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Crash ‘n’ Burn?

Originally posted on May 30, 2017 @ 1:46 AM



NOTE: Further updates to this meter will be on this page.

Thank you to DVD: you are a stalwart!

Karl here, your (mostly) friendly webmaster for JKI and JKI/SA, with a message I really didn't want to have to write, but here goes…

In short, we need your help. Now. Today. Big time. If we don't get it, odds are very good we crash ‘n' burn. That means no more JKI. At least for the foreseeable future, and maybe forever.

Without going into a long and painful exegesis on the history of JKI and it's ups and downs — which some of you know and the rest probably don't care about — suffice it to say we are in a fiscal crisis.

Due to the fact that our primary and long-term benefactor, who had almost single-handedly kept the lights on, the software up-to-date, the hosting fees paid and the bogeyman from the door for the better part of two years now, has vanished as of several months ago, we are left with a big, big problem, and find ourselves in a very untenable situation.

Once again, and just like Wikipedia before us, we must ask for your financial help in order to keep JKI online and available to all.

Bare minimum, we need a few hundred dollars a month to keep the doors open. This doesn't allow for anything fancy. There are no three-martini lunches happening at JKI. At this point, our dream (John and myself) of “boat drinks” has been scaled back to having the time and the wherewithal for a few cold ones on the porch.

If we can get the monthly infusion up to around $500/mo., we'll have options we don't have today. More than this, and the possibilities increase proportionately.

If we ever hit a few thousand a month, there might actually be some money in the kitty to buy new computers and update software and do other needful things which have gone wanting for quite some time now. Heck, yours truly could get a chair that isn't a torture device, and John could possibly get internet access that is more advanced than the cup and string he's on right now. That sort of thing.

But all that would be candy, considering the desperate straits we're in right now. To be blunt, if we don't raise some funds quickly, JKI will go away. Period. It's that simple, and that's a guarantee. We need to get our hosting and other web-related bills paid, and fast. Either that or it's adios, muchachos.

So please, if you have the means, donate now, and donate generously.


BEK - Black Eyed Kids - A Threat Assessment by John Kettler - Book CoverDONATE $5 OR MORE and get a free copy of BEK | BLACK EYED KIDS | A THREAT ASSESSMENT, John's latest report, soon be going on sale. Simply drop me a line ([email protected]) and I'll fix you up. If you already have a copy, we can send it to someone else. No worries. 😉

We know many of our readers are not in great financial shape either, so we're not expecting the already overburdened to pony up here. Your good thoughts and continued readership demonstrate how you feel. But we know and have to believe that there are plenty of JKI readers out there who are not in major financial distress, and who have the ability to support our efforts. This message is an appeal to those people.

It really comes down to this: if don't want to see us crash ‘n' burn, and you want to see JKI continue as it has for five years now, then please donate. If you can, sign up for a recurring donation. Give whatever you can. One buck. Five. Ten. Twenty five. Every little bit helps.

If you're a “whale” and can make a significant commitment, particularly every month, so much the better.

Thank you for your attention, and many thanks in advance to those who heed the call and are able to contribute.


Payment is by way of PayPal. You DO NOT have to be a member to use PayPal. All major credit/debit cards accepted.
You will see “DBA Web Marketing Services” on the PayPal form.
Do not panic. It's OK. That's us.

To make other arrangements (check, money order, etc.),
please contact admin ([email protected])

I will keep you updated with the progress of this fundraising campaign until the crisis is averted.

P.S.: As soon as we have some “positive cash flow” coming in again — if we do — we will implement a new donation system. Like the old one, it will have a meter showing where we're at, and how much we need. The software is available; we just can't afford it right now. Additionally, we're considering doing a quarterly fundraiser, so we don't have to deal with the money issue every month, and you don't have to hear about it all the time. Your input and ideas are welcome.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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arnold black
1 month ago

Have you tried using law of attraction to bring in money?

John Kettler
Reply to  arnold black
17 days ago

arnold black,

We did, but as you saw in a rundown I gave of various attacks, threats and more against me and this site, this is no ordinary effort to attract and manifest funds that is allowed to operate unmolested. It’s been a war ever since we made a strong impact with several blockbuster stories.

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