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Drake–Exploring The Perplexing Disconnects

Originally posted on August 13, 2012 @ 10:26 PM

Drake–Spooky & Overt Simultaneously?!


Drake (Wrong One!) Image Credit: Adrian Pingstone via Wikimedia Commons

Drake. This site is deluged, to the point of disruption, with questions and comments about him. “What do you think about Drake?” “Can we trust Drake?” “When will he make another announcement?” “Is Drake okay?” “What about the Plan?” “What's the ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) view of him?” Commenters seem to be all over the place emotionally about Drake, with some wildly optimistic, others hopeful and some despairing that Drake may be a clever Cabal/NWO (New World Order) trick. Adding to the confusion regarding Drake is that at least parts of the Liberation Forces seem to be squarely behind him and say they are protecting him from what usually befalls those who threaten the system. If he's as advertised, and I'm widely assured he is, then he's a mortal threat to the current system. Drake's out there in public one moment, dropping all manner of information bombshells, then gone the next, ever surrounded by swirling speculation and very real worries by many concerning his wellbeing.

Drake, Secrecy & The “Plan”

The great Benjamin Franklin, no stranger to secrets and intrigue, once wrote: “Three may keep a secret, provided two are dead.” How, then, are we to reconcile that with Drake, who has talked all over the place about the Plan, which dates back to the scary last days of the Nixon Administration (military was afraid he wouldn't leave office), is reportedly now “five inches thick” and is constantly updated? The mere existence of such a document, which allegedly is the pro Constitution military's plan to bloodlessly overthrow those in power and betraying their oaths of office, would by definition be a grotesque violation of this dictum:

“The first rule in keeping secrets is nothing on paper: paper can be lost or stolen or simply inherited by the wrong people; if you really want to keep something secret, don't write it down.”

–Thomas Powers

This Plan would be a prime target for Cabal black ops, as would anyone associated with it. I worked for over eleven years on classified programs through the SAP (Special Access Program–one step below Black) level, and I personally and repeatedly observed the “write nothing down” rule being practiced. Indeed, I conveyed classified information in the exact same untraceable way, so what Drake's been doing basically makes my hair stand on end and is utterly incomprehensible to my highly sensitive spook contacts. Rule One from the day I first got a clearance was “You don't talk about what you do,” and there were draconian reporting requirements in the event you even innocently encountered someone from the Eastern Bloc or Russia. Been through the forms and the debriefs!  That someone would publicly talk about something of such staggering import before all the pieces were in place makes our heads spin, a condition worsened by ringing reassurance from multiple components of the Liberation Forces that Drake is “100% legit” and “one of the good guys.” Repeatedly advertising, as Drake does, what the ruling powers would absolutely consider a coup plan ahead of time is beyond mind warping to us. But as the infomercials blare, “Wait. There's more!”

Drake, The Mid-Week Update & His Challenges To The Listeners

Part of the problem I have with Drake is simply amassing the time and the mental focus to get through one of his long interviews. I did this the other night and listened to the whole thing, except for the call-ins. This was the Drake Mid-Week Update. I've had  to “drink from the fire hydrant” before, but never in quite this way. Even so, I noted that Drake challenged the audience on certain specific issues. He talked about the major recall of trusted pro Constitution high ranking officers, citing as proof the booking availability of certain retired military frequented golf courses in Florida; the deployment of armor and troops (issued with live ammo–never issued in the U.S. for other than gunnery exercises) to seal the borders and protect against invasion by foreign troops in both Mexico and Canada; he taught procedures for conducting a Citizen's Arrest and preferring treason charges, and he talked about alerting the militias and bringing them into the fold while acting under  lawful authority. I did some serious checking, and this is what I found.

Drake & The Independent Test Results

Drake Asserts High-Ranking Officer Recall

Not only do none of my spook contacts have nothing on this, but I was present when a retired Army general was quizzed over the phone. Readers should understand that officers can be recalled to the colors through age 75 and can also be recalled to the colors from retirement, placed on active duty, then prosecuted under military law for various offenses. Typically, the rate is one or two recalls a year–for all purposes. If so many as a dozen were recalled, not only would my contacts know about it, but it would be widely known! Asked point blank by one of my contacts, the general straightforwardly said nothing of the kind was occurring. As for the golf courses, I had some calls made, by people who know which courses are the right ones. Contrary to what Drake said, not only is there no room, but the courses are solidly booked through Labor Day weekend!

Drake Asserts Armor Movements Part Of Exercise To Seal & Defend Borders

Let's start with Drake's first premise, the alleged exercise. According to multiple trusted sources, there is NO exercise scheduled for the continental U.S. (CONUS), and the last U.S. military exercise, just concluded, was RIMPAC in Hawaii. So, no exercise.

What, then of the armor movements which have freaked many out via direct observation and YouTube™? The explanation is simple. Following a prolonged drawdown from years of armor fleet-destroying combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, our badly depleted armor formations are now receiving remanufactured/radically upgraded Bradleys and Abrams AFVs (Armored Fighting Vehicles). Known shipments include the Army's Fort Hood, home of the III Corps, and the Marine base at Camp Pendleton, home of the I Marine Expeditionary Force. The latter shipment is particularly welcome, since the Marines, at one point, had no tanks! In fact, they had to borrow an Abrams from the Army in order to show off a new amphibious warfare vessel. The Marines received some 90+ Abrams tanks, rebuilt to “as new standard” and massively upgraded in the process. It just so happens that both Fort Hood and Camp Pendleton are close to the Mexican border, leading to hysterical phone calls claiming the U.S. is about to invade Mexico, while Drake warns that the troops guarding the borders have live ammo, will shoot to kill those attempting to enter the country once the borders are sealed, and is putting the word out to the Hispanic community. Strange, then, how the armor's moving, but we don't see troop deployments, just armor moving to units from the rebuild facilities.

Drake & My Present Verdict

I personally would like to believe that Drake is right; that the end game is here; that we are about to take the country back, without bloodshed no less, and be truly free. After absolutely head splitting attempts to reconcile wildly different information coming in, I decided that I would attack this problem as I would any other intelligence question. I'd already been repeatedly, later emphatically, told by my terrestrial contacts they knew nothing of Drake or the Plan. Likewise, it was made transparently clear to me the U.S. military wanted nothing whatsoever to do with a domestic involvement, being overwhelmed already with foreign commitments. I'd been assured by certain parts of the Liberation Forces that Drake was on the up and up, but things didn't add up, no matter how many times I ran the calculations. Now we have a nonexistent exercise, armor not going to seal the border, no mass recall of high-ranking officers and no empty golf courses because of same. I haven't even gotten into the issue of the correctness of the Drake described arrest and removal procedures or the claims regarding secret contacting of the militia groups and the stand to orders. That may form a second post, but I have a question for my readers: Is Drake so important as to justify a second postponement of my detailed report about the Liberation Forces' recent space battle against a new, yet familiar foe? Please let me know.

And I haven't forgotten I owe you all a verdict on Drake and the whole Drake scenario. The only possible one, given what I know, is this: Not Proven! The Drake stuff sounds great in theory, but I need a lot more evidence, pro or con. Readers, if you've got it, I want to see it!


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8 years ago

I have yet to listen to a single Drake interview from start to finish.
I must confess to having spent about 15 mins of my life trying to listen to a broadcast while on the cross trainer in the gym but I just couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying at all.

Get a life, people.
Let others spend the time listening and then read their comments if you’re interested in what Drake puts out.

I vote for NO MORE Drake articles, please.
You’ve flogged this horse plenty – it’s dead, dead, dead.
Give us some fresh meat instead.

Ali Karim
8 years ago

I think Drake, Benjamin and a couple more are sort of conducting an Internet survey. To poll how many on-line gullible are out there to click ‘LIKE’ on their BS

Ali Karim
8 years ago

Unless I slept through the entire London Olympics 2012, no atomic bomb woke me up nor did I hear a UFO buzzing through. Nibiru didn’t “turn-up” and there was no 9.6 earthquake in L.A. Still no sign of Mass Arrest and poor David Wilcock look like an idiot following up on Benjamin Furfold’s hallucination. We are into August and there are no Dollar crash, let alone sensed anything of 5th Dimension. My ENT specialist said my pineal gland is the same as it was on my 10 year old MRI and my wife don’t think it has “opened” any dang… Read more »

Reply to  John Kettler
8 years ago

John, it would be interesting to know what you mean by saying there “were multiple attempts made to attack the Olympics” because certainly from a UK point of view, everything went off without a hitch.

Maybe that accounts for 18,000 troops being involved with security for the event.

Any info you can divulge?


8 years ago

HEAR YE HEAR YE: EXTRAORDINARY NEWS>>>BREAKING NEWS!!!! According to Rick Light and Drake from Sunday’s show : “”I do want to mention that Richard Mack is now helping us with the arrests, he has picked the ball up, and he is rollin with it folks..uh So know this its getting catchy and it’s coming real soon. Get ready to do your part.” – Rick Light” I personally wrote the following message to Richard Mack to ask him if Rick Light’s statement was true….here is a copy of my message to him: IMPORTANT: To whomever will read this message. I have… Read more »

Nancy C
Nancy C
8 years ago

Is Drake so important as to justify a second postponement of my detailed report about the Liberation Forces’ recent space battle against a new, yet familiar foe? I vote for the report on the recent space battle. I’m very curious as to what could be a “new, yet familiar foe”. As for the Drake thing, I’m in “maybe, we’ll see” mode. I also have some trouble with his seeming right wing slant, at least from some of his supporters. On the other hand, Drake himself seems sincere. I listened to all of the David Wilcock 3 hour interview and a… Read more »

Reply to  Nancy C
8 years ago

I have to agree with everyone else here. I would also like to hear a Liberation Forces update. Often it has been stated here that Drake was legitimate and being protected. I agree with you too, want desperately believe that what he is saying is indeed true. Odd that there is no evidence to back up his statements. One thing that I noticed is that bombshells or issues that were discussed on the previous show never seemed to get mentioned on the subsequent show. The call in questions have regular callers that they always seem to entertain. He predicted a… Read more »

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