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The X-Files TV review

The X-Files blew me away, sucked me into a swirling chaos of UFOs, ETs/EDs, hidden history, covert ops, betrayal, sellout of the human race, genocide, mind control and loads of other stuff. The review immediately following appears to indicate the brief return of “X-Files” to TV didn’t begin well. And since the 6-part series run […]

Pope Lick Monster–Its Strange, Unexplained, and Deadly Allure

Pope Lick Monster? Does the horrid thing view the Pontiff in Rome as some sort of frozen summer treat on a stick? Hardly, for “lick” in this case refers to something altogether different. A “lick” of the sort described below refers to a natural salt deposit of some sort, a place to which animals are […]

BEK and the Terrified Investigator!


  BEK (Black Eyed Kids), less well known as BEC (Black Eyed Children) or BEP (Black Eyed People), are urban myths to some, but horrific reality to others, including me. The original purpose of this post was to provide new information on the BEK, my preferred acronym, but little did I know I was about […]