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ETs/EDs! Mars Attack Defeated! Attackers Eaten!

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Originally posted on May 10, 2013 @ 7:40 PMETs/EDs Defeat ~250K Invaders!  Attackers Eaten! The ETs/EDs (Extradimensionals/ Extraterrestrials) formerly reported here as Cat People are now known to be Leonines (lion/human hybrids). They have  reportedly shattered an attack on Mars led by Earth Psychopathic Leaders.  The Earth Psychopathic Leaders allegedly used about 350 incubus-infested CIA Black Ops NWO […]

ETs/EDs Wrestle With Huge Changes

Originally posted on March 25, 2013 @ 11:40 AMETs/EDs–Lots of Questions; Few Answers ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces are engaged in a series of epic investigations of the gravest import, some of which are so out there they’d make your heads explode. Provided you could follow the arguments. I find it difficult, since […]

ETs/EDs Warn Israel! Make NO Nuclear Attacks! Breaking!

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Originally posted on January 9, 2013 @ 12:55 AMETs/EDs Warn Israel Not to Make Nuclear Strikes Following Negev Desert Tests 01/07/13! Stolen Nukes Involved! ETs/ EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) of the LF (Liberation Forces) today explicitly warned Israel against making nuclear strikes, saying of action contemplated/ pending vs. Israel’s “evidently insane” current government “It’s time to […]

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