BEK - Black Eyed Kids - A Threat Assessment by John Kettler - Book Cover BEK - A Threat Assessment, John Kettler's shocking new expose of the "black eyed kids" phenomena, is now available in paperback and thru the Kindle Unlimited program for FREE! A review on Amazon would be greatly appreciated.  CLICK HERE to CHECK IT OUT!

Black Eyed Children/Kids Real & Deadly, Says My New ebook!

Be they Black Eyed Children or Black Eyed Kids, either way, don't let them in! Image Credit: Author unknown but found on

Black Eyed Childen/Black Eyed Kids–Why You Want to Buy (and Devour) My Shocking New ebook

While the received wisdom in many quarters is that Black Eyed Children (BEC) or Black Eyed Kids (same horrors by either name) are crazy imaginings, the result of taking too many and/or the wrong drugs, urban myth or ghosts, there are people out there who've had altogether too real encounters with them, and some are no longer here to tell the tale! Others have had everything from unease to disease (as in health issues), and some (including me) have been thoroughly traumatized. Whether you call them Black Eyed Children or Black Eyed Kids, they are no urban myth, and my new ebook, Black Eyed Kids: A Threat Assessment (available in Kindle™ format and paperback through Amazon)  provides a look at this hotly debated phenomenon from the perspectives of a highly skilled and experienced (11+ years) former Soviet Threat Analyst for two top military aerospace companies during the Cold War.

Though it may at first seem outlandish, it is entirely possible to make a threat assessment of sentient monsters, too, not just weapons, military organizations, even nations and off-world foes, such as hostile ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals), with or without UFOs. What does the US government know? What does MJ-12 know? Is either doing anything, and why or why not?

Regardless of the answers to those questions, the principles remain the same. Three criteria must be met in order to determine whether or not there's a threat there's a valid threat. They are: Declaratory Policy (what the stated or objective is), Capability (the capacity to be a threat), and Will to Act (rather than bluster). In my gripping new ebook, using logic, insider sources, direct experiences (others and self) of encounter survivors and astral viewing to get as complete an intelligence picture as possible, I systematically lay out the who, what, when, where and why of these ghastly creatures–who look so innocent and seem so harmless–to start with.

From the evaluation of all those things comes the inescapable conclusion that not only are Black Eyed Children/Black Eyed Kids real, but they are a mortal peril to humanity. Do I have your attention now? When it comes to BEC/BEK, ignorance can be, and has been, fatal. Get your copy/or copies today, and be sure to leave us an honest review. We need to get the word out, and reviews give us credibility with Amazon and Google, which translates into higher rankings with both of them, resulting in considerably expanding our reach. Thanks!


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John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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Arnold black
3 months ago

Sorry to bother you sir but when I tried to purchase the product, or wouldn’t let me. Is it region locked to USA? I’m from Canada and would like to read it. Anywhere I can read it?

11 months ago


11 months ago

Do these kids have Jesé eyes because they were molested ?

Reply to  John Kettler
6 months ago

I learned of the molested children after learning of your research of these types of demons. Was double checking my thoughts of their differences were true still.

1 year ago

People get mad by your fictive documentation. They get head injuries, only because you try to earn money by crazy stories, told as true.

Arnold black
Arnold black
Reply to  John Kettler
4 months ago

What’s the situation with earth liberation? Are we being liberated or enslaved? Are the silver legion good?

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