BEK - Black Eyed Kids - A Threat Assessment by John Kettler - Book Cover BEK - A Threat Assessment, John Kettler's shocking new expose of the "black eyed kids" phenomena, is now available in paperback and thru the Kindle Unlimited program for FREE! A review on Amazon would be greatly appreciated.  CLICK HERE to CHECK IT OUT!

BEK EBook Done! Sales to Start Soon

Originally posted on November 12, 2016 @ 5:32 PM


 BEK - Black Eyed Kids - A Threat Assessment by John Kettler - Book Cover

Our Cool AND Disturbing  BEK Ebook Cover  Image Credit: Mann via JKI

BEK Ebook–Production Process As War!

BEK: A Threat Assessment is now finished as a complete ebook following several marathon sessions (until 4 AM in one case) via Skype with Karl.  The cover is tweaked, the text pored over, proofed, new glitches arising from previous fixes to clarify certain matters have been identified and corrected.  Rinse. Repeat. It took four separate iterations.

That we got BEK: A Threat Assessment done  so quickly is pretty much a miracle by our standards and, maybe, yours. Nevertheless, the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule to most) has very much been a cudgel to our heads and butts.  For our purposes it means that only 20% of the effort went into writing the book per se, but getting from that stage to the finished product has taken 80% of the effort. And we're not done yet. We've simply switched production hells!

We've gone from mine getting the manuscript done, to ours getting it sorted out as a finished book, to Karl's, since he has had to design the funnel AKA landing page. This where you go when you click on our ad. Though I had minor input after he put it together, he's spent days and nights on end trying to get this to work with our software, more time tweaking it and is presently hard at work on the critical for you and both of us Thank You page. It's critical for you in that it must work so you get your ePub and audio book when ready. It's critical for us in that it helps us build a current list so we can keep you informed.

As I wrap up this announcement on yet another foray into ETs/EDs, hidden history, conspiracy and a particularly bizarre variety of cryptozoology, Karl is testing everything on his mom's PC. He uses a Mac. If that works, then I'll run a full purchase and registration test. Presuming that works, we'll go live–but not until we've sent out to PDFs to those who pre-ordered our long in gestation U.S. Spec Ops Revealed. This is a show of good faith on our part and, we hope, a means of reassuring them we fully intend to deliver that book. Meanwhile, they get the whole BEK: A Threat Assessment on us.

BEK. A conspiracy against everyone with a soul!


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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Ed Rhett
Ed Rhett
4 years ago

I think I have figured out something about the BEKs. They sound, to me, like beings from another world (possibly another dimension) who are arriving in our world in an incomplete form, who need something (from us) to be complete life forms as sentient beings. Now for a side note-theory. I do not believe that DNA is the blueprint for life (I have read too many blueprints…DNA is obviously a schedule of materials, it is a list of proteins that an organism can make. I feel that the blueprint for life is probably a collection of morphic fields (or maybe,… Read more »

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