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Da’ Shen To My Rescue!

The Da' Shen And My Life



The Da' Shen are a legion of former hideous evil witches who have somehow switched polarity and become highly valued members of the Liberation Forces, positively oriented ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals here to free planet and people. They are super smart, master healers, devastatingly powerful mages, and fearsome warriors. When last seen, their numbers far exceeded one million and were growing rapidly. The ones I've seen in my mind's eye were a sight to behold: Towering, proud, fearsome gorgeous alabaster-skinned women in full war array, clad in gleaming (quite possibly magickal) chainmail, proper Viking helmets fitted with camails (chainmail neck protectors) and armed with sun bright broadswords and kite shields embedded point first in the ground.

My view was from slightly in front of and looking down the length of their line. In practice, though, I couldn't see far, for their line extended to the horizon! This was my one and only look at the Da' Shen. Given this, am extremely hesitant to say they all look that way based on a statistically useless sample size of one. What I can say, with authority, are the things they've told me, the things they've done, their numerous correct calls and their unfailing encouragement given to me.

When I sat in a dentist's chair while my dentist pronounced doom upon my crumbling, many times filled tooth, the Da' Shen telepathically assured me the tooth would be saved, a message they reinforced when the dentist's colleague brought in for a second opinion, likewise emphatically stated the tooth was not savable. To the shock of both, it was repaired, and that repair held up for quite some time!

When I've been under acute financial stress, they've told me I'll be okay. Next thing you know, here comes a small but critical author's royalty check for game design work I did way back in 2010 or so. They've consoled me in seemingly endless setbacks and defeats, helped me to believe in better days to come and while reminding me of my own self worth, have also encouraged me to take highly counterintuitive risks, to fear forward.

While there is a great deal of wholly justifiable excitement in some quarters over the revolutionary MedBeds, as in the above video, the astral me has many times benefited from the Da' Shen equivalent healing chambers, one of which is like being inside a giant shredded wheat biscuit made of  what appeared to be glowing gold wires; another was something like being stuck inside an enormous geode full of intensely purple crystals. These are their forms of emergency medicine, and whole teams have worked on me as well, their presence unseen, yet very much felt.

Were I not the ongoing target of the Dark and sensitive to a bewildering array of natural and manmade phenomena on and off-planet, Third Plane me would be in fantastic shape and with a life that worked and had far more joy than torment. The consequence of the issues named is that the Da' Shen's most extraordinary interventions have saved me time and again, when I should've died first in the astral, then here, but no permanent fix has been possible. Immensely frustrating to all concerned, but the key task has ever been survival, with the hope and expectation that at some point the howling forces of destruction would abate.

With badly deteriorated vision in both eyes (better eye 20/60 with glasses, the other abysmal) requiring cataract surgery, a one and done affair in which, unless the lens is defective, you're stuck with it for life, and only monofocal lenses covered by my insurance, mynephew Mark set up a GoFundMe to help me get state-of-the-art Alcon PanOptix intra-ocular trifocal lenses, dreadfully expensive at $2600/eye and entirely out-of-pocket. When I checked earlier, there was nothing. A few hours later, the Da' Shen had me check, and there'd been $1100 in donations made–in a wholly and utterly unexpected pair of staggering donations from family members! The Da' Shen tell me that the rest of the needed monies will be had and that the campaign will exceed its goal. Truly exciting news for someone whose vision is presently so bad that offramp signs can't be read until almost at them, whose close-in vision is mere inches from the face and over his glasses, and whose iPhone with Retina screen is hard to read at system default settings! Would be in big trouble without my also Retina iMac.

Have had some sort of bug (not coronavirus, not the flu) which, for about a week now, has wiped me out as far as energy and, until recently, the mental clarity and energy to write anything like this post. Have, in fact, practically lived in bed and still been unable to shake this bug or whatever it is. The Da' Shen have been in my astral ear a lot lately and intervened long enough that I was able to pass clinic entry protocols so I could get in to see my physician, get blood draws done, prescriptions renewed and such. That fix held long enough for me to get back home before the debilitating coughing and sneezing resumed, not to mention the chills.

The Da' Shen's Exciting New Message And Theme For Me

But in the last few days, the Da' Shen have been in full optimism hue and cry over me and my situation. Where I, seemingly for ages,  have visualized, declared and decreed my heart's fondest dreams and hopes into the teeth of a Dark gale while metaphorically pounding my head against a spiked wall, they have been encouraging me to believe, to expect and greet with wide open arms, my long promised, many times derailed, torpedoed, walled off, stymied, stifled or snatched away good. Considering that pretty much nothing worked across the board and that I was assailed from every quarter, this has been ultra counterintuitive for me, but at the same time exhilarating and uplifting to my battered and drained self. And just look at the progress since they started their chorus of positivity! In the last two nights, I finished one post and did this one (1200+ words) from scratch tonight. Energy levels are up, and physical strength has improved, as has my appetite. The bug is considerably better, too.

Since I'm a firm believer that if you don't enter, you can't win and that in an honestly run contests, someone must win, I figure it should be me! To that end, I spent a couple of hours yesterday evening filling out a stack of contest entries and doing similar things online. And why not? A Course In Miracles teaches: “There is no degree in the order of miracles.” This means that it's just as easy to manifest a gigantic one as it is to manifest a tiny one. Part of that high vision includes having the wherewithal to have my own wonderful place in which I call the shots and don't have to deal with (kind characterization) dysfunctional controlling people while living in rented rooms. Wish to be freed to live richly, joyously and abundantly, fully restored in body, mind and spirit. What a delight it will be to be myself again, to soar like the eagle I am!

The Da' Shen have a tremendous record of being right, and that's over many years. Since I'm trained to surrender to the higher or highest thought (as applicable), shall fully surrender to their extraordinary vision of what's rushing to me even now, sight unseen. As they've repeatedly and emphatically told me, “This is a time for miracles!”


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