BEK A Whole New Way

BEK at 4 AM. My shocking Tumblr encounter! Image Credit: Unknown fashion photographer (Fair Use)


BEK in High Fashion?

You tell me. If that gobsmacking photo isn't of a BEK (Black Eyed Kids), then what is it supposed to portray? Have no idea whether the fashion designer or stylist behind this look I found on Tumblr has any knowledge whatsoever of BEK, but let me say this is NOT my idea of a fun thing to come across unexpectedly at 4 AM while pulverized, exhausted and trying to deal with enough crises to break a strong healthy person!

If the model isn't supposed to portray BEK, then what, exactly is being portrayed here? Certainly, the image is shocking. Would imagine there were gasps in the audience at the Gareth Pugh's show for Fall of 2017. Equally, I guarantee the experience, even amid a mind numbing swirl of shows and people, made a vivid and lasting impression on the attendees. A memorable look, for sure! British fashion designer Gareth Pugh is cutting edge and alternative, so it seems reasonable, knowing this, to posit he might have some awareness of BEK as, say, urban myth, and pounced on the resulting  opportunity to arrest and confound his audience. How apt, too, the look appears on a model whose hair is the color of fall and against whose very pale skin the starkness of the those chilling, otherworldly black eyes is set.

If you look at his Fall 2017 Runway Collection, you'll see he's in a very dark place. He has explicitly said this collection is an expression of how he sees current politics. In light of those pictures, am of the strong opinion that the clinically depressed and anyone who's ever self-harmed or tried to commit suicide should never attend that show or anything like it. Am having a good day for a change, and those images were instantly gloom inducing. Being there in the flesh would've been much worse.



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