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“China WILL Pay!” Vow Liberation Forces After China Says It Will Nuke Japan

LIberation Forces intervening against Chinese President Xi Jinping and CCP

Liberation Forces Outraged–President Xi Jinping and Chinese Communist Party Their Targets


Moments after my watching an clip. of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) video originally aired July 16. 2021 announcing Japan would be nuked continuously if it intervened militarily to prevent the Chine from retaking Taiwan, the Liberation Forces (positively aligned ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals here to free Earth and her people) contacted me out of the blue telepathically, with such force that both eyes welled instantly and tears shot out of my right eye and onto the lens of my glasses. As I've said publicly many times before, am a lifetime psychic, a telepath and a contactee, so much so that it's routine to telepathically speak with Members of the Liberation Forces several times a day, usually with the Da' Shen, vastly powerful brilliant former evil witches numbering in the millions who are fearsome warriors and master healers. It was the Da'Shen who contacted me, and their message was short, sharp and emphatic–“China WILL pay!” Please note that statement was NOT contingent on China's nuking Japan, but for publicly and emphatically stating it not only would nuke Japan, but do so preemptively. China's truly astounding and shocking declaration is unprecedented and certainly is since the end of the Cold War. Also, the correct interpretation of what the Da'Shen said is “China WILL and SHALL pay!” This was just now directly confirmed to me.

President Xi Jinping may think he has the Mandate of Heaven to rule the world. But does he? To retain the Mandate of Heaven, the supreme leader must be virtuous and act to the benefit of the nation as a whole. How was the Chinese created genetically engineered bioweapon COVID-19, which as of February 2020 reportedly killed over 50,000 Chinese (vs some 800 admitted fatalities), and locked down the populace for some six weeks, beneficial? As the peoples of the world gradually realize that China is the cause of the bottomless misery that COVID-19 was, is and likely will be for some time, especially given its ruthless exploitation by myriad globalist interests, China faces dire consequences for what is nothing less than a global Act of War. Legal liability is effectively unlimited, too.

The CCP is clearly pursuing a “War without War” strategy, and in that sense, COVID-19 is a master stroke, but that is also a game others can play. Not good for a national critically dependent on exports and the booming economy they make possible. How does repressing virtually every Chinese (many massively unhappy) via all but eliminating global internet access improve the nation, never mind a system of controls beyond the most insane imaginings of the most draconian emperor ever? Peasant uprisings are another bellwether of loss of the Mandate of Heaven. How does destroying Tibet's millennia old mystical culture and conducting genocide against Tibetans benefit the Chinese people, especially since, as I showed in my ebook UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics, that this has resulted in the transmission of Super Soldier level mystical abilities from the fleeing Tibetan monks to the Indian military? For a leader bent on nothing less than global domination, of necessity incorporating many faiths, is it a good idea for Xi Jinping to conduct genocide against his own ethnic minorities?

Xi Jinping's headlong drive to take over the South China Sea has created a huge backlash in the region, and globally, causing new alliances in opposition and a massive military buildup as a counter. China will have to respond to maintain its edge, and that will cost the nation dearly. As if all the above weren't enough to cast Xi Jinping's Mandate of Heaven claim in doubt, let's look at natural disasters, long deemed the prime signifiers of such loss. If so, China is awash, for real and figuratively, in the Henan Province, where the weather warning system failed utterly, a major city, Zhengzhou (population 12 million) has been paralyzed by a once-in-a-millennium torrential downpour, threatened a major reservoir, and put a 66 foot wide breach in a dam now on the verge of collapse. The severity of the dam problem may be gauged by noting the PLA (People's Liberation Army) rushed an entire division to the scene. To give some sense of what that means, this is half of the total infantry western analysts expect to be used to capture Taiwan! And as far as disasters go, Zhengzhou is by no means the only city affected, at least one bridge has been damaged (looks badly broken to me), and Henan Province is important to China's manufacturing (thus, exports), agriculture and culture.

Earthquakes are another major indicator of loss of the Mandate of Heaven.

In May of 2021, China suffered a Magnitude 6.o which caused fatalities. That same day, China barely avoided the kind of quake that would flatten a major city, a 7.4. Fortunately for Xi Jinping, the locals and China as a whole, it struck in the middle of nowhere but was felt from as far as 540 miles away. To provide some sense of the powers involved, per the KKI (Kelly Kiloton Index), a Magnitude 6.0 is the energy release equivalent of a 1-megaton nuclear detonation (Hiroshima no more than 0.15 megaton), and a Magnitude 7.4 is 125 megatons. That's just over 6 20-megaton bombs, the largest the US ever produced for aircraft delivery.

Overall, it appears there is a solid, maybe even rock solid, case that, if Xi Jinping ever had the Mandate of Heaven, he has, in fact, lost it. But now, he's gone so far that he and his ilk  have earned the well-deserved wrath of the Liberation Forces for him, the Chinese Communist Party, the People's Liberation Army, the Ministry of State Security and his nation. He really should've known better, for history is plain on the capabilities of the the ETs/EDs. They include: jamming fire control and other electronics, locking out ICBM launch controls (preventing missile launches), remotely retargeting ICBMs,  downing aircraft, disappearing aircraft, crews or both, shooting down an ICBM during boost phase and destroying a SAM site by hard kill. These are all verifiable with modest levels of research online.

As for the Liberation Forces they have, exclusively revealed here on JKI (in posts since mysteriously vanished): invaded Area 51's S4 and carried off recovered ET/ED craft, bodies and related US tech, invaded Ramstein Air Base in Germany and made off with a 1960s vintage robotic flying Doomsday weapon jam packed with A-Bombs, disappeared a US a B-2A Stealth Bomber and crew (presumably to examine a craft awash in ET/ED and other advanced tech and interrogate the crew) as it lifted off the runway at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, disappeared a multi-hundred vessel Iranian attack on tankers under escort (attackers armed with everything from AKs to cruise missiles) in mid-attack, in full view of merchant vessels, naval vessels and embedded video journalists, sunk a NWO-controlled Israeli Navy ex-French ballistic missile rearmed with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles (then removed by the missiles and the entire reactor), and savaged the IRBM (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile) force of the People's Liberation Army, so badly that several hundred personnel believed to be involved in destroying the missiles were executed. All of these things were confirmed by proven high level spook sources.

Given the above, and the incredible centralization of control in China, what sort of damage could the enraged Liberation Forces do? They could 1) permanently immobilize China's amphibious warfare capability (optionally destroying the ships, landing craft, hovercraft and helicopters outright), 1a. do the same across the entire Chinese navy,  especially submarines and aircraft carriers or carrier hybrids,  2) destroy China's long range Area Denial combined SAM and antiballistic missile system covering the South China Sea, clearing the way for friendly fighter, strike and support aircraft to operate unhindered to protect Taiwan (including strikes against China, if needed), 3) destroy China's carrier-busting DF-21 ballistic missiles, clearing the way for aircraft carrier operations, 4) permanently dud every Chinese nuke or simply take all of them, 5) ground the Chinese air force, in whole or in part–or simply destroy it by frying everything electrical and electronic on the aircraft, 5) destroy munition storage over a large or small area (hard to fight without missiles, bombs, rockets, shells and cartridges), 5a) do the same to weapon manufacturing plants,  6) attack Xi Jinping and the CCP indirectly with that proven dictatorship destroyer, truth, by knocking out China's national internet firewall (Great Firewall) and its offensive counterpart (Great Cannon), 7) attack Xi Jinping and the CCP indirectly through disrupting, taking over or destroying electronic communications, 8) disrupt, take over or destroy some or all Chinese satellites, 8a) block any and all replacement launches, 9) deprive China of its antigravity craft (yes, antigravity craft) and all related facilities, 10) seize the Chinese airwaves and broadcast the truth, including comprehensively outing the entire Chinese elite: Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party, the People's Liberation Army senior leaders, Ministry of State Security, industrialists, etc., 11) neutralize, destroy or disappear China's entire non-nuclear WMD stockpile: bioweapons, toxins, chemical, radiological, etc. 12) disable, carry off or destroy China's tanker fleet, 13) disrupt, cripple or cleanly destroy Chinese refineries, whether one, several, regionally or even country-wide, 14) neutralize or destroy every Chinese artificial island base, harbor and barrier in the South China Sea, 15) neutralize or destroy every Chinese vessel, crew and military, paramilitary or spook personnel carrying out provocations, intimidation and/or harm against China's smaller and generally weaker neighbors ref territory, people, buildings, installations, vessels, etc,. fishing rights, oil, gas and mineral rights, etc., 16) enforce Freedom of Navigation, and 17) disrupt, neutralize or cleanly destroy Chinese GOPLATs (Gas and Oil Platforms) in the South China Sea.

Comprehensive as the above list might seem, it's but the iceberg tip of the options available to the Liberation Forces, and they aren't the only players. Japan has a big nasty high tech samurai sword in the form of its own covertly produced version of the monster SS-18/SATAN MIRVed (Multiple Independently Targetable Re-Entry Vehicles) ICBM, complete with nuclear warheads. Just one such missile could utterly destroy China as a modern country, let alone a super power. No, I'm not high on Tom Clancy novels, just solid specific detailed info from proven high level US spooks. Interestingly, this is one of many important (world exclusive) JKI posts which has mysteriously vanished from the internet. Japan, one of the premier scientific, technical, engineering and manufacturing countries of the world, has long had its own stockpile of hardware from recovered UFOs. In fact, it caused a major MJ-12 (the murderous US UFO control group) panic decades ago when it was going to put real deal alien hardware (and maybe bodies) on display in a new museum in Japan.  Getting replicas substituted in that museum reportedly cost the US giving Japan Most Favored Nation trade tatus. It's entirely reasonable to posit Japan could well have alien-derived, or maybe even alien-supplied, weaponry.

Japan has BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense), to at least some degree, via the US-supplied AEGIS missile system and latest missiles at sea and the Patriot Missile System on land, also with the latest missiles. Used expression “some degree” because it's uncertain how many inbound missiles could be handled if saturation tactics are used by the Chinese. Nor would it take nukes to do vast amounts of damage to Japan in such attacks, especially with the benefit of Beidou GPS equivalent guidance for precision strikes. Both systems are also fully capable SAM systems, too.

Space based weaponry exists that could ruin Chinese ambitions with ease, and several nations could wade in to help with their own antigravity craft, armed with all sorts of weaponry, including disintegration beams, craft which would simply be seen by the casual observer as UFOs. Several nations could also use exotic energy weapons against China, some of which could bring yet more devastating weather there. Such weaponry could also be used to trigger earthquakes and bring down the power grid. China is highly vulnerable to eathquakes, but it has a critical point that could end China as we know it for centuries: the gigantic Three Gorges Dam, the largest in the world and the largest producer of hydrolelectric power in the world. This dam of dams was built, and not well (leaking and bowing), in a seismically active zone and triggered earthquakes as the reservoir filled. If it goes, naturally or with help, a great chunk of Chima will be inundated, wiping out all in its path, possibly clear to Shanghai, starting with a 300-foot high artificial tsunami, in a region with 400 million of China's 1.4 billion people. Here's what a Chinese engineer reports, based on a best case computer simulation of the dam's breaking. All in its path consists of much of the heart of China, including the home garrisons of many PLA divisions, air bases for the PLAAF (People's Liberation Army Air Force), agriculture, manufacturing, cultural sites, even homes of the Chinese elite.

The Way Out And Forward

President Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party, the People's Liberation Army and the Ministry of State Security have put themselves and China on a headlong path to destruction–against the tide of history, the people of the world, and now, the Liberation Forces! As I was wrapping up this post, the Da'Shen chimed in with the way to end Xi Jinping's race to destruction–“Time to free the Chinese People!”



This post was written in the face of intense energetic opposition by the Dark, forcing seemingly endless fixes occasioned by brain fog, blurred vision, typos, mental confusion, repeated attempts to knock me out, software issues with WordPress, screen freezes, drafts that didn't update, forcing passage reconstruction and on and on. These and more tell me this message must be delivered, and it shall be done!



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Muhib Awan
4 months ago

Hi you have been silent on the vaccines and if they pose a threat. Are all vaccine makers bad? What is in these jabs and should I avoid them??

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