Reverses are frequent and, sometimes devastating. that last word needs to be understood in terms of such items as recently restored to health and functionality CBs (Creator Beings) being abducted and tortured, requiring years (in the ETs/ED's time scale, a lot more here) of specialized care and intensive therapies in order to recover. This is after figuring out what's happened, identifying the guilty, perhaps, fighting a war to get back the kidnapped CBs! After that, the guilty, whether an individual or a horde, get but one chance to “Evolve or Die!” Reject the chance and be killed on the spot. It's that simple.

Matters have gotten so grim at times for the ETs/EDs and us that battling futility has been not only an uphill fight, but more like all-out combat while scaling the Matterhorn. Although the scope of the survival effort is now grander than before, the problem remains the same. Creation is an exceedingly violent place, and while the Liberation Forces grow in a variety of ways, expand in knowledge and continually evolve, the basic threat –our annihilation at the hands of the Dark Forces–remains. And what can annihilate can far more easily, upset, unhinge, derail and even destroy myriad positive efforts. Realities many have learned the hard way and are grimly to gamely enduring even now.

Genetic Manipulation

Dark beings are caused by perverse deliberate genetic manipulation and/or genetic damage because of environment. This includes lack of light. For a being to properly unfold, light and nurturing are absolutely critical factors. The ‘must haves,' if you will, of development throughout the inconceivable universes. Earth is rife with such genetic manipulations. While most think in terms of “Dolly,” the sheep, officially, the first animal cloned, the reality is more along the lines of sites such as the deep underground facility known colloquially as Dulce and located on Jicarilla Apache tribal land near that New Mexico town. Dulce has been investigated by Linda Moulton Howe, Norio Hayakawa and others. Valdemar Valerian's tome Matrix II also has coverage on Dulce, as this excerpt makes apparent. Ex-MI6 (British Secret Intelligence Service) agent James Casbolt/Michael Prince talks about similar activities in the UK in his Agent Buried Alive. Here's a long interview with Norio, whom I know personally, as detailed in my prior post on the viral topic of the Afghanistan UFO.

Norio Hayakawa interview

Need to Nurture

If you thought that was strange, it's going to be a very long night. What follows will either short out your brain, cause a strong abreaction or force you to reconsider your very definition of reality.

The Ground Contingents inform us: “Suns are created; they do not just happen naturally, contrary to popular scientific thinking. The creative forces, actual beings of mega size, must balance them, add certain characteristics and elements to make them both hold together and remain steady. If a potential sun happens and it is not “nurtured,” it will not last.”

JKI has previously presented imagery showing gigantic ships  which reportedly were adjusting the Sun's frequencies, but you'll have to dig that one up for yourselves.

Wounded and Soulless

“In a reality where burning suns, crashing planets, and an overall madhouse of events prevail, the majority of entities in creation are incomplete and damaged.”

The scope and scale of what's described above is titanic, spans over a trillion years as we understand such things, involves incompetent, uncaring or abandoning parents at all levels, from CB down, and that's without considering such things as kidnap, torture, rape and murder! We're talking endlessly iterated trauma and damage that cascade through untold generations, leading to vast hordes of broken entities, many, sociopaths. Insanity is pandemic in the realms under discussion.

“With a narrow perspective, lacking training and evolution, wounded and soulless, they struggle to survive, mostly by taking from others.”

Regrettably, part of their struggle to survive involves feeding on us at every level from the most rarefied levels of the Soul all the way down to having us as lunch!

Ruthless Reality

“Stealing, abductions, murder and constant territorial wars of the twisted feed on anything but natural food as known on Earth. This makes the politics in ET /ED land a constant threat to all—not only the Liberation Forces, but to those enslaved in the darkness.

Where survival of the fittest prevails, the bullies dominate and become leaders. They got to their top positions by ruthless plunder, so those who serve them are either there by force, enthralled by spell, bribed or blackmailed. There is not much choice.”

Not shockingly, what works there, works here on Earth. Those with real power, not the high-profile, usually puppeted power we're shown,  also keep their favorites in power positions. The children of the dominant are taught from early childhood in the ways of the madness of their parents, and “continue the iron-fist rule. They know no other way.”

Everyone born into the ruthless side of creation is owned, controlled and dominated by someone else, and this goes all the way up the chain of command, and through a multitude of dimensions.”

You may wish to pause and regroup, for we're now about to go into areas I've barely touched upon at JKI.

About the Soul

“To have a Soul is not the norm. Besides that, Souls are food of the Dark, who feed on their power and energy. A Soul is immortal, continually generating a life force. To have a Soul is an evolution of the Light, and the Light is not a dominant force. Many, if not all, vampire groups believe by eating the organs of the successful, they gain their power.”

The terrestrial reflection of this lies in such practices as cannibalism, eating the hearts and drinking the blood of the hunter's kill.

“It is the best way to dine. The most desired organs, including the Soul, belong to those who have evolved. There is a constant drag downward by the overwhelming mass of ignorant and desperate. There is much opposition to evolution.

This is where the abductions become rampant, and the trickery of hideously sophisticated security systems becomes a challenge. And, for those who think only the Light evolves, consider the definition of evolution: an increase in complexity to provide more options. Note, evolution does not favor one side or the other.”

Gulp! The Dark Forces are evolving, too! This is precisely why things are so awful here and so enormously resistant to positive change. Having hamstrung, then savaged the Light, practically to the point of annihilation, the Dark Forces have created one hell of a head start and possess simply incalculable resources with which to pursue their agenda of eradicating opponents, establishing and maintaining complete control, while devouring everything in sight.

The Terran expression of this agenda is, most notably, the NWO (New World Order), which very much exists and has been proclaimed repeatedly–for those paying attention. This site has long covered many things the NWO is about, has done, is doing and is trying to make happen.


“Evolution, though, among the Light allows sharing, support, and opens the gateways to technology. This is how the Liberation Forces have sustained themselves. Through this, their power has increased, and the ability to convince other worlds to join them has proven quite successful, and the shared technology is a great lure.

Many worlds who have joined the Universities of Evolution, experience the great network of medical, technical, frequency, and computer sciences from distant star systems. The consciousness evolution has expanded beyond belief , including the science of sequencing, mind-body-emotion integration, and one of the most challenging lessons of all: To become nothing is to become everything.

Unfortunately, this increase of consciousness frequency makes our ball of Light brighter. We are a threat to bigger Bullies who lose whole worlds to our ranks. These monsters of the night, who have held their worlds by technology of a type only known in our imagination, bring their armies against those who have discovered hope and the beginning of joy. Our upgrade in consciousness frequency actually tortures them.

Beings who have never felt the sun on their face, and the wind in their hair are now unfolding to take their first steps in emotional expression and learning the skills to make their enemy their friend.

The more the Universities of Evolution expand, the more attention gotten by the genetically damaged. Hence, the creation of starships that can obliterate worlds if necessary. The battle to stay alive evolves better security and creates larger armies. This is, unfortunately, the only goal to achieve some measure of safety.”

Emotional Foundation

“Through the Universities of Evolution, many protocols have been discovered to end this cycle of stealing and destroying to survive from moment to moment. Until recently, though, these ideas and medical procedures have not prevailed. It all started about 25 years ago, from the evolution of the People of Earth through their psychological practices, and especially the observations of how emotion, expressed correctly and through training, allow a person to unfold. There are many of these types of applications here on Earth, so we will not name them. The bottom line is, emotion combined with the right environment, knowledge and light, compels a higher evolution.”

What comes next from the ETs/EDs, via the Ground Contingents, is a kind of sidebar, but it's an important one, seeing as how it involves every man on the planet!

Men Don’t Cry

“The idea that men do not cry, kills manhood. It is through tears we soften to expand and open our mind. After truth is recognized and experienced through emotion, insight is gained. We see more clearly, and from a different perspective. Unfathomable problems can be unraveled, but not if we remain emotionally stuck. And herein lies a clue about how evolved the Dark Forces are. They know tears cause expansion, they don’t want their food to get away. “Men don’t cry” is their particular way to stop evolution—it is evidence they may know more about us than we know about ourselves. Don’t underestimate their cunning.”

Happily, this is an area in which the Dark Forces appear to losing and badly. Young men and men of today, by the standards of my father's generation and the way I was brought up, are pretty much wide open emotionally. Where the emotionally buttoned down of yore might well momentarily at the eyes after sustaining profound loss, adolescent males and men are practically open books. They can, and will, cry unashamedly in public and think nothing of it. Contrast that with the blinked back tear, invariably covered as “something in my eye.” Though shocked at first, I'm now convinced this is both healthy and longevity extending. A shutdown heart is a heart that dies.

Quick! What's the leading cause of men's death in the US? Why should women, who significantly outlive men, be the only ones entitled to an (emotion clearing, stress relieving, revitalizing) good cry?


“Although emotion may be an established fact of evolution, it does not work on the genetically damaged. Love, as it has been discovered, is also a genetic feature belonging only to those of the Light. This hard lesson produced a sequence application for those of darker origins who joined our evolution explosion, 1) genetically upgrade first, 2) use protocols, through emotion, to restore the Soul/heart combination.

Once the heart and Soul are integrated, a person becomes aligned with Source. That is the field where all is love. Love, though, is not all we think it is. There are tough love, hard love, and even love that dictates “Evolve or Die.” This is the battle cry of the Liberation Forces.

There are vast worlds of vampires. Some of them can be upgraded, and some of them cannot be. Oddly, the vampires in “Twilight,” referred to as Porcelain Vampires in ET/ED Land, were not upgradable. They turned to dust—just like vampires in the popular TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Those vampires described in the articles published earlier about the 3 Vampire Kings, had the unmanifested genetics of love built into them. Their switch over, difficult as it was, allowed them to transform into almost human. They have a heart and Soul and a full emotional swing now. They still lead the effort to clean up the vast sucking situation under which Earth suffers.

Unfortunately on Earth, the genetic upgrade that must come first, is not available, yet.”

The articles referred to above were from the JKI series “ETs/EDs, Exopolitics, War & Vampires.” The Vampire Kings first came up for discussion in the second post of the series.

Consider the next item to be the springboard for further revelations to come, but not necessarily as a series per se. Things are simply too chaotic already here and becoming more so. On top of that, I'm moving. Again. We all know how disruptive that is.


“The subject of Earth is a huge matter in the way of Creation unfolding its true potential. Our solar system is unique, as all the planets are predictably stable, and timing is the essence of our reality. It is not so in other realities, planets do not, necessarily, have steady orbits, and sometimes planets crash into each other. Yes, these huge starships are also used to prevent this colliding, but it has not always been so.”

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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7 years ago

You are nut job, stop taking the funny pills

Reply to  Big
6 years ago

Socrates once said ” I know I have intelligence because I know, I know nothing”.
Love and Gratitude

7 years ago

Thankyou for putting the cone shape on the top of this page. When my daughter saw this, she said, the top portion of this shape looked like the suction device (in her dream, right before she awoke) someone used this device to bring me back after taking father to far, far, far place. The morning after I did or thought I took him. Daughter said after sitting up glad to see me, she really dreamed I had died, here, because I refused to come back after taking him, there. So, they used a device shaped and colored like your picture… Read more »

7 years ago

YT – overcoming fear footage, Shania getting over fear with Reiki healing and other exercises.

To help us get over the fear of crying start with anything you are fearful of like talking to a lit candle exercise to learn how to go out of your comfort zone at 29.00 if you (on the skinny) or as crazy as clinging to a rockside, sky diving, or singing in front of people,. just a few examples.. Fun video
7 years ago

“The consciousness evolution has expanded beyond belief , including the science of sequencing, mind-body-emotion integration, and one of the most challenging lessons of all: To become nothing is to become everything.” I have comment to that, what I have written before: “There is an error, a loop that I can’t coup with. I had a moment during dream time when I did remember what I have forgotten on this planet. But thing is, I should not remember it. It was an error. What I remembered is something that can be fully understood only by someone who also has remembered it.… Read more »

7 years ago

Oh my, it is 3:30 in the morning, Memorial Day, looking for the perfect song for the part of . Found it! While we are at it, the emotional foundation we need John discusses is absolutely paramount to if some of us are going to make it. ” the bottom line is, emotion combined with the right environment, knowledge and light, compels a higher evolution”. This is so true, that is why I stay so put. Children and adults do so much better when they have all of these, I have been holding on for so long. I am holding… Read more »

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