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Disconnected Communications & My Weird Encounter

Originally posted on April 4, 2013 @ 2:19 PM

Disconnected Communications?

disconnected communications

Disconnected communications from your multifunction printer?!

Disconnected communications. “Dropped cell call, browser freeze. That kind of stuff, right? Unfortunately, no. Disconnected communications, I've now learned, occur when information of some sort appears out of nowhere, completely unbidden. This was exactly the case when I took my computer out of Sleep mode, causing the multifunction printer (mine's borrowed and far less fancy than the one above) to E-burp. When I first heard it go Kerchunk! I thought that was normal. What most definitely wasn't was when it began to print. In bold, no less. “Oh, great” I thought. “Now it's going to reprint the entire alignment test page.” Would that had been the case. Instead, I got this.


I'm glad you found the post and interview so useful. I think, though, you secretly believe (Freudian slip) astronomers are quite angry yet repressed. Why? They're ultra violent! No idea what to say regarding my other-dimensional sources. Perhaps one day they'll be revealed. When I make these sorts of visits, I don't go in the flesh. Therefore, I don't have a camera or cell phone with me.  I do intuitively communicate at times directly with LF contacts. S4 did have at least one Sport Model, but for sure one got taken by the Liberation Forces. Please see Black Programs Raided for details.”

Dee doo dee do dee doo de doo!

“Forgot Kansas, Toto! I'm not even sure we're in the U.S. anymore!”

Disconnected Communications, Deconstructing Mine

In looking at the above, while barely conscious in my cold room this morning, while absorbing the  astounding fact that the printer started up on its own and printed this stunning missive, I did a quick read through and wound up confounded. What post and interview? What's this about my view of astronomers, let alone a pun on ultraviolet? Someone's ultra-dimensional sources and their covert nature. Travel in the astral body, without modern telecommunications. got that.  Talking to LF (Liberation Forces) contacts? Whoa! S4 saucer inventory details, raid details, then I'm referred to my own post? Tilt!

“Get yer disconnected communications right here, folks!” I sure got mine. And I didn't know what they were until a friend volunteered two incidents even more out there. Both involved dead people and disconnected communications from them. In one case, the printer was off, came to life and printed out the message. In the other, the printer was unplugged, yet still the message was printed out!

Compared to those, my example of disconnected communications seems almost tame. So, what to make of this?  Multiple possibilities obtain.

This could be the result of a sophisticated firewall penetration engineered by members of a highly irate alphabet soup agency or agencies. Face it, many in them aren't fans of me or my work! This strange set of events may be a grade one head game, facilitated by much higher technical capabilities than are thought to exist. This message does appear to be something of a kluge from some of my stuff, but yet, there's more going on than that. For one, I have no idea which post and interview are being alluded to. Clearly, it refers to someone else's post, someone else's interview. Nor do I have any idea what the reference is to astronomers.

The reference to other-dimensional sources may relate to someone whose path I recently crossed on Facebook. That person is an admitted psychic and seems to know all kinds of remarkable things. Were someone to astrally travel, it logically follows that a cell phones and camera couldn't be brought along, and protecting sources, even outside of this dimension ones (Liberation Forces), is a must. Supporting this scenario is the reference to intuitive communication, another term for telepathy. Next, we're off to what's going on at Area 51's S4, a subject I've covered several times. From there, it's off to discussion of the Sport Model UFO described by Bob Lazar and the taking of one by the Liberation Forces. And why am I referred to my own post? If this psychic's manipulating my printer after encountering me on FB, to what end?

A further possibility is that this may be the work of a ghost or discarnate, reaching out via a high tech form of spirit writing, if you will. Whatever's going on, it doesn't seem to be constrained by normal physical laws. Were this true, my printer wouldn't have started up on its own and printed out that bizarre message. More emphatically, the unplugged printer I was told of could never have printed out an apparent message from a dead person, yet it did. Am not even going to attempt to speculate on the how!

I claim no monopoly on such things, as you can see here.  Lately, I've had all kinds of the other sort of disconnected communications: Interfaces that worked fine before stop working altogether, work, then stop, or work partially and randomly; the computer keeps dropping settings, and in researching disconnected communications just now, Google froze and went gray! Is it possible to communicate madness? I'm starting to wonder. And here we have another example of the impossible occurring.

As I was putting this to bed, two other possibilities were raised: some highly unusual computer glitch or, even more weirdly, channeling from my Higher Self. If the latter, Communications 101 would seem to be an excellent idea! And in a late-breaking development, a reader suggested this might be tied to interaction between the barely separated 3rd and 4th Dimensions. Hmm.

Where's this going? Maybe time will tell. Stay tuned.

Disconnected Communications–Postscript

When I went to post this, my display churned and churned, emerging on a page saying it couldn't find the site. Two more attempts, but nothing. I then tried logging into my site. Got there eventually and finally got in. More hair pulling finally (I hope) will see this post up!











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7 years ago

Ditto on the purple flowers they are now coming up all around the sides of the house. Many different types. Bravo John How do you know these things, amazing?

Reply to  John Kettler
7 years ago

No, did not plant any. I will try to figure how to attach a picture to this comment section. They look lavender in color small pretty flowers not large petite. Even the leaves seem to have a purple color until the tips they are green. Pretty. They are especially on the sunny side.

7 years ago

Something strange happened about 5 or 6 hours after I watched Michael’s interview where he is wearing a shirt with many different symbols. Remember when I mentioned the mirror leaning on the wall landed next to me on the floor by itself at 4:00 in the morning while everyone was sleeping. I thought the earth had wobbled, but I did not feel a quake any movement. Well, yesterday I was cleaning and noticed about 15 cards that were standing up or tilting on the same wall did not fall over. That is highly unlikely. I know the mirror really fell… Read more »

karl evans
karl evans
7 years ago

hi john, perhaps this where my purchased ebook ended up, cos i never got, maybe they will send when they have finished with it or maybe i should liad up my printer with paper and leave it off ? shame i never got the book,

7 years ago

John, The Russian connection may be related to the mythology of the Norse. They discribed how their bloodline had powers to activate a metal they obtained from a moon in our solar system. The metal was shaped like an arrowhead attached to a spear. Their DNA activated this power to levitate and be cloaked or protected by bullets while levitating. I am not sure if cloaked meant invisible. This is used to protect and defend from what I hear. Could you be revealing information about cloaking too soon for these well meaning groups of men and women? Are they concerned… Read more »

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