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#cellphoneattack URGENT!!! Part 1

Originally posted on October 3, 2016 @ 11:20 PM


#cellphoneattack  Your favorite device can injure or kill you–remotely!

#cellphoneattack Researcher remotely zapped by phone! New attack method can injure or kill. Charge down ~ 70% instantly.

The above was my initial warning to anyone bucking the PTB, (such as the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, other alphabet soup agencies, NWO) or anyone else with the requisite software skills, that your cell can be used to attack you remotely.  Just so we're clear, I'm not talking about hacking your phone. I'm talking about using your phone as an energy weapon against you! Such a #cellphoneattack can injure or kill, directly or indirectly.

This isn't some theoretical discussion! It happened recently to someone working on a controversial  project with me–right after that person had hung up! According to the target of the dreadful #cellphoneattack, “My stomach turned upside down” and “It's a good thing I was sitting down at the time. Had I not been sitting down, I would've collapsed to the ground.” The victim, who was laid up for many hours after the attack,  went on to describe how his/her abdominal muscles all went into agonizing total contraction in an instant. Subsequent information revealed they were still sore some 24 hours later.

Particulars of the #cellphoneattack & Estimated Method Used

At the time of the attack, the target had his/her cell in hand while sitting, with the phone held out in front about 6″ of the stomach.  In light of what happened, if I'm right, it's a damn good thing it wasn't positioned next to that person's ear!  How does #cellphoneattack work?

The dead giveaway lies in that precipitous battery charge drop as part of the #cellphoneattack I reported. Somehow, the cell abruptly delivered ~70% of the total battery charge to the transmitter on the phone, resulting in a walloping instantaneous NT (non-thermal) MW (microwave) dose to the victim's body. That term means it was an RF (radio frequency) dose which didn't heat up the tissue affected as, say, a microwave oven does food. For the longest time, the government, the Pentagon and the cell phone industry argued that if there wasn't actual tissue heating, then no biological effects were possible. This wasn't true, and it was the Russians during the Cold War who led the way in showing that NT microwave emissions did indeed have biological effects. They continue to do so, as seen here in this important November 2005 scientific paper, “Non-thermal Effects Biological Effects of Microwaves”  by Igor Belyaev, whose scientific credentials are impressive and directly apply to this topic. His penetrating analysis ran in Microwave News. Worse, the Air force knew NT MW was an issue in 1988! Found this on EMF Facts Consultancy. Excerpt (Bold mine) is from from that link and is presented under Fair Use.

Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review

Scott M. Bolen. Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review. Rome Laboratory. Air Force Material Command. Griffiss Air Force Base, NY. June, 1988.


Exposure to RF/MW radiation is known to have a biological effect on living organisms. Research conducted over the past 30 years has provided a basis for understanding the effect of irradiation of biological materials. Experimental evidence has shown that exposure to low intensity radiation can have a profound effect on biological processes. The nonthermal effects of RF/MW radiation exposure are becoming important measures of biological interaction with EM fields. Modem RF/MW radiation protection guides have sought to account for the effects of low level radiation exposure. Adherence to the ANSI Standard [9] should provide protection against harmful thermal effects and help to minimize the interaction of EM fields with the biological processes of the human body [9]. It is essentially the absorption of RF/MW energy that causes stress and trauma to biological systems. The greatest amount of energy will be absorbed when the incident radiation is emitted at the resonance frequency of biological material [9], [22]. In this regard, RF/MW radiation emitted at non-resonant frequencies should be absorbed to the greatest extent when the radiating mode is a pulsed signal. The generation of such signals creates transient responses that will match the resonant frequencies of biological materials.

Non-resonant pulsed RF/MW radiation may be more harmful to living organisms than CW [continuous wave] radiation emitted at non-resonant frequencies.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz, who wrote the article, said in his commentary on the above report summary:

The above review demonstrates that the U.S. Air Force understood the risks of exposure to non-thermal levels of microwave radiation in 1988. Yet in 1996, the FCC adopted regulatory standards created by industry and the military that failed to protect the public from these non-thermal risks. Eighteen years later the same inadequate standards persist. These standards not only fail to protect users from non-thermal exposure to microwave radiation, they do not protect users from the greater risks observed in this 1988 US Air Force review of the science from exposure to the pulsed signals later utilized by cell phone and Wi-Fi technologies.

Meanwhile In the past few decades, almost every society on the planet has become dependent upon microwave radiation for communication. It’s no wonder that the experts who studied the effects of microwave radiation for decades and witnessed the gross negligence and malfeasance exhibited by governments to address the health and safety risks of microwave technologies, are pessimistic that we will ever control this environmental toxin.

The material I presented shows conclusively NT microwave biological effects are real and a matter of valid concern. Now that I have your attention, I wish you to ponder on what sort of havoc can ensue if, instead of a chronic and, relatively tiny dose, the victim gets hit with the maximum power the transmitter side of the phone can broadcast.

My Background As It Applies To This Issue

I spent over 11 years in military aerospace as a professional analyst of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Microwave effects on people and weaponry were part of my beat, and I was a co-founder of the DEWWG (Directed Energy Weapon Working Group) at what was then Rockwell International NAAO (North American Aerospace Operations), now part of Boeing. The DEWWG addressed three types of energy weapons: lasers, HPMs (High Power Microwaves) and PBs (particle beams.) As part of my work, I spent a fair amount of time taking a close look at how the Russians addressed microwave radiation hazards, and it soon became clear to me that the Russian understanding of the biological effects of microwave hazards went far beyond those of the US and explicitly recognized NT MW effects, leading to very tough exposure standards. These included an explicit prohibition on microwave ovens! Why? Microwave ovens, even ones in good repair, emit MW radiation, as described in the link below. The situation is much worse if the MW gasket is in any way compromised.

The Russian MW exposure limit is 5 X lower than that of the US!

Radiation Exposure 101

In evaluating #cellphone attack, it is important to note how the instantaneous powerful transmission into the victim's body relates to the overall understanding of assessing total dose received. With regard to this matter, non-ionizing MW radiation dose is calculated on the basis of three things: how much, area radiated and duration, exactly as is ionizing radiation, the kind that triggers Geiger counters.

We've already established NT MW exposure can cause damaging biological effects, that chronic exposure is worse and that we are effectively, via cell phones, Wi-Fi and other things, immersed in a MW sea. Not good at all. That is positively benign compared to what happened to the #cellphoneattack victim. That poor person got the full brunt of what the phone could produce–all at once and at very close range. Since the phone was very close to the stomach, the abdominal region bore the worst of the attack, but the transmission was omnidirectional. This means the entire front of the target was irradiated, to whatever depth the MW emissions could penetrate. The strength of the impacting MW falls off as 1/R*2, where R is Range. Calculations would be based on milliwatts per steradian. A steradian is the solid angle of a sphere. In this situation, as applied to the victim's body, it would appear to to be a shallow wide-angled cone, with the cell's antenna as the origin.

Now, I have no information on what is termed the ERP (Effective Radiated Power) = the actual signal strength emitted from the antenna is for an Android smartphone when pretty much the entire battery charge is squeezed down to something of the order of a few microseconds. Here, we desperately need the help of the MW engineering and scientific people, the cell phone specialists, techno geeks and the hackers.  We first need to determine the mechanism which can remotely trigger such an extreme burst transmission and find a way to prevent it. We need to establish the burst ERP. There is also a great need for information on what frequencies and signal waveforms could trigger the acute abdominal organ effects and full torso instant extreme muscular contractions. But what really needs to be addressed–yesterday– is the worst case phone to the ear scenario. The biological, biomedical and medical community may be able to help with identifying and explaining the various effects, as might people from the defense side of things, civilian or military, whether active or retired. No NDA can cover crime, FBI Director Comey's outrageous practices notwithstanding!

As it happens, I can provide some pertinent data on already existent NT weapons and their effects!

Pain Field Generators

Quite some time ago, before he violated the tenets of clinical practice many times and wound up going to jail for having sex with female patients, psychologist Dr. Richard Boylan decided to go investigate Area 51 and other spooky locations in an effort to determine whether or not the numerous stories about them had any basis in fact. He embarked on what he called the “Grand Tour.” Please pay close attention to this excerpt.

“The Grand Tour” – Earth Saucers and Star Wars
Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.(c) 1992


From Tonopah I drove east 15 miles on U.S. 6 to the turnoff to the Tonopah Test Range. The entrance sign misleadingly gives the impression that they test small rockets there. But after driving 12 miles south on the entrance road I came to a huge sprawling base operated not by the Department of Defense but rather by Sandia National Laboratories for the Department of Energy (DOE). “Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) is AT&T”, according to SNL public information officer Joanne Pigg. (Personal communication, 04/20/92.) Yes, AT&T is the corporation behind the application of physics research to Star Wars weapons. When AT&T reaches out to touch someone, it may be with one of their electromagnetic pulse weapons.

By the front gate are 30 huge two-story buildings where Test Range workers are headquartered. Through binoculars (7X35 power) I could see downrange five miles where an equally large additional buildings complex was located. To the south and east extend hundreds of square miles for operational testing of DOE weapons, such as electromagnetic pulse, particle beam, tactical fusion (Leonard Stringfield, in The UFO Report, T. Good, ed.) and laser. Strategic nuclear weapons are tested 100 miles farther south at another DOE facility, the Nevada Test Site, while U.S.-made saucers are test-flown 100 miles southeast, over the Groom and Papoose Lakes bases.

The guards at the Tonopah Test Range were not dressed in military or police uniform, but rather wore desert camouflage jumpsuits with a cryptic shoulder patch reading “ASI-SWAT”. A military convoy was let through the gate and headed downrange. When I approached the main gate on foot, the two guards were surly and aggressively poised. They carried strange weapons which I have never seen before, although I am familiar with the appearance of U.S. and international military, police and elite-unit weapons, as found in, for example, Soldier of Fortune magazine. Their weapons looked like a fat, black, cylindrical oversized rifle stock (about 5″ diameter), about a yard long, but no barrel or muzzle at the end. Not wanting to experience this weapon pointed any closer to me, I accepted their refusal to let me pass through, and retreated.

The weapon Dr. Boylan, who is a weapon buff, saw is called, according to highly sensitive military-intelligence insider sources, a Pain Field Generator. One of my contacts, a big, strong tough commando type, decided to see what it was all about many years ago on a classified visit to the Tonopah facility. Here's what I was told.

“It dropped me. It felt as if my whole body was on fire.” Asked how long the effects lasted, the response was “A few seconds, and I never want to go through that again!”

This information should serve to illustrate what was already in use in 1992! With this in mind, is any sane person prepared to argue the government/s, certain defense firms and perhaps hackers lack the technical understanding and device mastery to turn our own cell phones into #cellphoneattack devices if desired?  Obviously they can.

Recall the victim of #cellphoneattack clearly stated collapse would've occurred except he/she was sitting. Understand I'm not saying here the weapons the guard had at Tonopah work the same way as the unfortunate researcher who is the subject of this post. but I do want my readers to note the collapse aspect common to both accounts. Wham! Incapacitated.

In Part 2 I shall show you phone attack predates cell phones. I shall do this by presenting the direct experience of someone who was hit and will show you the attack was directly tied to discussing something the PTB didn't want discussed. That attack will then form my springboard for discussing what nothing so far has: the devastating effects #cellphone attack and landline attack can have on the bio-electric field/Qi/auras. These are the energetic structures which inform and externalize in the body. Simplistically put, damage those, hurt or even kill the person! This is the method used in dim mak AKA the death touch in martial arts.

#cellphoneattack Summation

It is real. It has already been used and caused considerable injury to the victim. There is a solid scientific and weapon basis for non-thermal microwave effects. Cell phones generate NT MW.  There clearly is a method to generate an enormous exceedingly short and powerful burst transmissions from cell phones. It is imperative some way be developed and fielded on a crash basis to stop further attacks!

A Call To Action!!!

We're all vulnerable to #cellphoneattack, and things aren't going to get better until you wake up, start notifying everyone you know and raising hell via calls (use speaker phone, please),  letters, social media (help #cellphoneattack go viral), the internet in general (break it–this is infinitely more important than Kim Kardashian' s butt), protests, any and all cooperating media, MSM or not, posts, articles,  not to mention deluging the various government/s and other entities which can either help directly or can apply suasion, perhaps legal or criminal sanctions. #cellphoneattack is nothing less than a crime against humanity and deserves to be treated as such! I specifically ask Anonymous to look into this matter, since it is a huge, real and deadly threat to pretty much all of us in the world.

The people who know the truth of what's happening need to somehow find a way to get the word out so this ghastly stuff can be definitively exposed and stopped. I welcome any and all submissions, anonymous or not, from such people and will report further #cellphoneattack cases when received.

I fully expect this post will cause a firestorm in a bunch of places (CIA, NSA, CIA, DIA, Pentagon, etc.) whose denizens (and their foreign counterparts) routinely monitor my site. Some there will be shocked to learn of #cellphoneattack, some enraged that I'm trumpeting it to the world and others delighted to see the horrors of #cellphone attack (and soon those behind it) exposed to its gigantic and outraged target–us!

END Part 1

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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4 years ago

Ok, fourth time. I have this happen to my heart, it’s terrifying. I’ve collapsed to the floor, it’s my heart, it feels like someone is squeezing my heart. I can’t breathe, I swear I’m dying but I can’t talk, the pain is intense and severe. I can’t even crawl, I literally collapse. I’m exhausted for hours afterward, I’m weak for days, afraid I’ll collapse in public and look crazy. The thing is that I’ve got no heart condition. It’s not a panic attack, it’s the most squeezing, sickening, cramping pain. It’s exhausting. I’m completely immobilized. My girlfriend’s seen it happen.… Read more »

4 years ago

It’s like a person can’t win. We don’t have a microwave for this reason. I’ve gotten rid of the tv because I swear to god it’s somehow watching us. It makes noises when it’s not on, I hear clicks and static, all kinds of sound. It sounds crazy, I know it does, but we’ve had the same thing with our cell phones. Those actually were bugged. They’d stay on even after we’d turn them off. We had to replace them. I point them and our tablets away and keep them at a distance because I swear they build pressure in… Read more »

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