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Colorado Fire–New Insights

Originally posted on July 15, 2012 @ 11:00 PM

Colorado Fire: A Weird Admixture of Natural and Unnatural Fire Phenomenology

Colorado fire

Fire Weather Lookout 1 July 2012 Image Credit: National Weather Service, NOAA

Colorado fire, now fortunately out following a torrential downpour on the heels of seemingly endless record heat and high winds, exhibited a bizarre blending of natural fire behavior and things that simply aren't explainable using even the limits of fire science. In between lie some things which look unnatural but have perfectly valid explanations.

Colorado Fire–Waldo Canyon's Burnt Houses, Saved Houses and Baffling Green Lawns

While it's clear not just to the writer, but to some of the readers here and the Liberation Forces, that very high tech skulduggery was employed by the Cabal/NWO (New World Order), the writer has learned, via his sister, Mary, who lives in the rural outskirts of Colorado Springs with her husband, Mike, of several angles which explain aspects of the Colorado fire which at first blush seemed ironclad evidence of scalar weapon employment and such.

In talking with her, the writer obtained perspectives on the Colorado fire only someone whose personally built home was in mortal peril could provide, to include cleaning up pine needles on the floor of the tinder dry pine forest in which sat their bone dry house, placing such needles in paper bags, then placing those “instant combustion specials” under plastic tarps to keep at least light cinders off such lovely fuel concentrations. According to Mary, one factor we nonlocals neglected to address was that such tony homes as we saw in the CNN pics of the Colorado fire have built-in lawn sprinklers, which is why we saw green grass when logic would lead us to expect otherwise. That was the case in residential areas, but Mary and Mike had no such protection, with their home situated in a small clearing and parched pine trees and pine needles running practically up to the doors.

Enter highly unusual fire propagation–the leaping fire and “candling.” The temperatures were not just record breaking in a relative sense, but also an absolute one, too. Temperatures in Colorado during the Colorado fire exceeded all previous records, which, when combined with relentless high winds, made fire containment a nightmare. The Colorado fire did not so much march across the land as explode from feature to feature, leaving greenbelts unscathed, patches of powder dry trees unaffected, some trees singed and others burnt to sticks and most houses in the path burnt to the ground, with a few surviving either through luck or prompt intervention to remove burning/about to burn “fire ladder” exterior wooden stairs. Rather than running across the ground, the fire leapt from tree to tree, tree to house, and so on. She and her husband came very close to having to evacuate and would likely have lost their home. A truly eye-opening conversation, especially since the writer lived there for months before moving to Texas! Where they bagged pine needles, the writer personally trimmed pine boughs and felled small trees for fire hazard abatement.

Colorado Fire–Cabal High Tech Crime Confirmed!

This Colorado fire story had “legs,” as evidenced by its rating an appreciative mention in the Daily Paul, Ron Paul's website. While it's nice to be acknowledged in this way, scsg's critique of the JKI Colorado fire piece was far more useful. It appeared on David Wilcock's blog Divine Cosmos on July 3rd.  The writer reproduces it here for purposes of analysis and education, claiming Fair Use. The writer's comments are in Italics.

scsg July 03, 2012 … I'd like to share this probably rather lengthy comment about the recent tragic fire in the Co. Spgs. area since this venue seems to be getting across to people who have (1) a brain, (2) empathy, (3) interest in the things I'm about to say. First of all, the tragedy was in that some homes were lost and evidently some lives were lost, but also, over 17,000 acres of forest land is still burning, that is just in the Waldo Canyon area.

Perfectly valid points at the time, fortunately rendered at least partially moot by the break in the weather, a break now believed to be at least partially attributable to actions by the Liberation Forces to abate the Colorado fire.

That doesn't take into account the other fires that are ongoing in the forest throughout the state. Also, part of the devastation is the fear this particular fire event has generated — not only human fear, but animals, too. Most of this state is forest and home to many wild animals who live near the communities that are here. They are terrified, too. You would not believe how some people have reacted to this here, just doing the craziest things out of fear.

Fear is ever the objective of the Dark Forces. The more fear there is, the easier it is to manipulate behavior, but what all too few realize is that there are Dark entities which feed on fear, preferably from sentient beings. The Colorado fire was glorious on the fear front.

I just checked Kettler's site about the Co Spgs Fire. Thanks to whoever wrote that here (can't seem to find the comment at the moment), I haven't checked that site for quite awhile. Kettler, I would say, pretty well hit the nail on the head: 1. The area of houses that were destroyed was right next to the Air Force Academy, which is an upscale neighborhood (though not multi-Million dollar homes, as Kettler alleges), where probably many of the brass and retirees from the Air Force Academy live, with whatever documents they have in their possession.

Fair call; should've checked that. My Colorado fire oops!

2. I noticed, too, like Kettler, that the homes burned very strangely, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. There could very well have been a scalar weapon used there — huge clouds of smoke obscuring the view and most everyone concentrating on evacuating. I say this not only because of the remains, but also batteries, rubber and plastic are all losing their coherence around here since the fire began last Saturday.

The disintegration described in this Colorado fire is a dead giveaway that something which attacks fundamental structure has been used. This is consistent from German disintegration beam weapon tests on 75 live rats in 1944 (reduced to a gas, per Farrell) to what seem to have been X-22A Dark Star antigravity disks firing did to the Iraqi armor and troops during Desert Storm (black goo on the desert floor), per a Marine general who viewed all kinds of imagery shot by his men.

This kind of thing happens pretty regularly here, at least once a year — the car battery, tires, remote batteries, phone batteries, elastic, garden hoses and the like, plastic bottles, etc. After driving back and forth during the evacuation, I now need new brake pads. I don't drive that much here and the brakes were just done a couple of years ago. (There are other things of like nature happening, too, this is just one example.) I knew this phenomenon with the batteries and rubber and such had to do with the military presence here, but was not really sure exactly what it was. Very possibly they test scalar weaponry here at least yearly.

The writer finds it rather remarkable that the Cabal would test their nasty toys in their own planned refuge, but then, lots of weird stuff happens in Colorado. Where else do you have Russian Spetsnaz (commandos) training then going to WalMart before going home, while Denver International Airport is a Freemasonic hotbed, an underground Federal detention center and the secret base for the X-37B?

Its funny, I got into an argument (a friendly argument) with the people who were letting me stay with them during the evacuation — an argument about 9/11. This was before those homes were very possibly hit with scalar weaponry. (Synchronicity? Insight? Higher self?) So many people here know that the gov't is causing these disasters to occur — 9/11, HAARP weather control/earthquakes, etc., etc., but for some reason don't believe the military has anything at all to do with that. Heads in the sand? Brainwashed? They know what's going on and they know who's doing it and yet adamantly profess the opposite.

Ah! America's favorite river–Denial!  The Cabal is grateful.

Co. Spgs. is the hugest military town I've ever been in. I don't like that part of living here, but I do love the area, lots of ancient history, wildlife and beautiful panoramic scenery here. Anyway … I already said in a comment before that this wildfire scenario seemed like a test, similar to the New Orleans disaster. Here's what is really weird about what has happened around here since “the fire,” a fire which actually pretty innocently began in a tourist area, an area where there have never been wildfires, and ended up raging into the worst fire disaster in the history of the state. I've heard from the MSM that the FBI is investigating?

Would feel more confidence in that Colorado fire “investigation” were the FBI not demonstrably and for decades under Cabal control! The FBI has dirty-red hands in the murders of  Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy, to name but three. “Scorched Earth” seems to be the real plan being carried out by a Cabal losing more visibly with each passing day. To those of us who study such things, it's beyond astounding to find the MSM covering the Bilderberger meeting, but it's real proof of major Cabal loss of control. To close the story of the Colorado fire on an appropriately bizarre note, the writer refers readers to this remarkable evidence of strangeness aloft and ignored.






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eileen hastings
eileen hastings
8 years ago

This got posted today on Rumor Mill News regarding recent break-ins In Waldo Canyon fire area. (No other source provided) Link; Snip “Aurora Shooting Follows Obama’s June 29 Co. Springs Visit. Aurora Shooter’s Air Force Psychiatrist, Implants, Clintons, 911 Attacks Obama/Soetoro, himself, had already issued, signed the declaration to release federal emergency funds for the wildfire disaster ahead of his visit. The wildfire was so massive it did disrupt activity on the Air Force Academy Campus there. The school had more than 2,100 persons evacuate 600 households in one housing area. It would be interesting to know how many… Read more »

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