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BEK and the Terrified Investigator!


  BEK (Black Eyed Kids), less well known as BEC (Black Eyed Children) or BEP (Black Eyed People), are urban myths to some, but horrific reality to others, including me. The original purpose of this post was to provide new information on the BEK, my preferred acronym, but little did I know I was about […]

JKI Update 3

Update time! I’m being kind (to myself) here, but it’s more than fair to say my productivity, for weeks now, has been practically nil. In my defense, I’d observe that it’s hard to use a desktop computer while bedridden, brain befogged, having vision issues, hands trembling (once hit the same key four times near instantly) […]

BEK Post Coming Soon! Hope You’re Ready!

BEK! Black Eyed Kids (sometimes called BEC–Black Eyed Children). Arguably, one of the scariest things I’ve written about, and it just keeps getting scarier. Apparently, though, people love to be frightened–to the tune of over 400 million dollars in horror movie revenue in 2012 alone, together with another 500 million for horror themed attractions.  But […]

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