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Earth Sensitivity Indicates Major Volcanic Eruption Just Occurred

Earth Sensitivity can detect events on the other

side of the planet.



My  Earth Sensitivity Says There Was a Big Eruption  Here's Why


If I'm right, as of 1:27 AM Eastern Time, January 15, 2019, there was a full-on volcanic eruption of considerable size. This isn't from news reports but from my own internal sensing AKA Earth Sensitivity, a la Charlotte King,

For nearly two decades now, I have been deeply affected, sometimes utterly incapacitated, by the immense forces in and on the Earth before, sometimes during, quakes, eruptions, natural and manmade disasters and more.  Am by no means unique. For example, more than a dozen like me were in utter hell for weeks before the Indonesia 9.3 and subsequent tsunami which caused such stupendous fatalities that the affected countries won't admit anything remotely close to the true number. We were in both considerable pain and feeling the empathic bow wave of the stupendous havoc, injuries and fatalities to come as bottomless sadness not our own. For a look at an Earth Sensitivity forum, please see this one at Since I'm up to my eyeballs trying to accomplish anything, I've not frequented it, but it's been up for years now.

Not everyone feels things as keenly as some of us do, but if you look at Charlotte King's story, you'll see her Earth Sensitivity cost her her job, her health, her marriage and her children. Mine has wrecked me and my life more times than I can count and practically killed other people. On top of that, merely telling many causes them to flip out, leaving people who desperately need support without it and in fear of honestly communicating with their loved ones. What I feel at best gets a “BS” response from most of my family, and I've had vastly worse from many. Only a few in my family get it. Earth Sensitivity is a condition more devastating than many debilitating illnesses, but it lacks recognition, has almost nothing by way of support groups and is devoid of social sanction. Paradoxically, I've gotten more understanding and support from people I've met here and there than I generally  have from my own when it comes to expressing what it's like to be me. Not one stranger has ever jumped on me verbally. Ironic, right?

Today's Apparent Eruption Indicators & Some Background

Earlier today, I was so drained of energy that I had a very low blood pressure at my doctor's appointment and spent much of the day able to do very little, especially have the high levels of concentration necessary to do some specialized law-related work. Screaming kids tore up my nerves at the doctor's office, and the drive back via Lyftt seemed to take twice as long (time dilation). Vision was a bit blurry, too, enough to be noticeable, but not enough to interfere with normal activities. Appetite was somewhat off, too. Tried to nap after finally getting home and able to eat lunch, but was stuck between awake and asleep. Later, as the night wore on, I became more and more reactive, to the point where I started leaking tears. At the listed time, things came to a rapid head, for I started outright bawling, then began paroxysmal coughing which went on for some seconds, ripping up my throat. When the apparent eruption was over, my vision had improved, breathing was easier, and I felt much lighter, as though a great weight had been lifted from me. It also took a lot of pressure out of my poor middle, which had been distended for days to the point where I looked super pregnant.

These events are all of a piece with nearly two decades of experience with these phenomena and the syndrome known as Earth Sensitivity, with being an empath thrown in on top. The run-up to an eruption features bloat, aching eyes, blurred vision, often the feeling of roasting alive and always of great strain. When I spoke of a great weight, I wasn't kidding, for I've been bowed over for days when I sat. I refer to this as a crusher field and it is apparently some sort of gravitational phenomenon. That the Earth emits such gravity waves has been  proven by researcher Larry Park, and I've seen it firsthand at my home near Long Beach, California in 2002, since two days of sensings from his super advanced ground emission sensors proved I could sense crustal strains and that they occurred, and later lapsed, when I said they did, much to his consternation and a physicist buddy! An article he later wrote in NEXUS Magazine (now defuct) called “Aches to Quakes” explains Earth Sensitivity and shows how it can be used for quake prediction. For extremely detailed experimental information, please see Larry Park's rare and expensive Forbidden Secrets of the Earthquake Revealed.

Today's evident eruption (on my birthday, no less) has provided only partial relief, which means more upheaval and soon. Further evidence lies in my reinflated and writhing guts. Another symptom is pain in one or both jaws, sometimes radiating into the teeth, which feel as though they're about to crack from within. In some cases, the nerves running across the cheekbones and up both sides of the nose are also lit up. Am experiencing this again right now. Nor is this just a feeling, for one time, that is precisely what happened. At a time when my teeth were practically screaming from immense internal pressure, one simply broke! Interestingly, in the run-up to the latest event, I was feeling considerable  jaw pain and tooth pain at various times. This was followed by what felt like partial loss of a filling. That sent me to the dentist, where it turned out not only had I lost part of a filling but part of the tooth. When X-rays were examined, it was found that my tooth, intact a mere two weeks ago, was no longer fillable. The reason was that it was now cracked below the gum line! Don't know for sure, but this may be the second time these forces whose nature I don't understand have cost me a tooth. The extraction was not typical, either, because there had to be a bone graft to replace bone loss in the jaw that also got radically worse at that tooth in a very small amount of time. This is based on probe measurements which jumped nearly 50% in two weeks! Blew my dentist away. Figured if I didn't do the extraction I'd likely wind up with a broken tooth, and the only time this happened before, it was an emergency room visit before I could see a dentist. This latest drill (ha!) cost me a ton of money, too, even with dental insurance.

Unless it's a volcano near a major population center and is monitored, or is in the path of airways where it not only can be seen but big eruptions can make huge chunks of sky unflyable because the ash destroys engines, volcanic eruptions often aren't detected for weeks or months, there being few volcanic researchers and vast numbers of volcanoes. Consequently, we may not know for some time where the seeming eruption occurred. What is certain is that I've not only had experience with typical eruption, but also underwater eruptions and also one which was of both natures because the top of the cone was in and out of the water. Where a surface eruption comes with lots of heat, an underwater one doesn't. The last exhibited both at various times.

Brutal as the process was, this latest blast cleared my brain fog, boosted my energy levels and allowed me to produce this miracle of a post. I say miracle because in weeks the most writing I'd been able to do was about 1000 words, and some days in which I didn't so much as tweet. This one has been written almost non-stop since the apparent eruption hit.


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