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I'm the son of a very well-regarded defense engineer, who eventually retired as a Senior Scientist from Hughes. I followed in my father’s footsteps, and was at Hughes for part of his career, but not as an engineer. I became a military analyst there (Hughes  later bought up by Raytheon) and then, Rockwell (now Boeing) in a career spanning over 11 years, covering threats ranging from commando attacks to orbital anti-satellite systems and directed energy weapons.

Since leaving military aerospace, I've done a lot of things. One of the ones I'm most proud of is my Primary Research credit for the Oscar™-winning documentary “The Panama Deception.” I have over 50 magazine articles on cutting-edge topics to my credit, some of which are included in two different anthologies (Forbidden Science and Forbidden History). I was interviewed for the Vince Foster political murder documentary “None Dare It Call Murder” (by Anthony Hilder) and appeared on numerous radio shows over the years. I maintain a broad range of interests, including military history, exotic technologies, black programs, UFOs, cryptozoology, secret societies, hidden history, how the world really works and the true powers of the human mind.

Though I've lived all over the United States, I currently reside in the Rick Perry-land. Whoopie!


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John, read the entire wiki, I will have to read it multiple times until I get it all straight. Wiki has the Johnson getting the salute by all due rights. Wow. Great read. J thanks. Gotta admire the Japanese Officers too. Another Wow.
It’s been years since I had read the article. I’d better stay on current topics so I can have better recall !!. J.

John Kettler
John Kettler


Glad you enjoyed it! Have been working with my brother on a game for miniatures covering the second half of the War in the Pacific. It’s called Steel Typhoon, so I’ve spent a lot of time with my nose in military history books doing research. Had the Japanese pressed on, they could’ve destroyed the Leyte invasion fleet!


John, Glad you’re not mad at me. I’ll let you boys handle the toys. Just sent Sunfire a funny one. Late for work. I’ll check in with ITsoon. Lost an Uncle on the Ominey Bay Can’t believe how defenseless those escorts were.
How brave their crews. Wow. Also the Japanese Officers – that is honor in the gap knowingly expressed, call it humanity in “high” form. My Dad was at OHQ (Army) Tokyo. He absorbed a very high opinion of the Japanese people and often expressed it. J.