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Supertanker Off TX Gone! Authorities “Concerned”

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Supertanker Off Texas Vanished and Hasn’t Been Found! Supertanker Vanished?! On Friday, August 29, 1914, a supertanker headed for the Mediterranean region vanished from radar “200 (nautical miles) off the coast of Texas,”pretty much due east of Brownsville, Texas and a mere two hours after leaving port nearby. Ships carry radar transponders just like aircraft […]

Stealth Readers! Attention!

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Stealth Readers, JKI Urgently Needs Your Help! Stealth readers! Yes, I mean you! I need to talk to you directly, so forget hearing from me in my more reportorial JKI form. Why? Because the fount of information exceeding the clearances of most of you is in real danger of running dry. No, I’m not kidding! […]

ISIS Smacked Down in Syria!

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ISIS Soundly Thrashed on Its Own Turf! JKI Exclusive! ISIS received a massive organizational trauma when” ten Stealth Hawk helicopters” crewed by  the supremely skilled “Night Stalkers” of the 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment), bearing a force consisting of “mostly Navy SEAL Team Six,” “some SAS” (UK’s Special Air Service) and “one Delta Force guy,” […]

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