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Area 51 Jobs! Norio Hayakawa Spills!

Originally posted on August 7, 2015 @ 2:40 AM

Area 51

Area 51 in context. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via Demis Mapserver.

Area 51. The Navy owned facility managed by the Air Force for the CIA is synonymous with secrecy and the cream of secrets known as black projects and black programs. Training ground under another name for the first US nuclear capable air unit, the 503rd Bombardment Group. The test facility at which the famous U-2 first flew. The site where the revolutionary A-11 OXCART, whose triple Mach technology eventually showed up in the astounding SR-71 Blackbird, was developed and tested, not to mention a slew of Russian built aircraft which were covertly brought in and test flown to learn everything about them. And the above are without discussing recovered UFOs, UFO tech and recovered occupants, ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) alive or dead!  Here's one alive at the time, in imagery smuggled out at acute risk to life itself by someone there who called himself “Victor” and was outraged by the treatment this ET/ED in the video below got. And the Blobs I covered, as part of an entire series on a totally black UFO War conducted by a shocking multinational naval force  operating in the Pacific Ocean and Antarctic Ocean, make this ET/ED seem positively normal by comparison. Meet J-Rod!

For decades Area 51 not only didn't exist on any maps available to the public, but was blatantly lied about and was officially (and would you believe legally) denied. Lying by the Pentagon, you see, is perfectly acceptable to protect USAPs (Unacknowledged Special Access Programs)–black programs– and, per JKI's deeply sensitive spook contacts, is mandatory for anyone cleared for one or who happens to be asked! Now along comes the man who is arguably the dean of Area 51 researchers; the man who, for me at least, put Area 51 on the literal map–Norio Hayakawa. He was our guest in the first ever podcast cast at JKI Special Access and is soon to return to continue the interview series with him. So far, that podcast remains an exclusive for JKI/SA subscribers only. When I talk about the map, I mean the jaw dropping first that I'd ever seen or heard tell of actual official air navigation map with Area 51 clearly shown on it in terms of name, boundaries, air traffic control radio frequencies, runways, their lengths and designations, the works. He has put together a remarkable video on something likely mind boggling even to most Area 51 researchers and buffs. It's a video on getting a job at Area 51. Yes, that's right. An employment guide to getting work at one of the deepest darkest places on the planet.

Area 51–Your Way In

You don't have to join the military and be assigned to Area 51, work for the CIA, serve a mostly covert career in Spec Ops to then become a famous/infamous heavily armed camo dude, maybe dudette, guarding the place as a contract employee of a many times changed private security firm or spend who knows how many years to become a credentialed exobiologist, so you, too, can potentially have your mind shattered by what Porky Pig stammeringly called “you, you, thing from another world, you!”

Instead, if you've got the right credentials and apply, they, the exceedingly picky and circumspect HR personnel from a defense consortium called JT3, will determine whether you really  have the right skills; whether you can be cleared for a place so sensitive it takes the President (!) to authorize your access (but who can't himself or herself go there because the President doesn't have a high enough clearance, for lack of need to know), and to which of four test ranges to send you. One of those is Area 51. But before you take that fateful step and sign away your constitutional rights, through the NDA of NDAs, perhaps you should know about your true employer.

Area 51! Who's Really in Charge & at What Price? MJ-12!

At the top of the entire classification food chain, 27 levels above the President's clearance, according to my life risking military-intelligence sources, sits the blackest of the black organizations, the entity known as MJ-12 or MAJESTIC TWELVE. It is MJ-12 which has decreed the leader of this nation isn't allowed to go to Area 51. The last president who addressed that issue head on was former WW II Allied Supreme Commander and war hero Dwight D. Eisenhower, who issued a credible threat to the CIA, which ran Area 51, to send in an entire army, the US First Army,  if he didn't get briefed on what was going on there. After being stonewalled by the CIA for months, two CIA representatives came to the White House and briefed Ike. A wise decision.

Ultimately, MJ-12 controls everyone and everything to do UFOs, UFO technology, exotic tech and above all, UFO occupants, whatever they may be called at any given time! Not only do they exist, but we have people working with them, not just at deep underground black labs at Area 51 and elsewhere, but evidently in jointly occupied ET/ED aerospace (some time and dimension jumping) craft going around abducting people! A former Army sergeant named Clifford Stone saw that himself–and was horrified. And well he should've been, for there are multiple accounts attesting to the fact that some of the ETs/EDs with which our government is in bed eat us! How's that for a secret?!

MJ-12, despite its various factions, some of which favor Disclosure, and competing agendas, is one of the most powerful and ruthless organizations in the world. In its nearly 70 years of existence, it has been responsible for no one, even my spook insiders, knows how much misinformation and disinformation about the UFO phenomenon; for forcing various government, military and academic organizations and persons to lie: for evidence buried or stolen; for invading sovereign nations for UFO and occupant retrieval; for publications altered or suppressed; for wrecked careers, reputations destroyed; for intimidation, assaults, death threats, even outright murder in order to protect the UFO Secret.

MJ-12 started killing with Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, an original member of MJ-12 and someone who pushed hard for public disclosure and was starting to talk, and has killed and killed and killed since. It forced him into a Navy hospital, the same one which cared for the President, under guise of a nervous breakdown, and when he continued to speak about UFOs to visitors, caused him to be thrown not just out the window of then Bethesda Naval Hospital, but through the venetian blinds and the open casement window (which doesn't open completely to keep people from falling out of it)–crashing to a horrible death which was then portrayed as a suicide.

The direct cost to the taxpayers, in aggregate, is the best part of a trillion dollars for black programs since MJ-12 began, and the global cost is off the charts. Why the global cost? MJ-12, in order to help fund its programs, is the driving force, operating through the CIA and its “rogue” operatives, behind vast narcotrafficking, among its other ongoing crimes. And, as they say on the infomercials on TV, “But that's not all!” MJ-12, through its creation and control of the previously unknown ACIO (Alien Contact Intelligence Organization), exerts global leverage, bending mighty nations to its will. Japan, for example, some years ago was building a UFO museum, one it planned to stock with its own recovered UFO artifacts and, reputedly, alien bodies. Never happened.  Instead, Japan was ultimately convinced, via a very handsome trade agreement, to replace the real UFO materials with replicas. You may take it as a certainty that stronger measures were not only being thought about but would've been used to dissuade the irrefutable Disclosure which would forever destroy the UFO coverup and a virtual US monopoly on the simply incredible UFO tech. And it is precisely compliance or noncompliance with the ACIO's dictates that determines whether or not, and to what degree, a nation enjoys the fruits of UFO research and the economic and societal benefits therefrom. Never mind that the Outer Space Treaty explicitly states, per page 55 here (Bold mine):

It shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interest of all States, irrespective of their degree of economic, social or scientific and technological development, and shall be the province of all mankind. Particular account should be taken of the needs of developing countries.”

And we know about the ACIO how? From this man, a dying CIA operative involved in UFOs going back to the famous Roswell Crash. The UFO secret, and its associated awful activities, weighed heavily on him for decades, to the point he felt compelled to speak out. He felt the Agency couldn't touch him; that it was imperative the world know what he knew. He felt we deserved to know the truth. He revealed that truth, barely in time as it turns out, for mere months later he was dead, claimed by cancer he'd battled for years.

My Thoughts on Area 51 & Your Most Fraught of Decisions

Here, then, is my truth as it applies to Area 51, and also my implied questions to anyone reading this thinking about going to work there.

Area 51 was and to some degree (many programs have been relocated) is inarguably a facility vital to the national defense–in ways we know and ways we don't, perhaps will never know. Equally, there are many decent, patriotic hardworking people there, some giants in their fields. These people labor under draconian conditions (unless you consider being jabbed hard in the sternum with a loaded M16 isn't draconian!), have no privacy and no constitutional rights as we understand them, having signed them away as a condition of employment. They can't talk to anyone outside of very narrow cleared and rigidly compartmented circles about what they do; can't publish academically and will never receive tenure or other official credit for what they do there, however stupendous. The entire time they are there, and after leaving Area 51, conceivably for the rest of their lives, they will subject to overt and covert surveillance and control. Their official public records will be falsified, likewise their employment, banking and maybe education records . Unless explicitly authorized, as this man, Dr. Dan Burisch (cover name)/Dr. Dan Crain was to a degree and for a time, they can never talk about their actual employer, what they did, what and who they saw or heard. They may not even be known under their real names, as was the case for the above Area 51 microbiologist. During and after their work, whether as an ordinary part of things or to regain control over them, punish them or both, they might incur any number of mind control/brainwashing acts upon themselves. Whether by drugs, electrical or electronic means, alone or in combination, they might be subjected to: the selective memory distortion, general memory distortion or memory erasure in part or in whole! False memories can also be created. This is one way to both promulgate some desired line, while at the same time making it self-negating. Another tactic is to first let real information out, then later torpedo the source's credibility by any number of means. If Area 51 workers get out of line, their homes may be raided and torn apart, they may be framed for crimes, forcibly institutionalized, disappeared or they or loved ones may be hurt or killed. These people mean business!

In exchange, the Area 51 workers may or may not be privy, to one degree or another, to one or more aspects, which are myriad, of the UFO Secret. They may or may not have the opportunity (could be custodial staff, for example) to work on projects and programs which are the very definition of incredible; to encounter not just the Proof of UFOs and that ETs/EDs exist, but maybe work with actual UFOs and UFO tech,  perhaps have their own Close Encounter, by happenstance, cunning (it's been done) or by order, with ETs/EDs! Additionally, several people, including the microbiologist and my contacts, have talked about the excellent pay (upwards of 3X the going rate) at Area 51, much of it officially untaxed.

Now you know, to levels way beyond those of most who wind up working at Area 51, what, should you decide to proceed with getting work there, you are getting yourself into, both pro and con. I urge you to choose wisely.


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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Maurine K. Terry
Maurine K. Terry
5 years ago

This is one of the best articles on Area 51 I’ve every seen. Thanks for a wide background and many viewpoints.

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