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Are Deep State DUMBs Under Attack In California?

A DUMB is a Deep Underground Military Base, and according to polymath Richard Sauder, Ph.D., there are not only DUMBs in such key locations as Edwards Air Force Base, Los Alamos, New Mexico and Area 51, but a network of super high speed MagLev trains (traveling in tubes all but devoid of air to reduce friction) connecting them. The map shows only part of the national network but will admirably serve my purpose here. Make no claim whatsoever it is current. A source named Don Croft, who appears to have been suppressed by what may've been (Deep State parts or lawful government) FBI and has since vanished, put out a list of all US DUMBs showing there are no fewer than 21 DUMBs in California, and comments indicate more than that. This information, together with anything else unearthed, forms the background for evaluating claims pro-Constitution lawful military forces may be/are conducting a campaign against Deep State DUMBs in Northern California. That conclusion is based on resolving a series of anomalies and strange phenomena observed, felt and heard in California. These range from earthquakes to fire coming out of storm sewers.

Portion of a map showing the highly classified network of DUMBs and MagLev tube network connecting them.

Dismantling the DUMB Network

Network Analogous to Fortification System & Reduced the Same Way


Broadly speaking, for military analysis purposes, the Network may well be thought of as a system of fortification. The procedures for reducing systems of fortifications have been known and practiced for millennia. The cardinal rule is to put overwhelming force (not necessarily forces, especially these days) against a small portion of the overall defenses. This is best done by targeting a weak point, isolating it, then overwhelming it, subsequently using that local success  to achieve wider objectives by expanding both the width and depth of penetration. Nor does the attacker want the enemy to escape. There should be only two choices: surrender or die! Thus, the purpose of the isolation is twofold: deny help, whether troops, weapons, munitions, etc., or some combination AND prevent escape by those targeted, to include the evacuation of any prisoners held there, so they can be rescued.

Various Patriot analysts are asserting that the California wildfires, together with other measures taken, constitute operational cover or operational support for just such attacks against DUMBs, with the prelude being the mapping and destruction of the MagLev tunnels connecting the California DUMBs with the rest of the Network. Would extend that further to include the interconnections with other California DUMBs, not least because they are the closest, so most able to respond swiftly if asked for help.

US Military Resources to Take Out the California DUMBs


Presuming the desired isolation is achieved and breaches effected into the DUMBs, troops with specialized training in underground warfare would be a must. Does the US military have such capabilities. Yes, it does, in both the Army and the Marines. In the latter case, an apparent telltale is that, in contrast to the Army's openness about what it's doing to prepare for underground warfare, the Marines' underground warfare experts flatly refused to say anything at all when queried!

Looking at things from the perspective of a highly experienced former intelligence analyst, the picture starts to coalesce when you throw in the arrival of no fewer than 10,000 Marines and Sailors for military exercises in California. From a COVDEC (Cover and Deception) standpoint, you couldn't ask for a better overt excuse to send large numbers of troops into a state in which operations were planned against the Deep State. Readers may recall the high-level Military Intelligence group called Q or QAnon many times highlighted the importance of the Marines and stated the Marines had a special role in protecting the Constitution, so it makes eminent sense to send in the Marines! Would further note all vast manpower wouldn't necessarily needed (though would presumably be on call for certain situations), but that the real teeth, eyes, ears would be and would come in as part of that enormous force. These would be Fleet Recon, MARSOC, Intel, Signals, Combat Engineers, etc. Given their vast experience in dealing with taking down and destroying tunnel complexes, Navy SEALs (who have sensors which can see through walls, super explosives and weapons that can pierce walls and destroy the foe behind them) would absolutely be there, too. These mind,  would be in addition to forces already in place.

Wildfires As Cover

Silent Zone Zone Needed

From a military planning standpoint, wildfires offer lots of advantages, starting with rapid clearance of civilians from the planned attack zone or zones. This is also a convenient way to putting the cell phone and internet networks out of commission, for their protection, naturally. Landlines can be dealt with similarly. The net effect of this is to create a near perfect Silent Zone. But there could be a problem with the ham radio operators, so the very people who have wound up time and again being the sole means of communication from disaster areas also need to be taken off the air. By the most, ahem, amazing coincidences, all of these things are being reported. Patriot analysts believe that this was being done specifically to identify the tunnels and facilities which are occupied, by detecting the electromagnetic fields resulting from using electricity. This seems to be a reasonable argument.

Imaging  and Attacking Underground Structures–the Nasty Toys

Not so reasonable is an assertion LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging), also known as LADAR (Laser Detection And Ranging), is being used to see into the ground to locate the tunnels, for the maps may not be current, an all too common military problem. LIDAR has no such capabilities. HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) does (right in the patent), as does scalar technology, which was pioneered by the great Nikola Tesla, first weaponized by the Soviets and is now in the hands of a number of nations, including the US. HAARP and scalar weapons can both trigger earthquakes. Scalar weapons and even more exotic Quantum Potential Weapons have SF level capabilities. As of 2004, the US didn't have Quantum Potential Weapons, but given their immense power and flexibility, it seems irrational the US wouldn't have its own by now, for it would be an extremely high priority to acquire such weaponry. Direct evidence exists from earlier California wildfires that someone has weaponry able to set ablaze and melt cars and, to some degree, bridges, yet without igniting grass or trees. Think about that! Nor is there necessarily reason to reject a kinetic weapon delivered from very high altitude or even orbit on each targeted tunnel as being a possibility, if not likelihood. Nuclear level bang with nothing more than a tungsten rod and hypersonic velocity!

While we're here, let's dispel any notion that infrared imaging can see deep into the Earth, when the truth is that it can't see under a tarp or even through a closed window! Further supporting the COVDEC argument is that satellite imagery exists showing no fewer than five (5) simultaneous outbreaks of fire. There's an old rule in the spy game about incidents, especially damaging ones. The first time could be pure bad luck, mre random chance. The same thing twice is suspicious, and three times constitute a pattern. How, then, to rate five simultaneous identical events?! Clearly, this is not natural.

Whether it's Deep State arson or action taken to create cover for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), followed by what are called kinetic operations (military attacks), either way the fires set the stage, by creating an exploitable situation. Another virtue of wildfires is that they focus media attention on the fire lines and the people, property, domestic animals and wildlife at risk, sometimes killed, rather than helicopters occasionally seen not dumping fire retardant but in the area. In reality, air space over wildfires is tightly controlled, enabling the Patriot forces to operate almost unseen well behind the fire lines. And helping both COVDEC and OPSEC (Operational Security) is the incessant coverage of the attacks on POTUS, especially the all-out push to impeach. The net effect of this manic focus (see CNN's damning outing on Project Veritas) on POTUS is to practically take over the 24/7 news cycle, further helping hide anything which might conceivably be seen and reported regarding covert takedown ops vs DUMBs.

Considerable and Diverse Evidence Supports the Posited Scenario

Recapping, every single element described in this analysis offers credible support to the Patriot analyst posited tunnel destruction and DUMB takedown scenario. Every single element! What are the odds of so many disparate elements, drawn from a considerable array of sources and basic principles, all cross confirming a story which sounds like it escaped from the “X-Files”? As Q likes to ask, “Do you believe in coincidence?” After all that's been presented here, do you? If so, how can you? Further possible support of the scenario lies in a so far uncorroborated report by a gentleman deeply involved in anti-pedophile operations and who apparently has Pentagon sources, maybe even more. Investigative journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth claims he has a source, whom he identifies as the commander for a combined SEAL and MARSOC raid into California DUMBs that resulted in the rescue of 2100 children from rape, torture, trafficking and ritual murder, for body parts and Adrenochrome. These are precisely the Satanic acts practiced by the globalist elites in places like Hollywood. Thus, we come full circle back to the video. Though it is 1 1/4 hour long, it is an important part of the education of those willing to learn the truth and respond accordingly.

SEALS and Marines Rescue 2,100 Children From California Underground Bunkers


John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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Mike Little
Mike Little
11 months ago

I have a heavy heart and feel a burden to pray for all those involved in bringing these evil deep state and all involved in this evil practice and destroy them in the name and power of the blood of the LORD JESUS CHRIST

Mike Little
Mike Little
11 months ago

I have a deep burden to 🙏 for all involved I’m brining this evil down & totally destroyed in the mighty name and power of the Blood of the LORD JESUS CHRIST !!!!!!!

1 year ago

reading this on 29 March 2020, because I want so much for the corrupt officials and so called ‘elite’ to be stopped in their tracks, forever.

Reply to  John Kettler
10 months ago

The weapons are not venting nuke materials. They are burning out the tunnels, but I was told the children in D.C. have radiation poisoning because the nuclear power plants are venting twice as much as normal to lower the worlds population.

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