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Horrible Maxillofacial Pain–Da’Shen Intervene!

This image looks a lot like a top view of the skull and nicely conveys the desired state of harmony. Not there yet, but the Da’Shen massively moved me toward it.     Da’Shen Medical Intervention Goes Beyond Apparent Problems and Unmasks Something Worse! Short course on the Da’Shen For those unfamiliar with them, the […]

Kissinger Offered US 10 Million Chinese Women by Mao In 1973!

Artist’s depiction of the Eye of Sauron from  Tolkien’s renowned Lord of the Rings. Given the  two monsters discussed, it seemed appropriate! Kissinger, Population Control, Spies and Crime 10 Million Chinese Women as Trade Incentives (also Chinese Birth Control and US Population bombs)! Came across a statement about Henry Kissinger’s February 17, 1973 buried discussion […]

#MindControl Season Opener For Hit Cop Show

  Refers to #CIA #MindControl  involvement in tech described #MindControl was the potent theme for last night’s Hawaii 5 0. If you missed it, and don’t want to know what happened, read no further. The rest of you, come with me! SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT #MindControl & The Isolation Tank “Cocoon” trailer for […]

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