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8 years ago

your crazy saying this site costs $500 a month too run. That statement alone puts your credibility to shame. This is a WordPress like site that could be run for $30 a year. quit lying!

John Kettler
Reply to  jeff
8 years ago

jeff, You’re full of tin whistles! Here’s why? Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that’s what a standard WP site costs $30/year. Guess what? This site is anything but standard. It is a state-of-the-art, bleeding edge site (40+ plug-ins; most WP webmasters gag at 10; highly sophisticated security and spam blocks, too), with traffic numbers, consequently huge bandwidth demand, most Internet marketers would sell their mothers to have, running on dedicated WP servers. Nor is this situation static. Software which works becomes obsolete, has to be upgraded, sometimes replaced outright if it’s interfering with other things. Plug-ins also become… Read more »

Reply to  jeff
8 years ago

Jeff, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Sure, you can throw up a basic WordPress site for a few bucks. You can find dirt-cheap bare-bones hosting to go with it for five bucks a month. Now try hosting a high-traffic volume site on that account, and see what kind of help you get when the whole thing crashes because some new version of some necessary piece of software conflicts with something else… somewhere… who knows what or where? Because you’re an ignoramus, let me state some basic facts of life for you. This site is far from a… Read more »

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