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Anomalous Melodies 1

Anomalous Melodies Described & Dissected

Anomalous melodies seem a  reasonable characterization for seemingly disembodied music I and at least one other person have been hearing for some time now. Perceive what I'm hearing as soft, low in pitch, but not all that low, and sounding as if it's a cross between an organ and air blown across the top of a glass soda pop bottle. As such, would term these anomalous melodies airy in character. At various times, I thought these anomalous melodies were the product of strange harmonics resulting from intersecting frequencies of AC and fan, but the AC isn't running presently, yet I still hear “Silent Night” being played! Another one I get is what most would think of as “Battle Hymn of the Republic” but is really the gruesome Airborne song “Blood Upon the Risers.” There have been other anomalous melodies, but offhand I don't recall what they were.

Why They're Probably Not Mind Control & Not Occult, Either

The other person I spoke with advised she's just given up regarding them and accepts that the anomalous melodies simply are, while having no explanation whatsoever. As for me, were someone to come along and argue, say, transdimensional bleed through or similar, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest, for I simply don't know. Found this a cross between being unnerving and maddening before, but have come to terms with it. There seems to be no mind control aspect to what's going on. There is no microwave or otherwise induced voice calling to me insistently to commit some crime, for example. In the past, I have picked up such criminal incitement and have written about it. In that instance, it was the word “rape” repeated many times, before it went away. The higher insights regarding this were that it was much easier to get someone to rape than it was to murder, but I'm not exactly ideal subject material, by virtue of a high level of awareness of what is my own consciousness and what's externally imposed.  Have had decades of dealing with others' psychic effluvium because I'm an empath. Sadly, there are hordes of people who lack such discernment, have little self-awareness, are vulnerable to outside influences which seem internal, and are therefore susceptible and suggestible.  Rather, the anomalous melodies are a kind of bizarre background music to my apparent acoustic environment. The other person is over 1000 miles away from me, so it's not something specific to my area.

Presently, I place these anomalous melodies in the category of paranormal, or possibly technically induced, but I have no sense or evidence this is occult, as in ritual magick (as opposed to stage magic) and such. Have been on the receiving end of psychic and magickal attacks, with and without technological augmentation. If that last sounds strange to you, please understand that the famous/notorious Montauk chair is similar in nature. A hybrid between Sirian (the star system, not Syrian) and terrestrial technology, the Montauk chair amplifies the actions of a psychic. That chair is used to open and keep open for a time an artificial wormhole to create a jump gate to, among other, Mars, for personnel and items up to about the size of a military cargo truck. As crazy as this sounds, you can read about it–from the perspective of someone sent through such a jump gate to Mars–at . Further refer you to the “20 and back” program used by the Navy's SSP (Secret Space Program). The Sirians are negatively oriented ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) who have worked side by side with US personnel to create hybrid technology fusing both ET/ED and human advanced technology.

20 and Back: 2 More Whistleblowers Divulge Involvement in Secret Space Program

If we had a big budget, a PET scanner, and a fully equipped and electromagnetically screened (Faraday cage and associated measures) acoustics lab, I guarantee you we could learn a lot by shutting down all external audio input and seeing what the brain does when the subject is reporting hearing the anomalous melodies. Would note, though, that hyperdimensional electromagnetic waves (scalar waves) wouldn't be stopped by such measures. But a fully sound isolated room would still be a good start. If any of you who see this are experiencing anomalous melodies yourself or know someone who is, please contact me through the site, via Message on FB or at my Twitter @John_Kettler so that we can learn more about this for now paranormal phenomenon.



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I had this happen once when I my kids were 2 and 4 and I had put my daughter in preschool so that I could afford to put food on the table. It was the hardest thing I forced myself to do. My daughter was not accepting anything but breast milk all out refused to eat anything else. I kept thinking my heart was going to be ripped out of my chest. Then, when I felt so alone and feeling I had made the wrong choices, I heard a male voice singing to me with a low phantom of the… Read more »