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Bin Laden–The Man With Two Strange Deaths!

Originally posted on August 22, 2012 @ 9:10 PM

Bin Laden–Twice Dead?

Bin Laden

Bin Laden   Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Bin Laden. To most Americans, Osama Bin Laden, their arch enemy and the man responsible for 9/11. To the better informed, Bin Laden was a key CIA asset (cover name while in the States for CIA sponsored Stinger missile training, Tim Osman) until a patsy was needed.

He was a hero to the mujahedeen for leaving his cushy Saudi millionaire's life, going to the Hindu Kush (couldn't resist–foothills of the Himalayas) and not only fighting the Russians, but helping to finance the war from his own deep pockets. Bin Laden was very carefully cast, though, first as hero, then as zero, ultimately becoming America's most iconic enemy.

His visage was known around the world, his every utterance and video meticulously pored over by analysts in a slew of intelligence organizations worldwide. Was he the enemy of the American people? He says he wasn't. Was he responsible for 9/11? Again, he says “No”, in what's officially considered to be the last confirmed statement he made.

Gordon Duff, Editor & Publisher of says he has ironclad evidence Bin Laden died in March 2001, so what to make, then, of Al Qaeda's official looking May 3rd statement Bin Laden was killed? That's May 3, 2011, two days after the SEALs killed the man they thought was Bin Laden. The date of the attack, May 1, is most interesting, when seen from an occult perspective. And if he died in 2001, whom did the SEALs eliminate a decade later?

Bin Laden & A Dish Served Cold

Revenge is that dish, and the Russians, unlikely as it may sound, served it up to Bin Laden. Or was it? Their nemesis during the Russo-Afghan War, particularly so for introducing the deadly Stinger antiaircraft missile and basically nullifying Russian tactical airpower via heavy, demoralizing losses and being forced too high to attack effectively, the Russians had been gunning for Bin Laden since well before that war even ended. But the way they got their presumed quarry was so odd Hollywood wouldn't have bought the script!

Just as some Americans chose not to come home from Vietnam, so, too, did some Russians not return to the Motherland–heresy and desertion combined! Apparently, no more than 40 Soviet soldiers, having built families with Afghan wives, stayed behind and lived in small enclaves, protected by the local warlords in exchange for unspecified services. This news alone, delivered by  highly sensitive contacts, was astounding. What followed? Even more so!

Evidently, one or more members of this stay behind group, which was neither formal nor sanctioned by the Soviet government or the successor Russian government, managed to locate and kill Bin Laden. The body was disappeared, and is “thought to be buried somewhere near Kandahar.” That's the best information the U.S. has been able to come up with. It would appear that Gordon Duff somehow got access to this same set of data, and is convinced Bin Laden died/was killed in that time frame.

How Do You Kill Bin Laden, If He's Already Dead?

Good question. Turns out tall Arabs aren't that unusual, but tallness was what  made 6'6″ Bin Laden stand out when among his much shorter Pashtun mujahedeen brethren. So the man the stay behind Russians shot could easily look like the right man, but not be the right man. After all, they're looking for someone who stands out against much shorter men, so it must be Bin Laden, right? With no body, no on-scene comparison, no forensics, no DNA taken, all that can be said is that someone, thought to be Bin Laden, was killed by these Russians. Satisfied with that?

We were told Bin Laden had kidney disease, so bad he required frequent dialysis. Lurid stories were presented to show how wildly improbable that was, especially in the “wilds of Tora Bora.” Not exactly. For Bin Laden came from a family of builders, and according to information provided, “brought in heavy equipment” and “built himself an underground shelter strong enough to withstand a nuclear attack.” Puts a different light on Tora Bora, doesn't it? This was all done, under Soviet noses, during the Russo-Afghan War! So instead of some feeble, sick man trying desperately not to die from either American weapons or self-poisoning from irregular and infrequent dialysis, we have someone in a fully equipped, state-of-the-art deep underground command bunker. This engineering marvel was later destroyed, to the extent possible, by Al Qaeda, when Bin Laden “slipped away.”

Cut to Abbottabad, Pakistan, where Bin Laden reportedly lived for six years, while the U.S. tore the world apart looking for him. Let's fast forward to that crucial moment when the Jedis of SEAL Team Six burst into Bin Laden's bedroom and confront America's nemesis. Whom, exactly are they encountering? Who is going for one of two visible Kalashnikovs when he's shot to death? JKI previously reported the youngest wife exclaiming “It's not him! It's not him!” JKI now knows, though, there is a vital sequel to the story as previously reported here. She recanted!

After being carefully examined and gently, expertly patched up by a Navy corpsman, following being shot in the leg by the SEALs in order to clear the line of fire to Bin Laden, his youngest wife, Amal Ahmad Abdul Fatah, abruptly changed her story and admitted the SEALs had killed the real Bin Laden, saying “It's him. You got the right one.” So, how do we know that wasn't a lie; it wasn't , say, a brother? After all, sensitive contacts have told JKI the U.S. had no prior reference DNA sample from Bin Laden himself. Nor was any taken from his son after the attack. The DNA tests established the body was that of a Bin Laden, not the Bin Laden.

Bin Laden–How We Know The SEALs Killed Him

While ultra rapid DNA testing established the family connection, it was Bin Laden's high public profile, and his corpse, which ultimately confirmed the other evidence. The SEALs had no tape measure, so the field expedient was to have a six footer lie down next to the body, which was a good deal taller than that SEAL. Later, super advanced facial recognition software, so good it reportedly “can tell one twin from another,” compared the known public Bin Laden facial imagery (scads of it), to the images shot as the SEALS burst into his bedroom, to the stills and video taken post mortem. 100% match! It can now be definitively stated: Bin Laden is dead, and the SEALs killed him. Right family, right man. His wife says so, as does Al Qaeda.

And what of the kidney condition? Bin Laden's body was carefully examined and scanned while aboard the U.S.S. Carl Vinson. Two normal kidneys, no transplant scars, no evidence he'd ever been on dialysis. Had the SEALs not shot him, his run would've still been short. Why? He had Addison's disease;  doctors figured given its advanced state he had “two to three years left.”

Bin Laden & “Corporate Restructuring”

Considerable time has now elapsed, and JKI has recently been told by its superlative sources of additional proof that the Jedis of Six got the real Bin Laden. Among the wealth of captured material (hard drives, disks, computers, paper) removed from his house in trash bags was a plan which showed Bin Laden was still running Al Qaeda, no matter how much heartburn it caused Ayman Al Zawahiri, Bin Laden's second in command. He wanted Bin Laden as a figurehead and supplier of money, but himself in real charge. Evidently, Bin Laden knew of this or sensed it. The Bin Laden plan was what the business types would call a corporate restructuring–with no Ayman Al Zawahiri in Al Qaeda!






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9 years ago

Why were the Jedis of SEAL Team Six killed ?

9 years ago

thank you for this report, I did find out that the Navy seals were killed, in that same place, they said they were looking for Bin Laden, no, it was a trap for the Navy seals, they are dead, these psychopath are thirsty for blood.

Reply to  Mell
9 years ago

John…Mell & Brian pose the only interesting aspect to this story in my opinion……why did they have to kill the Navy Seals? I don’t think very many people cared about OBL by the time he was taken out…that’s why it was easy to jump to teh conclusion that it was an Obama ploy for political gain….fortunately it didn’t given him much of a bump……
but the bigger question is WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE GOOD ETS? You promised up you would reveal some updates on their battles.
Thank you.

Reply to  John Kettler
9 years ago


Thank you for all you do………..can’t wait to hear the updates from your sources…..October is just around the corner and that is the month Sunfire kept telling us would likely be a turning point.

9 years ago


This is why I keep coming back to read and post comments. Hopefully one day you might be able to write a Ebook on JFK an in-depth look. Love this website, Great article at least we know who truly was
behind this masterful plan.


Larry Cox
9 years ago

This is really one man’s word against another’s, isn’t it? But whichever story you buy into, the outcome is the same: He’s dead now. Another man who had secrets they wanted no one to know has bitten the proverbial dust. John: Do you and your sources really have the balls to dig out those secrets? The ones that killed JFK? The ones that killed Dr. Karla Turner? The ones that killed “Dr. Michael” just a few days ago? The ones that killed Bin Laden? Does anyone have the balls to tell the truth? That’s my question and this is my… Read more »

Reply to  John Kettler
9 years ago

Is it true that JFK didn’t die that day but was taken (in a totally incapacitated state) to Onassis who made the arrangements for him to be looked after until he eventually died? And that Jackie married Onassis as part of the deal?

Patter Light Grey
9 years ago

it is very hard for me personally to trust anything the corrupt US government and the Lucifarian military says. Al Qaeda is CIA. They are the invented enemy of the state of lies and confusion for the propaganda press.For all we know Bin Laden is having coffe with Bush and Hitler right now. I do indeed enjoy your perspective though JK.
I hope you are feeling better and having fun.

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