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Breaking! Da’Shen Comms Attacked Last Week. Was Collateral Myself.

Surprise Attack Against Da' Shen Comms


Last week, while I was in a telepathic conversation with them, the Da' Shen  of the Liberation Forces (positively aligned ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) here to free Earth and her people) were attacked by an unknown foe, with sufficient force for me to lose the call mid sentence, Was able to reconnect for a few seconds, followed by a disconnect so complete that I was shown the equivalent of a huge billboard neon sign saying OUT OF ORDER. Got the exact same result when I reached out to several senior leaders of the Liberation Forces. In years of dealing with the Da' Shen, nothing like this had ever happened before. On several occasions, though, I had been telepathically told by the Da' Shen they were tied up on something and to call back in a given time.

Neither the Da' Shen nor I knew an attack had occurred, but by the time we next spoke, some eight hours later, that had been determined. The Da' Shen described its effects as being “like heavy jamming”, referring to Earth type EW (Electronic Warfare).

In order to properly appreciate the significance of this attack, you need to understand that telepathy is the standard means of person-to-person, person-to-animal and even person-to-planet communication (several times experienced directly as an Earth sensitive) throughout the Omniverse. Piles of accounts from alien contactees, some going back millennia, reflect this,  and as a psychic myself, telepath and more, this is routine for me. The video above is overall first rate, but she does not understand that telepathic communication can be profoundly hostile. Have experienced it myself in a number of contexts.

But in order to properly appreciate the magnitude of this bolt from the blue strike, you need to know the Da' Shen are compromised of millions and millions of super powerful former evil witches who somehow switched polarity from being negatively aligned to positively aligned and highly valued members of the Liberation Forces.

It has been the repeated experience of Ground Contingent (people with a direct familial connection to one or more members of the Liberation Forces) and those in contact with, and supporting the Liberation Forces, such as myself, that military and other actions many dimensions away can have profound effects here. This time, rather than the ahem, usual (and wildly variable) intense pain, sorrow, energetic discombobulation and more, I not only lost comms with the Da' Shen, but with myself!

John Kettler–Collateral From That Higher Dimensional Surprise Attack

This was unprecedented and disturbing initially, but soon grew into something pretty scary, since, in a very real sense, I could no longer talk to either my Higher Self or my Inner Child. Was deeply and profoundly isolated and unsure I'd be able to reconnect with them or with the Liberation Forces at all. Happily, connections were restored in around eight terrestrial hours or about 56 hours for the Da' Shen. As you might imagine, such a period of massive and crippling comm disruption was a very big deal indeed and is most searchingly being addressed by the Da' Shen, fearsome warriors in their own right, but more so by the top echelons of the military of the Liberation Forces proper. Shall report on further developments as and when able and/or authorized to disclose further information.


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Muhib Awan
2 months ago

Also, have you heard of the protoi lightwarriors? They claim similar things to you saying how bad evil is. If not you should connect to them as they offer powerful healing and support. Let’s fight this war as a team!

Muhib Awan
2 months ago

Hey I have been reading your blog for years and I am fascinated and horrified at the info. Can you do more on the ET earth liberation situation? I heard the Saturn moon matrix got taken down by Patti Brassard group. Also are you aware of the silver legion and tanaath? She claims evil is a fractal virus that was inserted into our universe during its inception.

Arnold black
Reply to  John Kettler
1 month ago

Can you give me a hint or tell me about this incident? Here is website or the protoi. Very good info:

Last edited 1 month ago by Arnold black
Arnold black
Reply to  John Kettler
1 month ago

Was this event positive or negative?

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