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Cannibalism and Hollywood Area Elites

Originally posted on April 7, 2019 @ 4:38 PM

Do NOT watch “Adrenochrome” trailer while eating or drinking!

Cannibalism Is REAL, And It's One Of Hollywood's Deepest And Darkest Secrets–Starting With Human Sacrifice!

The genesis of this post comes from this head spinner

There’s a Cannibal Club in Los Angeles

Yes, cannibalism and fine dining at that! If you've been paying attention, the cannibalism telltales have been there all along, including John Podesta's enthusiasm over walnut sauce, damningly revealed in a Wikileaks trove of emails, and reported widespread use of Adrenochrome, which is simultaneously the ultimate high and age reversing! Let me be clear, walnut sauce is derived from the pineal gland of humans being terrorized, tortured and typically ritually murdered before removal, and Adrenochrome is taken from the adrenal glands by the same methods. The latter is unforgettably presented in the mind-boggling controversial film “Adrenochrome,” which is available on Amazon Prime (trailer above) but was forced to go indie in order to get shown in movie theaters. The even more specific and elite exposing “Adrenochrome 2” was under concerted attack, last I heard, to block distribution outright. Fresh blood from children raped, terrified and tortured also has Adrenochrome in it and is a favored beverage.

This appalling video goes into considerable detail and should NOT be watched while eating or drinking. Please note that based on other information, I don't agree that the pineal gland is producing Adrenochrome. It produces its own elixir, if you will. The pineal gland is also the biological expression of the Third Eye of mystics, that which enables perception and awareness beyond this reality. By amazing coincidence (yeah, right) almost ubiquitous water fluoridation here in the US calcifies it ever more over time. Being Third Eye Blind is NOT a good thing.


Tried to send the Bolded item to the article's original source, Fellowship of the Minds, and here's what I found. Bold mine.

Saw your horrifying article via a sanctioned use on True Conservative Pundit and came over here to verify link was correct and so forth. Have long known about Adrenochrome and Walnut Sauce, and photos of a party had a blatant cannibalism related theme, too. Q, QAnon, #QAnon has repeatedly alluded to this, too, including posting a photo from inside the event–which children attended! 

After reading the article, I tried viewing the links below the bottom of it. Not one worked. In my former as an intelligence analyst and student of spy matters, anything over twice constituted a pattern, and you have twelve (12) in a row, not to mention many in your article proper. Taken in toto, this is so far away from random chance I lack the words, and strongly suspect deliberate cyber measures have been used to somehow dead end following those damning links. “Adrenochrome” is now on Amazon Prime but was so heavily suppressed in its theater release it had to go indie for distribution, Its sequel, “Adrenochrome 2,” is under heavy attack to prevent ANY release.

Thought you should know.

It should be clear by now that multiple entities can and do severely interfere with internet usage. As you've seen, this story is explosive and can't be allowed to be easily verified online. How to contain it? Google wreaks untold havoc by suppressing or minimizing whole categories of things in searches. JKI has been derated to the point where posts which used to command the top of the first page have been relegated to many pages back, thereby effectively becoming invisible. Traffic to a site can be suppressed or added, and it's not at all unheard of to redirect traffic, block links and more.  The odds against twelve (12) links in a row on one page alone ALL being dead are astronomic, therefore no accident. Another good one is that you try to tweet someone's useful post, only to find the Send button is grayed out, rendering it useless.

This has been a ghastly post but a necessary one. I hope that you will use it to educate and inform other people you know, for the revelations have already begun, via the arrests of Harvey Weinstein, then of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, the founder and right hand woman, respectively of NXIVM, which was involved in… Please see the indictment here. It's an impressive list and sickening list of crimes charged, including sex trafficking, slavery and kidnapping. There is a direct connection to elite circles via the Bronfman sisters, who are heirs to what most would know as the Seagrams fortune. QAnon reported she's a cooperating witness and was singing like the proverbial canary. That may have changed, though, for she now has a team of crack criminal lawyers, apparently provided by the Salinas drug cartel. For quite the read on all things NXIVM, please see the Frank Report, where there is a superabundance of reporting and commentary on the myriad aspects of the case, as well as New York crimes charged separately.


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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3 months ago

Thank you for making this public. I already knew this but I needed a site like this to educate my friends.

3 months ago

Go to the market and buy this 🧠: it will help you very hard to understand whar is permissible and what is not!

Last edited 3 months ago by Bebop
2 years ago

I was a counselor at a summer camp for the rich kids from Long Island New York New Jersey area. The camp was in Maine called Vega. It lasted 8 weeks drop off for parents so they could work the whole summer without being bothered by offspring. Under the main house in the basement the director set up a scary night where all the campers had to witness cannibals eating a human head on a platter. People were desensitized to this sort of thing as normal. When I saw it I got a sick feeling in my stomach and led… Read more »

2 years ago

It’s a nasty business.

There have always been zombie type movies. They have increased a lot in recent years. Pushing an agenda no doubt to normalise this stuff.

Two examples of this include the Katy Perry song called “Bon Appetit” where she is being served up to be eaten. There is also the Netflix ‘comedy’ Santa Clarissa Diet in which eating humans is meant to be funny. Predictive programming at its worst.

The best thing about television is the off button

2 years ago

There is a song the children of a friend were listening to as we arrived. All the young ones were being silly dancing around the kitchen with their pets cats when I overheard the words to their song. I am a cannibal was the title here it is it just came out and children are unknowingly being programmed to be cannibals.

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