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Afghanistan UFO–Real, Fake, Real & Fake?

Originally posted on May 12, 2014 @ 12:40 AM

Afghanistan UFO Conundrum

Afghanistan UFO

Afghanistan UFO What to Make of It? Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via SkeeterPumba

Afghanistan UFO Video goes viral, but is it for the right reasons? There has been a bit of an online firestorm lately over a video purporting to show a UFO blasting away at the Taliban in Afghanistan, blowing a camp to bits with some unknown exotic weaponry and doing so from insanely low altitude while hovering. Variously treated as proof positive the good ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/Extradimensionals) of the long unheard from LF (Liberation Forces) are intervening directly on our behalf (as some of my readers seem to believe) or denounced as a fake and a bad one at that (link above, comments on videos and informed view of a Hollywood-experienced Photoshop expert), the video is controversial with a “C.” What if the truth isn't binary, but something wholly unexpected? Think about that while watching what started the whole thing in the first place.

Afghanistan UFO: Searching for the Truth

The Afghanistan UFO video isn't conveniently one thing or another, and it hasn't been on my end since I first became aware of it. Indeed, from when I first saw the footage, I concluded one thing right off. It simply didn't have an otherworldly vibe. Having learned a long time ago to trust my gut, I was comfortable with that intuitive knowingness, if you will. I wasn't comfortable with the actual combat events, though, for they made no sense.

In ruling out the possibility it was an ET/ED craft, a matter in which I have access to direct and indirect nonlocal information, it therefore became ineluctably clear that, presuming there was an actual craft, which was perceived as a UFO, operating in Afghanistan, it had to be terrestrial. Given that, the terminology now becomes IFO (Identified Flying Object). Sorry, readers hoping for an otherworldly explanation!

Okay, it's an IFO. No, it's not, for the actual existence of any such craft had yet to be established. Happily, when I raised the matter with highly sensitive, not-for attribution military-intelligence insider contacts, I got altogether more than I dared hope for–and far less than I wanted–at the same time.

Afghanistan IFO's Reality

When I ran it by them, there was an instant tenor of recognition of what I was describing. This was despite their having not seen the video in question. One of the things the video depicted which I found so troubling was explained as being the product of operational necessity. Though the US antigravity craft was armed with what I was informed were “standard directed energy weapons,” whatever those are, it was operating at ridiculously low altitudes. This disconnect was explained as being the result of the need to accurately place fire when US forces were in very close contact with the Taliban. Further, it was explained to me the craft, by virtue of the force field surrounding it, was immune to the visible detonations which partially shrouded it and to ground fire. There's this tiny problem, though.

Several, in fact. For one, the craft in the video doesn't match certain particulars of the actual one! It's a fake, and there's a reason behind that. The actual black program antigravity craft does indeed have an overall triangular layout, with the sides being about 40 feet long and the maximum thickness around 15 feet. But where the video shows the craft having matching upper and lower raised center sections, the real one has such a bulge only on top, since that's where the cockpit is. This is no drone. Curiously, the size of the crew seems to be highly classified, and I got nowhere with such inquiries. Equally, I got nothing on IOC (Initial Operational Capability) date or quantity built. And forget obtaining any kind of designator or name for this beast! What I did learn, though, is that this particular black program aircraft is from Northrop-Grumman of Northrop Advanced B-2 Stealth bomber fame. As it happens, I have both direct and indirect connections with that outfit. Also, because the craft generates its own local gravitational field, it can do some of the same tricks the classical UFO can, such as  making an instantaneous 1000 mph right angled turn without turning the crew to goo! For the exciting details, please see two excellent books, Paul LaViolette's Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion and Stewart Potter's Gravitational Manipulation of Domed Craft.

In my military aerospace days, I first worked for Hughes Aircraft Company, Missile Systems Group (now Raytheon) in Canoga Park, California. MSG, as we called it, made most of the tactical missiles in the US military inventory, and my job was knowing the Russian military inside and out. Threat analysis. I did that for six years at Hughes, before plateauing as a result of internal bureaucracy, prompting me to seek a more accepting professional environment elsewhere. That led me to interview with Northrop Advanced in Pico Rivera, California.

It was a strange, strange interview, compared to which my interview for a CIA field officer trainee slot was a model of normalcy. Military aerospace interviews aren't conducted in company cafeterias, let alone at tables where every little table has a prominent warning not to discuss classified information. Mine was. Never have I given so much information in an interview and gotten so vanishingly little. In fact, to this day, I really have no idea what the specific position for which I interviewed was!

That was encounter one with Northrop Advanced. Later, after taking a new job as a Soviet Strategic Threat Analyst, which I made sure came with the all-important MTS (Member of the Technical Staff) rank, at Rockwell International, North American Aerospace Operations in El Segundo, California, I wound up working on the X-30 NASP (National AeroSpace Plane) in classified military applications. This was a SAP (Special Access Program), but was acknowledged to exist. This is as opposed to the black USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Program), which “doesn't exist” and about which the government can officially lie. While on the X-30, I had a colleague who'd come to us from Northrop Advanced. He described a security climate there far worse than what I'd encountered, one which went so far as to prohibit the exhibition of any pictures of the famous Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing, possibly familiar to some of you who saw the first “War of the Worlds” film. Will leave it to my readers to figure out why.

Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via US Air Force

The third connection I have to Northrop (now Northrop Grumman) black programs is through the well-known (to some) pioneering black project researcher Norio Hayakawa. Norio's the man when it comes to such matters, having practically invented Area 51 investigation and done extensive field work identifying the black project sites in California of outfits such as Lockheed (now Lockheed-Martin), Northrop (Northrop Grumman) and McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing). Norio has taken a Nippon TV camera crew on the famous Highway 375 near Area 51 on one occasion to film the IFO test flight there and, before retiring from the work,  had run-ins with local sheriff's deputies acting on behalf of heavily armed black project Wackenhut International guards at Area 51 proper.  While on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land not inside the base, Norio was terrifyingly buzzed by a huge CH-53 military helicopter. I've been to his house and have personally examined the series of shots showing the helo coming in at little over top of the van height straight at him while driving. What he says here about it is in no way exaggerated.

While visiting Norio around 1990, he presented me with his provocative book UFOs, The Grand Deception And The Coming New World Order. That is where interested readers can learn for themselves about the Northrop-Grumman Advanced facility located in the Tehachapi Mountains of California. Why does that matter? That's where the new/newish US antigravity IFO is from! That was my informed guess, and it was confirmed by my contacts.

Afghanistan UFO or IFO–Still Only Partially Right!

If your minds aren't reeling yet, perhaps I can tip them over the edge. Suppose I tell you the Afghanistan UFO video is simultaneously wrong in its location and right? The debunking conclusively shows the video is primarily based on a JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) strike in Iraq, so can't possibly be Afghanistan, as explicitly claimed. Seems reasonable.

Reasonableness is no substitute for reality, and it is true that the antigravity craft in question has operated in Afghanistan, but it has also operated in Iraq!  Per insider contacts, it appears the craft was used in Iraq twice and once in Afghanistan. As I'd thought, these were combat trials. My sources won't tell me which service owns this craft, but I was informed it is OPCON (Operational Control) to the US Air Force. This brings me to…the test I didn't know I'd been given!

Ongoing Two-Way Testing

At various times, I've described the kind of mating dance by which people doing intelligence work separate the real deals from the poseurs and assess whether the person under consideration thinks straight, knows anything pertinent and is worth talking to. This isn't, though, a singular event, never to be repeated. Rather, it is iterative. And it goes both ways.

“What do you make of this situation? How would you handle things, given these operating parameters? What can you add to this particular intelligence mosaic? What do you know about X? Ever heard of Y doing Z before? We're seeing a plane configured this way. Any ideas?”

Sometimes, I'm sure, what I have to say gets fed back into the food chain. Other times, it's to see whether, as the saying goes, I can still sort the rat manure from the coffee. Distinguish the incorrect information, disinformation and even outright lies from the truth. An iffy business! To the extent I can, and I obviously have vastly worse access to sensitive information than do my contacts, I look into things that are said to me. I know full well I can be fooled on specific issues, but over time, and given the breadth of my knowledge base and my own considerable experience  and studies, I can and will eventually spot disconnects in the informational picture. In turn, that whole scary potential for disaster triggers a lot of soul searching about source credibility–no matter how good the track record. Make no mistake. This is the big league, and lives, including mine, are very much in the balance. Intelligence agencies double or flip sources all the time, and it's very much something I concern myself with. I'd be a fool to do otherwise. That's why I'm always thrilled to come up with independent proof of information provided to me by my insider sources. Also useful is partial information in areas where my contacts lack specific familiarity but I happen to be strong. What's innocuous to them may well be freighted with importance to me.

In the current situation, unbeknownst to me, I was being tested. How do I know? When I broke the code, so to speak, I was told “…wondered how long it would take you to figure it out.” So, what did I figure out? Hope you're sitting down.

Inoculation Against the Truth–MJ-12 Style!

While in some cases secrets can pretty much be kept forever, especially if nothing's ever put on paper, the general truth is that information will eventually get out, especially when it involves a frontline weapon in the age of cellphones with cameras everywhere. Therefore, contingency plans must be in place, and a thoroughly proven approach is to inoculate the public, in advance, with information designed to discredit a leak, by, for example, putting it into some notional future or making it so ridiculous in its carefully planned release as to permanently block the ability to consider such a thing thereafter as being a rational possibility.

An example is in the film “Total Recall” in which the male lead, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a huge glowing red implant removed from inside his nose. With that meme firmly implanted in the minds of everyone who saw that hit film, what happens when the viewer sees or reads about real nasal implants, whether of human or ET/ED origin?!

My particular cognitive dissonance arose when I started comparing what I knew, what I observed and what my gut was telling me with what the perceived message of the video was. Something didn't feel right and, like a terrier worrying a rat, I just kept at it. That's how I finally put the disparate pieces of information together to produce the Big Picture so signally absent before. I realized the video wasn't sloppily made and readily disprovable by accident, but by design! From there, using the tried and true legal test of cui bono, it wasn't hard to figure out the party with the most to gain, a conclusion my contacts directly confirmed after I presented my carefully reasoned argument.

Just as “Total Recall” was inoculation against the people learning about, understanding and then demanding answers to the highly violative implant issue, so  is the Afghanistan UFO video inoculation against the accidental discovery or outright compromise of the Northrop Grumman Advanced antigravity craft under discussion. The video may've gone viral on its own merits, but I guarantee you NSA has means to promote videos on the Internet, in ways you can't imagine. If so, NSA's doing this at the behest of control and reach far surpassing its own: MJ-12 (MAJESTIC TWELVE), the very much real and frighteningly powerful (has murdered hundreds to keep the UFO secrets, including President John F. Kennedy –the latter explicitly confirmed by my sources) entity in control of anything and everything to do with UFOs and related matters, including the long freely available energy from the vacuum.

The Afghanistan UFO video is a carefully structured, internally self-discrediting MJ-12 conceived and ordered cover operation. Let's deconstruct it.

While in a sense admitting a US operated antigravity craft exists and is being used for combat in Afghanistan, note that the video simultaneously negates that message by providing easily checked visuals which show the location isn't as presented and that the craft in the video is faked. Further, it hides the fact the craft also saw action in Iraq. And where the video version of the craft has port and starboard fuselage mounted flashing weapons of some sort on the lower fuselage, the real craft's still unclear energy weapons are on a mount depending from the bottom of the antigravity craft.  So, yet another lie, the sort of technical detail which is also internally discrediting, given the right sort of leak to support it.

Summing Up

Now you know the truth!  The Afghanistan UFO video is a diabolically clever, once properly understood, mass manipulation of hapless viewers' minds by fundamentally altering their entire perception of reality when it comes to the UFO (really US IFO) conducting combat trials in Afghanistan. By extension, this also applies to other such US antigravity craft being used in combat, as they were multiply reported (including my sources) to have done clear back to Desert Storm. These explosive revelations won't go over well in Washington, DC and surrounds. In fact, it's pretty much a given that those presently on duty whose title is Watch Officer or similar are going to find Monday, May 12, 2014 most unpleasant. But that's nothing compared to how their bosses will feel!

Understand, though, that you are being provided this information because there are those who risk all on the premise that you, contrary to the dark prognostications of the notorious Brookings Report, can handle the truth; that technologies of the most incredible import and power are in use now and have been for decades.

Unlike your so-called betters, the brave souls who put their lives on the line to clue you in do not consider you mushrooms.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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6 years ago

Anyone know if this guy is ligit. Advanced technology took out Russian Proton-M rocket or was it caused by faulty malfunction? What the?

2nd point of view Russian National Space Agency, if true, not sure.

Loving and Grateful

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