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Da’Shen & I Agree! A Large-Huge Unknown Event Imminent

Originally posted on July 17, 2017 @ 2:08 PM


Da'Shen look something like these Valkyries, but way more badass, in bright silver color armor, somewhat akin to Glinda's outfit from waist up in the video below, wearing nasal helmets with camail (dangling chainmail neck protector) and on foot. I couldn't tell you a thing about their hair, either, since I didn't see it. Image Credit: Emil Doepler [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Wish I could tell you what is coming, but the Da'Shen and I concur whatever it is will hit/occur today or tomorrow (July 17 or July 18, 2017). To be clear, this doesn't have to be a quake, volcanic eruption or manmade disaster. It could be some sort of key person event, an attitudinal shift, something revealed which pushes things in some arena past the tipping point.

Who Are The Da'Shen?

The Da'Shen have, until now, only been discussed on JKI/SA (where I've written about them extensively, both generally and about my ongoing intereactions with them; subscribe here), but I need to let people reading this just how big a deal it is when I talk about their agreeing with me. The Da'Shen are former vastly powerful evil witches who number well over a million!  To this day, no one knows how it happened, but they reversed polarity, switching in an instant from the Wicked Witch of the West and then some to Glinda, the Good Witch, if you will. It started with a few, and more and more evil witches came forth from their thralldom and likewise transformed. The brilliant (makes your brain dissolve and run out of your ears) Michael Topper has written about the polarity shift, though that one is conscious choice, and much else. This extraordinary material presents industrial strength information, deep metaphysics and his own gleanings from direct, diverse experiences of numerous sorts. Karl and I saw him live decades ago and emerged an hour later so overwhelmed we were wobbly on our feet and overwhelmed in our minds by what we'd heard.

The Da'Shen are super intelligent, fearsome warriors, skilled healers and are drop dead gorgeous to boot. Their power and presence when arrayed for battle in their endless serried ranks is practically heart-stopping. For a rough approximation of their appearance, think Valkyries (seen above) on foot and without winged helmets. They wear shining scale armor, carry swords and wear nasal helms, like those in the Bayeux Tapestry. They are highly valued members of the Liberation Forces (positively oriented ETs/ED (Extra-terrestrials/ Extradimensionals) here to free planet and people from bottomless evil, eons of enslavement and worse) and are extremely active in the vital and mighty Universities of Evolution.

Mega Hell & An Important Telepathic Conversation Abandoned by the Da'Shen

Based on nearly two decades of the most horrific and searing experience, there has been no doubt in my mind something heavy duty was brewing. Not only has pretty much everything fallen apart or is on the verge (see JKI and JKI/SA), but I have been pulverized to veritable extinction, savaged by the Dark, then, atop that highly abbreviated list, clobbered by solar flares and geomagnetic storms. Have spent days in bed, had such sleep cycle as I had before utterly wrecked, been reduced to such a state in which I only half jokingly say I'm dead save the toe tag. The run-up to big-gigantic events for me expresses in terms of my emotional stuff boiling up and pretty much drowning me, feelings of utter futility, emotional reactivity not tied to my own circumstances, localized or whole body pain, at high to extreme levels, with or without GI distress at times of the most agonizing sort. Cognition, vision, memory and above all, motivation and energy to do, well, just about anything, are all drastically impaired, alone or in combination. The net effect is devastation of me and my ability to give a damn, still less act in some useful manner. But there has also been severe fiscal stress recently, and my ancient iMac has now several times exhibited a previously never experienced kind of monotone howling making it impossible to watch anything, listen to anything or Skype video chat. In fact, it did it for the second time yesterday. Fortunately, it's not doing it now!

Taken in toto, the above constitute sheer mega hell and are the bellwether and warning which time and again have heralded the imminent arrival of upheaval, havoc and destruction. As I said earlier, I've been having these experiences since early 2000. The first such set of intense symptoms and whole life near total implosion dropped a 7.3 (mercifully in the boonies) on Indonesia and a 6.8 on El Salvador which killed hundreds and hundreds of people, many simply swallowed up and entombed in vast waves of mud. The next major one was right before the Nisqually Quake 6.6 shortly thereafter in the Seattle area. I have had much the same before: mighty volcanoes erupted, enormous floods swept vast regions, tropical storms swiftly grew into immensely powerful hurricanes and typhoons, devastating island after island or rolling up a long stretch of coast or tornadoes with footprints a mile wide appeared and ripped through towns. Mass trauma and mass casualty events caused inadvertently or deliberately can also be sensed before they occur.

There are other Earth Sensitives or polysensitives (my neologism for people like me who feel, and are affected by, far more than Earth issues, such as solar flares, geomagnetism; some are empaths, too). We suffered like you would not believe (ever experienced limitless sorrow not your own–for days?) before the 2004 9.3 quake and tsunami in Indonesia and extending  many places else, causing so many fatalities the true count has been totally suppressed and never been reported! Let me give you a little perspective on earthquake magnitudes expressed kilotons of TNT. A 6 is 1000 kilotons, and a 9 is 63,000,000 kilotons! For comparison, the Hiroshima A-Bomb was a piddly (in terms of energy release, not effects) 15 kilotons. You can consult the Kelly Kiloton Index to see just what sorts of forces lie in earthquakes.

You now have enough background to follow the action and understand its significance. When I'm pulverized to the point where I barely know my own name; when I'm so fatigued it's an effort to get out of bed and so on, it's hard to reach out for help, but I did achieve this at around 5:30 AM today. Got in touch with the Da'Shen to see what their thoughts were about what I could do to extricate myself from being totally hamstrung, blocked, hemmed in at every turn, with virtually everything fallen apart or headed there. I told them I felt and thought something big-huge was coming, posed some questions and got nothing initially. A few minutes later, after I asked was anybody there, they returned to the call and informed me they'd been thinking about what to say. They agreed with my assessment something extraordinary and powerful was about to occur. Next thing you know, I've got dead air on the other end of the line, exactly the feeling you get when someone steps away from a call without saying a word. Miffed, frustrated and dead tired, I collapsed. Was in and out of consciousness for hours, eventually coming to around at ~11 AM. Da'Shen were now calling me!

When I ask what happened, they informed me something major came up requiring their attention. When I pointed out that with numbers of over a million surely someone could've stayed in the call I made earlier, I was informed: “When something of major significance appears requiring our attention, we then become a collective mind, with every one of us exclusively focused on that matter.” That's why I got that dead air vibe. Feel free to dismiss me if you like, but understand the Da'Shen have a great record of delivering accurate predictions, predictions which often fly squarely in the face of what the evidence indicates will occur. Consequently, I've learned to place great credence in what they have to say. Further, never have I had them make the sort of pronouncement they did mere hours ago.

These prognistications are not cast in stone. They can be influenced by all manner of things Here and There. Think of them as snapshot of perception, in this case, grounded in a million plus brilliant minds functioning as one in sensing and assessing something of great, perhaps grave,  import headed our way. As I said at the top, they haven't a clue as to its nature and are perplexed and frustrated as to what this event might be, but I am absolutely convinced that anything able to instantly and absolutely command their unprecedented (in my experience of them) complete and undivided attention has to be a Very Big Deal indeed.

Not only have I now put the word out for the Da'Shen and myself to anyone who cares to read it, but the myriad non-subscribers who come here in their thousands a month (and really should donate) have now been exposed to information previously known to but a handful of people on the entire planet!

July 17, 2017 5:06 PM

Update 1

Commencing at 5:10 PM and continuing until ~7 PM there was a lull (tried to sleep during it, but failed) in the previously described mauling I've been undergoing. Not only is that now over, but I've got a bunch of new additional indicators and unpleasantness, including a flaming railroad spike  under the base of my right scapula, forceps type headache in front of and above ears, feeling close to nausea, dry eyes, degraded vision, venting (stress-related exhalations the way horses do from between closed lips) hard, etc. Am leaving tracks on wall and expect to be on ceiling shortly! Da'Shen concur the inbound event is closing rapidly. Hungry and feel I may puke. It's now 7:29 PM.

End Update 1

Update 2 July 18, 2017 3:14 AM

The prediction of a large-huge event by the Da'Shen and me was dead on. Magnitude 7.8 quake near Kamchatka, Russia struck with an energy release of 500 megatons or 0.5 gigatons struck well within the predicted window. Details at link. Location map is here. Would note that it is most unusual for a quake to hit between the New Moon and full Moon, for it is then and close to them that big quakes usually hit.  Have had no relief from symptoms, so this quake may well be the opening argument!

End Update 2


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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3 years ago

Can you make more posts about the ET liberation group and what goes on out there??

Muhib Awan
Muhib Awan
3 years ago

WTF is my email blocked JK?? WTF is wrong with you? DO you EVEN KNOW WHO I AM?

Reply to  Muhib Awan
3 years ago

WTF are you talking about? WTF is wrong with YOU? No, I don’t know who you are and I don’t much care. But if you can’t even be civil, then you’re not welcome here.

I don’t know what problem you’re having, why you’re having a hissy fit and why you think we’re “blocking you” (clearly we’re not, ’cause your comment made it through, didn’t it?), but if you act like a jerk I can’t and won’t make any effort to fix it.

Care to try again?

— Karl, the Webmaster

Maurine Smith
Maurine Smith
3 years ago

You have completely forgotten the agonizing switch from evil to productive? It is an evolve or die event, with a genetic upgrade to set off the metabolism to make the leap, and it is a horrible painful leap. They have to “own” their evil, feel the pain they’ve caused others. They do days of vomiting, crying and relieving their abduction and torture to force their soul out of their body. They have to be mentored through all of it, and are sickly for months as their soul returns and consequently their great beauty begins to peak through the ugly face,… Read more »

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