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#cellphoneattack URGENT!!! Part 2

Originally posted on November 27, 2016 @ 8:36 PM

#cellphoneattack spawner via expanded MKULTRA? Image Credit: CIA official seal--USG via Wikimedia Commons

#cellphoneattack spawner via expanded MKULTRA? Image Credit: CIA official seal–USG via Wikimedia Commons

#cellphoneattack This Means You!

#cellphoneattack again, this time with a fresh and multiply horrifying case. Why multiply? The target has been hit not once, but repeatedly over time, whereas the case which gave rise to my first post, which sounded the tocsin call about #cellphoneattack, covered one attack, once. Her handle is anje, and so she shall stay until she explicitly permits me to do otherwise. Her case, detailed in Comments for my first #cellphoneattack post (link above), and resulting plight are instructive and highly provocative. Why? The aggregate picture which emerges is of someone who was and is the target of all manner of electronic harassment–for reasons wholly unknown at present. The attacks she so eloquently describes could've easily killed her–indirectly or directly!

Electronic harassment/electronic torture may sound ridiculous or even crazy to the uninformed/easily threatened/unwilling to face horrifying realities, but it is as real as any of your grown-while-gestating body parts. If you don't find this 2007 Washington Post article on electronic harassment a real eye-opener, then please have someone check to see whether you have a pulse. And if that hasn't commanded your attention, then I suggest you look at a successful suit against someone who said he was going to administer “shocks” to the victim for failing to agree to a business deal. If you look in the sidebar of this important link, you will see a wealth of material on electronic harassment–in a bunch of languages.

People, this isn't just a US problem. It is a global problem! The 3000+ comments below the article make ghastly, heartbreaking reading. I know, because I read part of one near the top and am practically in tears! Still not convinced? Maybe it's time to read for yourself what the people on the inside, some of whom helped develop these technologies, or are professionally familiar with what's out there, have to say.

#cellphoneattack It's in Your Head! So Says the Shrink Manual

From the above link, you should now understand how the sick game is played, but you need additionally to understand the PTB/NWO controls, via the secret and highly influential Skull and Bones, (for that, see Antony Sutton's trailblazing America's Secret Establishment) the APA (American Psychiatric Association). The APA publishes the handbook known as the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). It's the standard reference a shrink uses to officially determine what's going on in your head (sanity or insanity, degree, whether or not you're a threat, etc.) before arriving at a clinical diagnosis and course of treatment.

The APA did away with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) because that was altogether too close to the CIA's justly notorious MK-ULTRA mind control and other nastiness, replacing it with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Rest assured, the DSM has diagnoses  waiting for those who report electronic harassment, too. See how the system is rigged by the very same people who are ruining lives, driving people mad, causing them to kill or killing them via electronic harassment/electronic torture?

anje's Terrible Situation in Context

What has happened to anje, and to some degree, her family as well, must be seen against the grim reality I've just described. #cellphoneattack and other attacks via personal electronics are but a higher tech version of electronic attack methods used over landline phones nearly two decades ago, in the case of one person I know and trust.

#cellphoneattack Summing Up & Pulling No Punches

Let me be as blunt as possible: Electronic harassment/electronic torture can/has been/is being used to do everything from causing inconvenience, life disruption, whole or partial health ruin, insanity or even death. It can also incite violence, especially among the weak minded, those without good impulse control.  Not only have I read this in several places in my own research, but it was directly confirmed to me by thoroughly proven spook sources.

anje, sad to say, via #cellphoneattack in the larger sense, is but one among multitudes on this sad sad planet of deliberately imposed misery. That is a separate discussion. My heart goes out to anje and every single person victimized, not just by those doing these beastly things, but especially the ones pulling the strings.

What's happened and is happening to anje can be done by governments, corporations or even tech savvy individuals of one stripe or another. Everyone's vulnerable. This means you!!!

Part 3 will be published on subscriber-only JKI/SA. Though postponed by this vital new case, it will address the issue of how these attacks affect and can even kill our astral bodies, the informing energy structure that keeps our physical bodies alive.


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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