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Assisting Astral Healing with the ETs/EDs



Trying to portray the sweep and scope of this topic is impossible, but I believe this piece gives both the flavor and suggests healing and calm afterwards.


Usually, I'm the subject of astral healing, but this time, I got to help someone else! In speaking recently with a member of Ground Contingent (people with a familial connection to the ETs/EDs–Extraterrestrials/Extradimensionals of the positively  aligned Liberation Forces here to free planet and people), I learned the other party was suffering from dreadful pain in the entire right side of the head. This person's awareness was that this was from sort of device and likened it to a sword.

Devices are part and parcel of the system of debilitation used by the Dark against the positive forces. They take many forms, are inserted in various higher dimension parts of the targeted person and wreak havoc until found and painstakingly removed, backtracked and those involved destroyed. I keep talking about wars in the other dimensions, and these are targeted attacks against the good guys, if you will. The target of this particular attack was practically bedridden as a result, and not terribly functional when not there. When I reported my sense that it wasn't a sword,  was asked to investigate. That resulted in quite the dimensional trip before there was any hope at all of working the problem.

Remote Astral Healing, Truly Remote!


Readers need to have some small sense of just how sprawling, intricate and dangerous this sort of thing is. Let's start with the real attention getter: You can be killed!  As any number of religious and metaphysical teachings aver, this is so. Killed in the astral = dead here. Similarly, wounds in the astral express here, too. But just as here, there are trauma hospitals capable of, by Earth perspective, miracles. My astral self  has spent a great deal of time in such facilities, and the ministrations of the medical staff have dramatically improved my mental and physical wellbeing here.

Once I was ready, it was time to find the afflicted one. Here, again, it will be necessary for my readers to think, not in terms of merely big but stupendous. For in trying to find the victim, quite the jaunt was needed–an unknown time back, then “up” to the 23rd Dimension. Have made many trips to the astral before. There are multiple timelines, too, so many it looks like a ball of seething snakes, some mating in the midst of the churn, while others die. Yes, timelines die, along with those on them if they can't escape.

Understand I wasn't there at the torture chamber so far away, but my limited field of view astral eyes, if you would, were. You should know that part of my own training, via Silva Mind Control (applied ESP), taught me how to project my awareness into all sorts of places, including, under strict ethical guidelines, remote diagnosis and healing of people through working on them in the astral. Have done this myself and greatly benefited through receiving such help from others. These and other skills allowed me to do what I did in the instant case. Would note, though, that the age of this (failed) creation is reportedly 173 trillion years, based on information from Ground Contingent.


Freeing the Avatar


With the avatar, if you would, of the sufferer now found and the terrestrial tormented human informed as to that location, it was time to see what was going on. Oh, was it ugly! There was no sense of a sword, but what I beheld was a very narrow and small toothed saw about 6″ in diameter methodically following the side of the head from coronal suture (top of skull meets side of skull) down to its base. Could see that part of the skull, the saw and enough of a restrained arm (clamps of some sort on the right  forearm) to determine this avatar was being held down in a chair, with head immobilized, while the whirling blade slowly, methodically and relentlessly moved along its grim arc, slicing ever deeper into the victim's skull about an inch behind the right ear.

Nothing I could do remotely could get that blade out, but my discovery resulted in an urgent call from the terrestrial sufferer to the Liberation Forces ~20 dimensions away under normal standards, never mind the immense distances and time travel involved. The big guns of the Liberation Forces (including some the Da'Shen, formerly powerful evil witches, but now of the Light and master healers, warriors and brilliant scholars combined) tried repeatedly to disable the saw, but it was maddeningly self-healing (an emerging technology already in some use on Earth), so no effective removal was possible.

About then, I got the impression that the solution lay down the hall, something to do with the power source. The info I got was clear and specific as to its location: make a right out of the door, go four doors down, then make a right. Bingo!  The floor of the room was covered with large crystals, and they were both powering the saw and enabling it to self-repair. Not only did a giant hammer to smash them have to be conjured up by one of those on the scene, but after that, acid was poured on the shattered remnants to stop the crystals from regenerating!

As you can see, it is maddeningly difficult to deal with self-healing devices and systems, and that's not the half of it. Imagine having to deal with whole fortresses which can self-heal, dozens of them. You destroy them, and things start to work again, but then they're back. It took untold amounts of time, energy, effort and anguish to find an effective approach that destroyed them outright and for good.


Astral Healing Aftermath


As the blade was backed out of its vile path of misery, I saw remodeling (bone regrowth) occur near instantly, followed by everything else. This done, the blade was fully withdrawn, the saw destroyed, the avatar removed from the torture chair, and the rescue party member left in haste bearing the severely injured avatar to a Liberation Forces trauma hospital in their dimension. The terrestrial sufferer reported the perceived sword was gone, that pain was way down, and that it was bedtime! Felt drained myself and wound up sacking out for some six hours. Now you know the story of my unplanned involvement in truly remote astral healing. Thanks to everyone who helped make this rescue and astral healing possible!


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