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Valiant Tries; A Ground Contingent Replies!

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Valiant Decrees–To The Trees Valiant. We think of it as an adjective, but fortunately for me, there’s also a Plymouth car to use as a visual stand-in for the presumptive individual rejoicing in that name. No gender’s given, but Valiant’s alarming post “rings” as male, not least, because of how it’s phrased. Who is Valiant, […]

ETs/EDs! Mars Attack Defeated! Attackers Eaten!

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ETs/EDs Defeat ~250K Invaders!  Attackers Eaten! The ETs/EDs (Extradimensionals/ Extraterrestrials) formerly reported here as Cat People are now known to be Leonines (lion/human hybrids). They have  reportedly shattered an attack on Mars led by Earth Psychopathic Leaders.  The Earth Psychopathic Leaders allegedly used about 350 incubus-infested CIA Black Ops NWO (New World Order) personnel (already stationed on Mars […]

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