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Liberation Forces–Major News 1

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Liberation Forces–Finally Report In! Prepare to Be Stunned!   WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! What follows can, and likely will, blow away, freak out, even enrage some of you. Some may be thrilled to know that things they’ve read about, and maybe seen on cinema, are assuredly real. You may expect many of your deeply held beliefs […]

Conspiracy, 9/11, NWO, UFOs, ETs, etc. 6

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Conspiracy, 9/11, NWO, UFOs, ETs & More! Oh my! Conspiracies,9/11,NWO,UFOs,ETs & More. The above and more are now fair game, a sixth time, for discussion amongst yourselves, in what we expect to be a long series of posts. Until 30 days end, and this one is locked. Only in this way do Karl and I […]

POTUS, PC & Magical Thinking in DC 2

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POTUS Update There has been progress, but there has also been regress. First, the good news.  The FBI has not dropped by for a visit! There was real talk of doing this, for the FBI is reportedly concerned about the strong things JKI has said about POTUS, leading some there to think JKI might pose […]

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