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Kissinger Offered US 10 Million Chinese Women by Mao In 1973!

Artist’s depiction of the Eye of Sauron from  Tolkien’s renowned Lord of the Rings. Given the  two monsters discussed, it seemed appropriate! Kissinger, Population Control, Spies and Crime 10 Million Chinese Women as Trade Incentives (also Chinese Birth Control and US Population bombs)! Came across a statement about Henry Kissinger’s February 17, 1973 buried discussion […]

#MindControl Season Opener For Hit Cop Show

  Refers to #CIA #MindControl  involvement in tech described #MindControl was the potent theme for last night’s Hawaii 5 0. If you missed it, and don’t want to know what happened, read no further. The rest of you, come with me! SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT #MindControl & The Isolation Tank “Cocoon” trailer for […]

The Queen Hatshepsut-Queen of Sheba Connection–My Interest Reawakened

Pioneering catastrophist and interdisciplinarian Immanuel Velikovsky noted a whole series of remarkable similarities between the fabled Queen of Sheba of the Bible and Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt (who was not only a queen by blood, but became the full-blown Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt, something never seen before). He made his case in his […]

JKI & I Back Online!

JKI Returns! JKI is back, because a) I’m up on the Internet, b) have a reliable connection, c) am in a far better living and work environment, d) have dug out my new office area, doing much of the putting it together work, and e) finally have a comfortable chair to sit in! Overall, this […]

UFO & Black Project Aircraft Part 2

UFO & Black Project Aircraft–The Story Continues UFO & Black Project Aircraft Part 1, available here, had several purposes: establishing my bona fides, describing the array of ex-military, military intelligence, and intelligence personnel among my colleagues, one of whom was wired directly into the CIA’s OSWR (Office of Scientific and Weapon Research) and may or […]

UFOs, ETs/EDs #QAnon & More! Are You Ready?

UFOs & So Much More–What Gives? Why Now? UFOs and a bunch of other things loom large in a series of breaking interrelated developments so utterly commingled there is NO individual thread to unravel. Consequently, shall be forced to try to cover elements, but you need to understand this is going to be more like […]