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Did J. Edgar Hoover Kill Off A JFK Assassination Witness?

Here's a look at the JFK assassination you've almost certainly never had.

Hoover's Death Squad Wipes Out Part of the JFK Assassination Team

Longtime viewers will recall the hard-bitten, deeply cynical “Law and Order:Special Victims Unit” Sergeant John Munch, memorably played by comedian, actor and author Richard Belzer.  Munch was quite the student of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and from time to time, would hold forth in the squad room, to various degrees of receptivity from his fellow cops, on what really happened before, during, and after his ritual murder (the Killing of the King) in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.

What most people don't know is that Richard Belzer is himself a walking encyclopedia on JFK's assassination and is the author of no fewer than four books on various aspects of that ghastly hit, a hit with many players but ultimately at the order of the UFO control group MJ-12, then helmed by then CIA director Allen Dulles, who solicited  the murder of “Lancer” (JFK's Secret Service handle) in the notorious Burned Memo.  What concerns us here is Mr. Belzer's fourth book, Hit List: An In-Depth Investigation Into the Mysterious Deaths of JFK Assassination Witnesses. Though whacking JFK assassination witnesses has become a TV and movie trope, the reality is that in the period immediately after and down through the years, many people met untimely deaths, with the odds against so many premature deaths occurring by chance running at over 167 trillion to one that there should be 15 unnatural deaths (from a pool of 1400 witnesses named in the Warren Report) in just the year following the assassination of JFK!

Judging from Michael Milan's (pseudonym) shocker The Squad: The US. Government's Secret Alliance With Organized Crime, at least one of those deaths not only traces back to the FBI, but to FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover himself. Pretty bold claim, right, but Michael Milan was part of Hoover's handpicked elite unit known as The Squad or the Unknowns? This unit formed the bridge joining the Mafia (whose existence Hoover denied before Congress), the supposedly super virtuous FBI, in an arrangement going back to World War II,  and the CIA's ancestor, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). The Squad walked an exceedingly narrow line between its duty to the Mafia and its duty to the American people via the FBI directly through Hoover.

The OSS needed the Mafia's help to pave the way for the invasion of Sicily and Italy. The FBI needed the Mob's help to secure the all-important New York and New Jersey docks (which it controlled) against Nazi spies and sabotage, and the Mob needed the government off its back so it could conduct “business”. These interests are self-evident, and some of this, notably the unholy alliance between mobster Lucky Luciano and the OSS,  has been the subject of whole documentaries, but so far as I can tell, Michael Milan's book stands alone in providing not only the big picture, but the grisly reality of “wet” operations, with “wet” meaning murder.

How do we know this isn't a hoax? If you read enough accounts about the Mafia, especially the autobiographies, the old school Mob types are impossible to confuse with the ones who came later. Milan was old school Mafia, via what you might call the Jewish Mafia of Meyer Lansky. He was a killer, one with antifreeze in his veins, so much antifreeze he executed his first Mob hit using a knife in the police drunk tank, on a target he'd semi paralyzed via a powerful micky!  Looked his victim right in the eye, told him why he was being killed, says the guy peed himself before he cut him (knife between the ribs)! Working for the OSS, while officially in the Navy during World War II from 1942-1944, he kept adding to the body pile, extrajudicially killing traitors, war profiteers, child traffickers, spies and more. His is a story so extraordinary Hollywood could never begin to match it, but it rings true so loudly it's practically ear bleed inducing. Hoover knew all of it. Hoover also provided absolution for all his Mob hits and his OSS hits. Michael Milan (who operated under hundreds of names) was strictly enjoined from revealing anything of his Mob activities to Hoover or his FBI activities to the Mob. As long as he did that and didn't profit on his activities via exploiting insider knowledge, both sides protected him.

Michael Milan and others like him had, variously,  Mob, military and OSS backgrounds. These killers were specially recruited for (but not into)  the FBI and functioned as special liaison, which was a whole lot more than talking, for it included black bag jobs, figurative and literal arm-twisting and worse. Indeed, the picture that emerges is that the Squad was Hoover's personal death squad, received FBI and local law enforcement support, and that there were well established procedures in place for operational cover, weapons, mission execution, body disposal, weapon disposal, exfiltration and debrief. By debrief, I mean meeting Hoover in a cleared out VIP terminal at Washington National Airport!  The chapter called Dallas tells how Michael Milan went to Dallas right on the heels of the JFK assassination, with the task of crash interrogating, then executing, a man he calls Gerald Brinkman.

Brinkman was a Dallas cabbie, but was linked to the JFK assassination via a three-man contract hit team supposedly targeted on Texas governor John Connolly, who was himself hit. And who found Gerald Brinkman and how? Why, that would be the highly Mob connected Jack Ruby, owner of the Carousel Club, the very same Jack Ruby who later shot and killed JFK assassination patsy Lee Harvey Oswald in the underground parking garage of the Dallas Police Department. Brinkman said, before being shot in the face by Michael Milan, he was deeply in debt from gambling, had somehow lost his prior job because of John Connolly, and Ruby evidently called in Brinkman's marker, with the promise that his debts would be expunged if he did this.

Through a combination of the carrot (you walk away and live if you tell me what I want) and the stick (brutal beating so bad it caused internal injury, .38 pistol muzzle jammed hard into various body parts), Michael Milan got what Hoover needed to fill out his own extremely urgent intelligence picture. What Hoover told him was explicitly stated decades later by former president Lyndon Baines Johnson's own lawyer, Edward Clark, who apparently was directly involved in planning the assassination.  Said Hoover, “You already know too much. So I'll say Johnson. No doubt. We stand clear. Got it?”

But doesn't this contradict what I said about MJ-12 being ultimately responsible for the murder of JFK? No, it doesn't, for Hoover wasn't privy to MJ-12 at all. Nowhere on the original MJ-12 documents is there so much as a whiff of FBI involvement, and it's absolutely true that J.Edgar Hoover wasn't an original member.



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