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UFO Recovery 10/23/72 S. of Laredo, TX!

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UFO Crash Recovery “Disgusting and Still Upsetting,” Says Eyewitness. Exclusive Details on Recovery Revealed!   UFO crash recovery newly discovered! JKI was singularly fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview a rock solid eyewitness to the previously unknown October 23, 1972 illegal (that violation of a sovereign nation’s territory thing, inter alia) recovery “30 miles […]

US SpecOps Revealed Is REAL

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US SpecOps Revealed Is REAL; Very Late! US SpecOps Revealed very much exists, but, like many matters here at JKI, it has been exceedingly delayed (putting it mildly) by unanticipated vicissitudes, not least the collapse of the economic underpinnings of Karl, who built this wonderful site and has practically killed himself to keep it going, […]

Tanker Lost Off TX Found!

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Tanker, Not A Supertanker, Found!  Tanker size comparison.The missing, now found tanker is Suezmax size, one less than the supertanker status of a VLCC. Image Credit: Hofstra University. (Fair Use) Tanker, tanker, where is that confounded tanker?  Ever since Friday, August 29, 2014, that is precisely what numerous authorities have wanted to know and concerned-greatly […]

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