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Apport–My Experience!

Originally posted on June 14, 2014 @ 3:43 PM

Apport & Me–Mundane High Strangeness


Apport Favorite–Keys! Image Credit: via Datagram

Apport. Of what import?  What is an apport anyway?  An apport is an object or other form which appears from nowhere. It may be something already known, such as a set of keys, but which appears in some place it never was before. It may be something never seen before which simply shows up. It may be something which materializes from the very air. The Indian mystic Sai Baba is famously/notoriously  associated with the last category, via his myriad direct public manifestations of purported vibhuti (sacred ash) and occasionally even fine gold powder. Even stranger, the phenomenon has been reported and photographed in conjunction with his picture following his demise! No vibhuti, no gold powder, no keys mysteriously vanishing and reappearing elsewhere, though. Would you believe ear plugs?! Now you know why I linked two seemingly dichotomous terms in this header. An apport experience is a high strangeness event, but I think we'd all agree ear plugs are pretty mundane, right? I'll get back to those ear plugs shortly, but first, I have something to say about the apport Wiki.

Apport Wiki–Rational Materialism Disguised As Objectivity

In researching the post, I headed over to Wiki for what I hoped would be some enlightenment on the apport subject. I got some enlightenment, but not in quite the way I'd anticipated. The apport Wiki starts reasonably enough, defining an apport as ” the paranormal transference of an article from one place to another, or an appearance of an article from an unknown source that is often associated with poltergeist activity or spiritualistic séances.” Okay. I can work with that.

What I can't work with is everything thereafter, in which there's not a single supportive word regarding so much as the possibility of there being a real phenomenon here. Further, the entire remainder of a supposedly neutral discourse is devoted solely to reporting on the exposure of spiritualist charalatans and their faked apport events. On balance, the thing reads like a position statement from CSI (Committee for Skeptical Inquiry), an organization whose very charter (see Real Magic, by P.E.I. Bonewits) rigorously excludes the existence of any  paranormal phenomena or occurrences outside of Standard Reality. So much for true skepticism! The apport Wiki is a disgrace to everything Wikipedia is supposed to represent. It should be rewritten and those responsible for releasing that piece of dreck should be chastised and E-pilloried.

Apport Examples

An apport doesn't exist in a vacuum. Far from it. It exists in a context, one often highly personal, though not always. There appears also to be a connection with ghosts. Apports can be huge, as noted in this account of whole rooms of furniture being relocated in seconds from one end of the house to the other. Note, too, the direct citing of the appearance of jewelry. This is no accident, since jewelry often figures in apport events.  Here's a mother's apport account (with supporting pictures!) regarding the sudden reappearance of jewelry, which was stolen long ago from her now-deceased daughter. Not only did stolen jewelry reappear, but so did a much-loved charm lost during the daughter's life. Other items also appeared and are documented, these had no connection to the family. I suspect some sorts of symbolic signals are involved, with meaning only to the woman herself.

This gentleman has some things to say on apports starting at ~4:40 in the video and continuing for a bit. Again, one of the things which specifically comes up is jewelry. He mentions rings as common apports.

This article excerpt introduces the remarkable work of SORRAT  (Society for Research on Rapport and Telekinesis) on the SMO (Spontaneously Materializing Object). According to what's reported there, SORRAT, using a closed environment, photographed and filmed numerous “impossible” events over a 20 year period, including not only lots of “not there, then appears from nowhere” incidents, but also equally bizarre ones in which metallic objects spontaneously rise and move about the inside of an upended sealed and locked aquarium. SORRAT's experimental results are so astounding, I can't rest content with linking to them. What follows is taken from Raphael Dechirante's revelatory piece Out of Thin Air, which is on Spirit Web. I'm using the below material under the Fair Use doctrine. If this quote doesn't promote a discussion, I've no idea what will!

“In the late 70s, the parapsychologist William E. Cox (who had long been involved with the group) devised what he termed a ‘mini-lab;' an upturned aquarium, locked and monitored by a camera, in an attempt to produce incontrovertible proof of psychokinesis (PK). Inside the mini-lab Cox placed a variety of objects such as small beads, rings, paper and pens. Over the next few years the mini-lab succeeded beyond anyone's expectation. Film revealed objects moving around, as though lifted by invisible hands. Writing appeared on paper left inside the mini-lab and solid rings linked together. In time, materialisation events became commonplace; small objects appeared out of nowhere, while others vanished from the box. At one point members of SORRAT began using the mini-lab as a psychic post-box. Unsealed and unstamped envelopes placed inside the mini-lab would disappear, only to be delivered a few days later through the regular mail, correctly postmarked – although often, for some reason, bearing foreign stamps.

When subjected to close analysis, however, the film of these events raised as many questions as it answered. There are no shots of half-materialised apports and none of the slow materialisation reported by Ellison and others who have seen mediums at work. Objects appear or vanish instantaneously, between frames. In fact, this is in line with what is usually reported in poltergeist cases. Nevertheless, and despite the fact that the mini-labs were independently checked and sealed, there have been accusations of fraud. The phenomena, perhaps, seem just too good to be true. What is needed, as always in science, is replication and there have in fact been various attempts to carry out mini-lab experiments elsewhere, with limited success. To date, though, SORRAT's results remain unparalleled.

The sceptics' trump card is the acknowledged fact that, according to the known laws of physics, SMO is impossible. But is it? An interesting theory has been put forward by a Professor who tested Uri Geller in the early 70s and who was afterwards plagued by a series of poltergeist-style manifestations so disturbing that his wife threatened to leave him!

The Professor sees teleportation as a manifestation of quantum non-locality. In the quantum world it is perfectly normal for a subatomic particle to jump from one place to another without passing through the space in between. He has stated that this power could be harnessed ‘within 50 or 100 years – except that it will be very dangerous in that your head might come off or something like that.' We seem here to be in the realms of science-fiction.

But SMO might just be more common than we realise. Far from being restricted to Victorian parlours and poltergeist-plagued houses, it could be happening all the time.”

Now that you've read about the SMO experimental work, how about seeing some of it?!  This German article on the SORRAT SMO test apparatus has large format razor sharp color images of the two successive SMO mini-labs, together with evidence of tests. Particularly notable is the array of PK (psychokinesis) bent utensils. I've seen Uri Geller do spoon bending (<6′ range, with excellent visibility, hand in plain sight throughout), and in Superminds, British physicist John Taylor followed up on reports that Geller's radio broadcasts of spoon bending demonstrations were causing utensils to bend and twist all over the UK. Using sealed containers, the scientist found people weren't making stuff up. Forks and spoons were indeed bending–exactly as people claimed! Subsequent metallurgical analysis conclusively proved that a physically bent utensil's steel had a completely different kind of crystalline structure than did one done directly or indirectly psychokinetically bent by Uri Geller.

One aspect of quantum mechanics also bears on the above, and the metaphysically inclined will see another kind of connection here as well. The aspect? Every particle that exists is simultaneously connected to every other particle. Thus, not only does a mechanism exist through which objects can do “impossible” things–in direct defiance of Standard Reality–, but they are already intimately joined to begin with. Ponder that, if you will.

Apport Interpretation

As noted earlier, generally speaking, the apport experience exists in a context, which may, as we saw above, be deeply personal. I was taught, by Ground Contingents, that what apports and how needs to be understood as symbolic communication. Apport issues with keys mean to go within and unlock some previously closed area of  your being. It has to do with finding. If glasses or contacts disappear, then it has something to do with seeing. From this, it makes eminently good sense that ear plugs have to do with hearing. What was it I needed to hear? Nothing in the direct audio input sense; everything in terms of hearing (and somewhat seeing) within.

The Message for Me of the Ear Plug Apports

Things have been pretty rough for me lately, not least from the cumulative toxic effects of months of daily oral abuse from a seeming “good guy” homeowner/landlord (rented a room in his house). The house was put on the market early and sold quickly, putting enormous pressure on me to find new housing. I did find something, weirdly winding where I would've been roughly a year and a half ago! Because of various circumstances and disconnects, I wound up moving into this place without having ever met , or talked to, my two male housemates. Not good generally and potentially fraught with domestic assault, which has happened repeatedly before when sharing a place with men.

Compared to the bright airy house where I came from, this place looked a wreck. Dark, somewhat dingy and having a very dangerous narrow staircase almost entirely lacking a banister. My brother and I've both stumbled on this staircase, which has a pied out turn (tiny wedges) onto the second floor. As some of you may know, I took a fall the day before the move, injuring my left lower leg. It seemed then, and through much of the move in, that the damage was minor. Far from it. More like agony postponed! There was also the additional stress imposed by my former landlord who put me in the embarrassing position, out of the gate, of having to delay paying my new landlord. I got my security deposit back on the second trip, allowing me to write a check which wouldn't bounce.

My former tormentor wasn't through with me yet, for he subjected me to an inquisition and even went through some of my gear, while I was gone and without my permission, in order to recover an ownership formerly uncertain blanket, between trips. Violated yet again. Then, I was informed he wasn't going to simply hand over my (illegally retained) balance of May rent. He was instead going to inspect the premises and (in his august opinion) decide how much I'd get back. Turns out Mr. I Don't Care About Money was all about it. Despite all his high flown preaching at me regarding morals and ethics per Marcus Aurelius's Meditations, he thought nothing of taking all my illegally retained balance due me; of oppressing someone he knew full well was poor and disabled. He lacked the stones to even say so directly–after blaming me for a slew of damages not chargeable as other than ordinary wear and tear; for problems incurred while working (free)  to make his house more marketable and for multiple things his own repeated idiocy and stubbornness caused. How many of you use ordinary flat porous house paint behind your stove and then gripe when it gets grease stained? Would you then repaint and expect a different outcome from ordinary use of the stove? I rest my case.

I tell you these things because they form the background for the apport. The exhausting move left me in what I've come to call The Unbearable Beigeness of Being. I went from a bright cheery sun yellow room and a spacious, high ceilinged house to a room which was a terminally, life sapping, dreary beige. With cheap tan carpet. I went from having a transport system (have no car) which worked well on weekdays, but not at all on weekends or holidays, to an uncertain transport situation. I went from being functional but weak to blinding leg pain which started just as I was wrapping up the move. That forced me to essentially live in my room. Luckily, there was a battered midi fridge there. Screwed financially. Spent on a bunch of levels. In horrible pain right through my pain meds. Shut in. What could possibly “improve” this? How about days on end of illness apparently occasioned by ET/ED (Extraterrestrial/ Extradimensiona)l and CB (Creator Being) matters of the most wrenching sort?

This ick overload, not shockingly, brought up all my stuff, and my mind, heart and soul revolted over the thought that the rest of what I fully expect to be a long life was going to be more rented rooms. More abuse and humiliation, More doing everything with nothing. Most of this traces back to my ET/ED and CB related issues which I was never supposed to have to deal with in the first place. Happily, I got great housemates, and they were of considerable assistance to me when I was really torn up physically. This brings me to the apport event.

My Apport

During or shortly after the move, I somehow lost one earplug from a well-used dull yellow smallish pair. I had no replacement pair of that type and had to settle for much larger electric blue ones. Though I'd seen the latter briefly while unpacking, together with several other like sets (come in packs), I didn't know where they were. I was practically out of summer clothes, so seized the opportunity to do my laundry. That's when the paranormal abruptly entered my life.

I was taking out the first load, when I was suddenly confronted with an arresting sight. There, to my utter confoundment, lay two complete pairs of soft ear plugs, water sodden ones.  Separated by mere inches, they sat atop a purple shirt at the bottom of the tub. I beheld one set each of the yellow and the electric blue ear plugs! I briefly entertained the possibility that they had been in the pocket of one of the garments washed, but I'd gone through same thoroughly before that (tired of paper debris all over the loads and ruined currency a few times), and had done the exact same clothes many times before–with no such outcome, so had to rule it out. At a stroke, I'd gone from one lonely yellow ear plug to three, all well-used, plus two new electric blue ones.

Believe me when I tell you I hunted for the sack of electric blue ear plugs. No joy. Nor did I have any rational explanation of how I could suddenly have another pair of ear plugs of the type which I hadn't been able to replace. Reluctantly, I was forced to accept that something paranormal had occurred. Writing about the paranormal is one thing, but experiencing it is something else again!

Ground Contingents considered my apport and walked me through sussing out the meaning. I've found, through long practice, such things are far more easily done in accompaniment with others, and so it was here. What I learned is that the message was indeed about hearing, and what I needed to hear was that things were going to get better. Slowly and in an incremental way with ultimately major positive effects. Having heard and “heard” that siren song many a time before, I was cynical, but subsequent events proved me wrong. I should add that there was not merely telepahthic hearing, but some of it was rendered symbolically, like in the TV show “Concentration.” Men are much more visual than women in terms of perception priority, so this may've been an aid to my getting it. My audio processing hasn't been great lately, so I needed all the help I could get. Here's what happened following the apport.

My leg, which had been slowly healing, suddenly got to the point where I was able to walk, not a few tens of feet, but a good part of a block. The most mobile I've been since the move! I'm back on my exercise ball doing core exercises. My befogged brain cleared enough that I've been able, for the first time in many very frustrating months (lots of time; not much higher order brain function of the chess playing type), to pick a scenario, set up and begin to play my wargame. I managed to get nine chapters revised on my book project. I'm current on my Work Orders and am getting caught up on invoices. I asked my housemate out to dinner, fed him a big burger and asked him if we could work something out to get me to the store. Not only was he agreeable, but we had a nice chat, after which he unexpectedly volunteered there and then to take me to the store. Consequently, I'm set for the next few weeks.

Do any of these things, alone or in combination, give me a real life? Free me from a marginal existence? Provide me with the resources to live independently; to cease to make me a matter of concern to family and friends alike? No, they don't.  Do they, though, mark a considerable improvement over the pit I was in not so long ago? Absolutely.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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Bill Eck
Bill Eck
6 years ago

I had an apport happen to me once. I was working outside on a loading dock, taping up some boxes and talking to one of my co-workers, when suddenly a nut (a metal nut, about 5/8″) landed on the box in front of me. It seemed to come from above and behind me, but there was no one there to throw it. I thought it might have somehow fallen off the roof, but the trajectory was wrong, and since the roof was corrugated metal, I would have heard it long before I saw it. It landed so gently it did… Read more »

Reply to  John Kettler
6 years ago

What if he gave it to Mehran Keshe, he was asking for one to find MH370? Just a thought.

Love and Gratitude

Andrew Kenny
6 years ago

Hi John, interesting article. I have been researching the sorrat group for a while now as part of my art practice which explores ideas around pk, apports etc. however i havent been able to source the original footage that was captured of the minilabs except a very short clip on youtube. i was wondering if you had any links or info on obtaining a copy of the footage? as it would be a real help furthering my work.

Andrew Kenny
Reply to  John Kettler
6 years ago

Hi John Thanks for the reply, art practice refers to the work i make. im a visual artist that work with painting video and installations. im making work exploring ideas around poltergeist phenomena and apparent pk abilities, so the sorrats really stand out to me as they seemed to have achieved really interesting and often extraordinary phenomea. if you come across any footage it would help alot 🙂

6 years ago

Speaking of telepathic hearing, 3 weeks ago roughly, I heard you speak to me in one sentence. I know it was you and not my recently deceased father. It was in the morning just when I was in a theta state, light wakeful state. I know your voice from all of the interviews and vimana sound bites. You take your time, there is distinct space between your words, and you have a special deep, deep, deep sound that accompanies every word. I am facing Texas when I sleep, don’t know if that makes a difference. But, you came in loud… Read more »

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