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Conspiracy, 9/11, NWO, UFOs, ETs, etc. 2

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Conspiracy, 9/11, NWO, UFOs, ETs & More!  Oh my! Conspiracies,9/11,NWO,UFOs,ETs & More. The above and more are now fair game, a second time, for discussion amongst yourselves, in what we expect to be a long series of posts. Until 30 days end, and this one is locked. Only in this way do Karl and I believe […]

DHS Gun Grab–Awful New Aspects!

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DHS Gun Grab vs JKI. DHS Badly Bitten! DHS Far More Heavily Armed Than We Thought! DHS gun grab! Is there a better time to disarm Americans than when life as they know it’s seemingly about to end; as society comes (artificially) unstuck, and the people are terrified of imminent (but unreal) devastation from the […]

DHS Big Lie! Chaos By ISON Blogs = Gun Grab!

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DHS To Use FAKE Comet ISON Meteor Shower THREAT! Plans to Spread It Via JKI, Veterans Today and More! DHS (Department of Homeland Security AKA Homeland Security) has initiated a hideous conspiracy, a morbid plan so cynical, so perversely sick and twisted, it is impressive even by already abysmally low government standards. The plan? To […]

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