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BEK Special Report Manuscript Finished!

BEK Special Report is now T Minus…   In truth, a bunch! BEK book finished? Really? Is “finished” meant to indicate the BEK Special Report is ready to go; is complete in all respects? No. What it means is that, for now, my work as the author is done. Now it’s time for Karl to work […]

Reverse Speech & James Comey’s “No Charges” Bombshell

  Reverse Speech Explained, Attacked & Praised That’s what the controversial to some, certainly Wiki, supposed pseudoscience Reverse Speech is and how it works. But if it’s pseudoscience–as is vehemently and scathingly alleged–then how is it that it has been successfully employed in revealing political corruption, in enhancing the effectiveness of psychological counseling, is seen […]

Super Hornets Hunt RUS Pilot Responsible for RC-135 Incident

Super Hornets were out to avenge something much worse than what happened below in 2014. Super Hornets (F/A-18E/F with EA-18G Growler variants in support) flying from the USS Harry S. Truman carrier battle group, operating from the Persian Gulf,  swarmed aloft Tuesday, January 26, 2016 and headed to the Black Sea at augmented squadron strength […]

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