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Da’Shen Intervene to Help My Fried Leg Nerves

Originally posted on May 4, 2018 @ 12:25 AM


Da'Shen–Who They Are & How They Helped Me

Time and again the Da'Shen (polarity flipped former powerful evil witches now part of the Liberation Forces (LF) here to free planet and people) have stepped in to help me in a health crisis. They are higher dimensional ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals), as are other members of the LF, and are mighty warriors, scholars and healers, all rolled into one. Presently, there are over a million of these gorgeous women, with their numbers increasing daily as other witches see real possibilities for themselves other than enslavement. Now you know who the Da'Shen are, so we can resume the story. My health crises tend to be triggered when empathic and other stress loads are high, activating numerous old injury sites, weak points and other blockages. Lately, it's been my nervous system. A few weeks ago, it was sciatica so bad it wouldn't shut off even with my butt removed from the hard wooden chair from whence I'm typing this account. Sitting was an agony, but not sitting didn't work, either. Tried everything. Both legs were bad, but my left leg was like the Energizer bunny and wouldn't calm down. This was new and unwelcome health territory for me. Was in trouble, and I knew it, so I asked for the Da'Shen to help.

In this instance, the Da'Shen stuck me into a higher dimensional healing chamber whose closest visual analogy would be being inside a giant shredded wheat biscuit (that pillow shaped woven cereal) made of gold. Mind, I don't know that it's gold, only that's how I perceived it with my Third Eye, from the perspective of being flat on my back on a healing table while a team of Da'Shen worked away on me at full tilt. Would note, though, that gold has powerful healing properties, in a host of ways. Many here will have heard of or used colloidal silver, but there's colloidal gold, too. Another healing example is the homeopathic remedy Aurum Metallicum, which is great, especially in conjunction with a specific mudra (hand form) and visualization, for depression. Gold is a very high vibration, so it makes all the sense in the world to incorporate it into a higher dimensional ER, if you will.

Within the hour, not only had the leg been restored to normal, but I was also able to sit comfortably  and get some work done. Let me remind you that the leg was so nervy it was running wide open without being in a chair, and the nerves shot off like a rocket the instant I sat down. Am reminding you of this so you can properly understand just how profound that change was, over a very short period of time. There was first a major diminution in both the pain and the nerviness of the limb. After that came the quieting of the nerves, then a sense that it was safe to sit down.

People are welcome to interpret my experience as they will, but my concern is solely with what works and is done ethically. Have no issue on either score, and am grateful to the Da'Shen for extricating me from incapacitating misery and pain! Again.





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