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Conspiracy, 9/11, NWO, UFOs, ETs, etc. 4

Originally posted on May 16, 2014 @ 8:09 PM

Conspiracy, 9/11, NWO, UFOs, ETs & More! Oh my!

Conspiracies,9/11,NWO,UFOs,ETs & More. The above and more are now fair game, a fourth time, for discussion amongst yourselves, in what we expect to be a long series of posts. Until 30 days end, and this one is locked. Only in this way do Karl and I believe we can preserve our sanity and keep post comments relevant. Frankly, this has been a grueling losing uphill fight for some time now. UFO Ext, which was intended to provide an outlet for all manner of OT discussions, didn't make it, but the need for an appropriate place for people to somewhat run amok with their thoughts and discoveries remains, so we're trying this. Sure hope it works! We encourage new posters and urge them not to let the prolific posts of others here intimidate or discourage the newbies from participating.

Conspiracy Rules!

If there is to be a conspiracy, let it be a conspiracy to make Karl and me happy by obeying these simple rules and grokking certain basic concepts. Easy, right?

Conspiracy Regs

1) Other than glancing through the latest to make sure that 2) and 3) (see below) are being followed, save for something akin to a deus ex machina/less often than once in a blue Moon, neither Karl nor I will be participating. You are demonstrably able (but is it a conspiracy?) to overwhelm us with the various things you find. We can't keep up, and what can be known is practically infinite. Worse, you not only expect us to go through it (reams of text and videos over an hour long), but to specifically respond to the material. Can't be done. Won't be done.

2) Keep one foot on the floor at all times. The rule refers to all games of pool, but for our purposes, it means “Maintain some sort of control over what you say, especially to to others, and how you say it. Avoid letting your passions get out of hand.” In that, be guided by 3) (below).

3) Follow The Golden Rule. No, not the one which goes “Who has the gold makes the rules.” Either formulation (the standard one or the Talmudic formulation “That which is annoying and distasteful to you…”) is acceptable, but one of these will be used, or you'll find there is a lot more than a conspiracy at work when all or part of your remark disappears, possibly accompanied by an online hiding! You absolutely don't want to be taken behind the digital woodshed. Not only will it be unpleasant, it will be public, too! In the entire history of JKI, there have been relatively few occasions in which it was necessary to come down hard on someone, but we can and will do it if the situation requires such drastic action. As certain government disinformation agents can ruefully attest, we mean business!

4) While the discussions will not be moderated in the usual sense, they will still be watched by us. There will be no automatic approval of your comments. Speaking of watching, we shall be vigilant when it comes to intrusions, trolls, flame war inciters and the like. We've been down this road before and are well aware of the government's playbook for screwing with the informational opposition. That would be us!

5) So whether it is conspiracy which floats your boat, 9/11 which gets your goat or the NWO conspiracy makes you want to scream, you now have a place to sound off while not derailing the primary discussion regarding my posts. Is there a coverup regarding UFOs, ETs, aliens? By all means discuss. If you're tired of gagging on chemtrails (part of HAARP), yet another Illuminati scheme; if you believe the Fed (Federal Reserve System) is privately owned and that the IRS is its collection arm; if you wish to raise concerns over DHS, FEMA and the dread camps, then here's the place. I've talked repeatedly about the CIA and NSA, but how much do you know about the doings of the AMA, Big Pharma and the FDA? How many suicides and natural deaths have really been murders or, in the case of high officials, dastardly conspiracies resulting in assassinations? Black projects, black programs and black ops form some of the (not well loved by many) bread and butter of this site, but there is so much more to learn and share. Break through the mind control, see things as they really are and help others to see for themselves! And don't forget cryptozoology: Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Champie and friends! Your OT comments on these and many other topics you find of JKI related interest ALL go in Comments immediately below.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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7 years ago

13 planes went missing from radar, 2 over Austria the rest in neighboring countries in Europe, on June 5th and 10th for 25 minutes. Germany and Czech Republic also had these problems.
Rueters Ukraine Timeline

1:00 am Sat.

7 years ago

How did this CNN team know ahead of time before events to set up for footage? This YT shows how targets are hit and these guys are there way before hand. Whatever happened to trying to stop people from being harmed, giving it your all to save them just by tell Syrian authorities to evacuate people. The smoke was very bad for even the reporters, so you will see. I would not want these guys as my friends or co-workers. Thank You.

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