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How Q’s Cumulative Strategy Devastates The Deep State Part 1

Q (AKA and wrongly, QAnon)  strategy is the subject of this new series, which I introduced in my last post. This was where I presented to the readers the difference between sequential strategy in the PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations) during World War II and the cumulative strategy noted by Admiral John C. Wylie as […]

Understanding Q Strategy! New Series Begins Soon

.       Get Ready For Q Strategy Made Simple!   In order to understand Q Strategy, it’s necessary to first understand what Q is and is not. Q, generally and wrongly called QAnon, is a very hot topic these days, not least because there is so much misinformation about it, disinformation and outright […]

JKI & I Back Online!

Originally posted on September 5, 2018 @ 5:57 PM JKI Returns! JKI is back, because a) I’m up on the Internet, b) have a reliable connection, c) am in a far better living and work environment, d) have dug out my new office area, doing much of the putting it together work, and e) finally […]

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